Thursday, February 12, 2009

Matt Logelin on Rachel Ray

For those familiar with my blog, the name Matt Logelin should ring a bell - he's the widower who lost his wife last March, 27 hours after their daughter, Madeline, was born. He's become quite famous around the Minneapolis area since Matt and his late wife were both from Minneapolis. The Star Tribune has done a few articles on him, and his blog has been mentioned on various areas of the web, from to A lot of people read his blog ( - he gets about 40,000 hits/day which is just incredible.

His popularity has skyrocketed in the last month - it started with a feature article in People Magazine and yesterday, he was featured on the Rachel Ray show. I've posted a link for the clip below - it's tough to watch without tearing up... so consider yourself warned.

He's an amazing guy - he's dealing with the death of his wife & best friend while raising a child who is now a healthy, adorable, thriving 10 month old. As if that wasn't enough to keep him busy, he has has started a foundation, 'the liz logelin foundation' which will benefit the widows & widowers who find themselves in situation similar to Matt's. You can learn more about the foundation here.

I briefly met Matt last September at the Liz Logelin Memorial 5k at Lake Calhoun - it was surreal to meet him in person after reading his most inner thoughts/feeling for months. But it's even weirder to see him on the Rachel Ray show or read about him in People magazine!

I wish that I didn't know who Matt Logelin was because that would mean that he wouldn't have gone through this and wouldn't have his story to tell. That said, I think most of his followers would agree that we all tend to have a better perspective on life because of what we've read on his blog.

There is also an article about his appearance on the Rachel Ray show in the Star Tribune today, which can be found here.


Jess said...

I had stumbled across his blog a few months ago and then I saw him in the People article you mentioned. Incredibly sad, but he seems an amazing person. Meeting him must have been something!

Unrelated side note re: a post you did a few weeks ago about Revolutionary Road. I went to see the movie and the entire time, I was thinking about how familiar the story seemed. Then, my sister reminded me that I have read the book. It all came back to me. I felt silly.

Amber said...

That's very cool that you met him. His story his so sad, I found out about it by reading Storked! on I read his blog every once in a while, it really is beautifully written and very sad.