Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Books & Bars and My Library Card

Good morning and happy hump day to you all!!

Last night I attended my first Books & Bars book club meeting. I was a tad bit nervous about going - always a little bit unnerving to try something new. I am so glad I went, though. There were probably about 80 people in attendance, maybe more? So quite the crowd. I'd say it was 80% female, but there were quite a few guys and they commented almost as much as the ladies did during the discussion, which is impressive since this month's book, The Time Traveler's Wife, is probably a book that women might prefer since it is basically a love story, with some time travel added in to keep it interesting.

The moderator of the book club is great. He kept the conversation flowing and posed interesting questions. There were lots of thoughtful comments and it definitely made me think about the book in a different way. If you haven't checked it out, I think is it worth reading, but there are definitely plenty of haters out there - so there is a chance that you might find this book slow moving.

Next month we'll be discussing Dud Avocado, which is set in Paris!! Since I am a total Francophile, I think I am going to really like the book. Plus it is supposed to have plenty of humor in it, which will be a nice change of pace from the heavy reading I've been doing this summer.

I broke my book buying hiatus last night to purchase a copy - I tried to request a copy from the library, but other Books & Bars members must have requested it as well, as there is quite a long wait!

Speaking of the library - I used my library card yesterday for the first time in about 6 years! I am usually all about buying books, but am trying to limit the money I spend on discretionary items, like books, lattes, and lunches out with co-workers. So it was time to start to use my library card again!

So yesterday I picked up the following books:

1. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami
2. And Sometimes Why by Rebecca Johnson
3. Shadow of the Silk Road by Colin Thubron
4. Up for Renewal by Cathy Alter

They are all due on 9/1, so I have my work cut out for me this month! I am sure I'll have to renew a couple of them, but my goal is to read at least 2 before the end of the month. I'm almost done with The Elegance of the Hedgehog (book review will be coming on this) so it's feasible.

So what are you all reading these days? Anything I need to add to my list?


Anonymous said...

Are you doing the Japanese reading challenge by chance? I only ask since I've seen Marukamis (sure I'm misspelling that) name on a few other blogs. My mom, Darling ( joined a challenge to read a book by a Japanese author by the end of this year!

Anyway, I like the idea of Books & Bars. If I lived near you, I'd go.

I loved Time Traveler's Wife, even though it moved slowly at spots. Glad you had a grea time!

Becky said...

I didn't like The Time Traveler's Wife, but I think it's really cool to have a forum like that to discuss it! Thanks for all your reviews - I have been referring people to your site constantly lately! :)

crystal said...

This book club sounds like fun, I will have to look for something similar in my area. I just finished the Tiime Traveler's Wife and actually liked it quite a bit. I was aprehensive at first because it seemed so unbelievable to me, but the author managed to make it more so near the middle.
Congrats on the re-birth of your library card! I had to do the same thing a couple of years ago. I couldnt afford books anymore, so I drug myself to the library. Now it is one of my favorite things to do! Its so nice to be able to read whatever book you want without wondering if it will be worth the money!! Have fun :)

Jess said...

Have fun with all your reading! I must admit that I am rather jealous..wish I had more time for pleasure reading. If you've never read it before, I'm going to recommend I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. It's a few years old by now, but to this day remains one of the most moving stores I have ever read!

Kelly said...

Oo, those books sound interesting- I love to hear book reviews and get new recommendations. I am ready Julie and Julia before I see the movie :)

Also, don't worry about the first time you jump in the pool to do laps. That was me in May when I first started training for the sprint tri- I think I made it 2 laps before I had to take a 5 minute break. I pushed myself through about 15 laps that day, and that was a major stretch. It gets easier!

Amber said...

I'm SO excited for the MOVIE of the Time Travelers Wife this week!!! I was definitely a lover of the book!

80 ppl is quite a lot!! It sounds interesting though.

Just started Jennifer Weiners, little earthquakes. It's good so far; I just started reading Jennifer Weiner this year and so far I really enjoy her writing!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Books and Bars sounds awesome! I really wish there was something like that around here. I'd be there in a second! ;)
I agree there were parts of The Time Travelers Wife that were slow, but overall I loved the story and can't wait for the movie!

Oh said...

Lisa, I had to stop by and say "hi" - your blog is delightful!Like you, I have a book-buying "thing" and though I try to use the library, I seem to run up fines because I just can't read 4 or 5 or 6 books in the two weeks they give me. (I know, take out less's a book thing!)
Anyway, keep me posted on your Murakami book - you have his newest book. OK, off to read!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I am reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and definitely recommend it to every woman!

Ashley Gerner said...

I'm reading one from "Grandpa's Library" titled "To Hell and Back: A journal from WWII's most decorated GI" Sounds like grandpa huh?!? :)
It's a good quick read, and it's fun to read something knowing grandpa read it was so funny though, for the first 100 pages or so I'd giggle when i read a swear word or anything of that nature thinking "i wonder what grandpa thought of that!" Then i realized, he was a Merchant Marine, i'm sure he heard much worse!!!!

Joey said...

I love the library! One year I was on a Georgette Heyer rampage and read just about every book of hers in my little library.