Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ok, I get it Abby

So, I might have been a bit skeptical of Abby's move down to AZ.

Well, Absters, I get it. 100%. It was 80 degrees this morning. Abby & Ryan spent the night last night so this morning Chris, Heidi, Ryan, Abby, and I headed out and did a little hike. It was probably only about a mile to the summit that we reached but man was I winded. I am blaming it on the fact that I was recently sick (by the way, today is the first day I actually feel normal, stupid bug, stupid lack of an immune system...). But the truth of the matter is that I am just plain out of shape. The gym has been calling my name for awhile and, well, I've been screening his calls.

Tonight I am heading out with Heidi - a co-worker is getting married so we are attending her bachelorette party. Sounds like it will be low key - just dinner and drinks at the bride's sister's Mexican restaurant. I love the Mexican food down here, it is so yummy! Probably more authentic due AZ's proximity to Mexico!!

Can't wait to do a post or 2 with photos when I get back. I am not taking nearly enough, though! It's kind of hard to remember to take out the camera when you are so caught up in getting caught up with a siblings, best friend, and their fiance and husband!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I hear it is above zero back in MN! Heat wave!

Adios for now!


Abby said...

It was so much fun being able to spend time with you this weekend! We had such a blast Friday night/Saturday morning! I am so glad that the weather has been absolutely perfect for you for your trip! I think you needed this vacation. I know you found out of a little change in life plans with your job, but...things do happen for a reason, and I know it will work out. I think a little sunshine and warmth is the PERFECT remedy for a girl under stress!

Marlys said...

I really try not to think about you 3 in warm AZ, and Barb & Paul in warm FL, as we have experienced some of the coldest, cruelest temps in history! It did go above zero on Friday but with the wind chill it was still below zero. It warmed up to the 20's the last two days so things are much better! Please wrap up the sunshine and bring it back - we need it like crazy! I'm anxious to see pictures of your trip!