Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Day in Photos!

Time to share the rest of my photos from Christmas!

Matty loved his new Elmo doll!

My little reindeer Andrew & I.

My aunt Laurie is a elementary school teacher - she had so many craft projects planned for the kids!

My nephew Andrew, my cousin Allison, and my nephew Kolin, donning their reindeer antlers!

My grandma and her 4 kids. We haven't all been together for Christmas since 2000!

My aunt Betty (on the far left) used some of my grandpa's old sweaters to make mittens for all the girls in the family. It was such a neat thing to do with his sweaters. I will definitely always think of grandpa every time I wear these warm mittens!

My mom reading a bedtime story to Kolin and James.

Alright, video time. I almost didn't post these because you can hear my voice in them, and I HATE my voice! But, these videos are too cute not to share! Every time I watch them, they make me laugh.

Video #1 - Matty shoes off his singing skills! I like how he must sense the conclusion of the song so his voice gets a little louder at the end!

Video #2 - Matty shows off his dancing skills! His dance moves are kind of like a drunken sway!

That concludes my holiday re-cap! I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone - I had such a wonderful time with my family!!

What was your favorite memory from the holiday season? Oh, and do you hate the sound of your voice too?


Emily Jane said...

Oh my gosh Matty is adorable!! And your voice is FINE - I on the other hand *hate* mine; at work last year I was working on a couple of promotional projects, a radio ad and a video and I'm totally fine to sit behind the scenes, be artsy and do scripts and stuff like that... until BOTH the radio station and the video production crew asked ME to voiceover both of them - so I'm now permanently the Corporate Voice and it's horribly embarrassing going into coffee shops (and worse, in cars) and people hearing me... I think I sound awful!!

Abby and Ryan said...

I DO hate the sound of my own voice. Whenever I have to change my voice mail it is painful. It takes my like 15 times before I realize "Oh, it sounds like shit because of my VOICE!" Ha!

That video is such a gift to me! Whenever I am feeling sad and missing you guys -- I am definitely going to play that! :)

I had too many wonderful memories from the Christmas week to even pick out one! That was such a great week!!!

Becky said...

Okay I'm at work and I don't have speakers so I can't watch the videos but you better believe I'm doing that as soon as I get home! Those pictures are great!

Jess said...

I think you're voice is very nice! And those videos are way too cute.

I love your aunt's idea to make the mittens out of your Grandpa's old sweater. That's really special.

Can't believe the holidays have come and gone already..they always go by too fast!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Those videos are adorable! I absolutely love kids! :)

I hate my voice too, do you have phone voice? My voice goes up about 3 decibels when I answer the phone! LOL!

Nora said...

The part about the mittens made me get all teary eyed. How sweet is that!?

Great family photos.

Favorite thing I did this holiday season? Spent most of the day with my family hanging out and opening presents on Christmas day. We didn't get started until 10 am and went until 3pm. We go slow when we open presents =)

Nicole said...

I'm not going to lie, it looks like Andrew is grabbing your boob at first glance. Your pictures are great. It looks like you had a really fun time with your family. And I love Matty's dancing, too cute!

B and B said...

Matty really reminds me of Kevin when he was little. Thanks for sharing these pictures. They are wonderful. I really like the one of your Mom reading to her grandsons. Stay warm!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Eeeii! It was so cool to hear your voice. I think I imagine ALL bloggers having like the same voice, so it's interesting when I actually hear someones voice and my perceptions are totally shattered!

I love all your photos your nephews are SO CUTE. Isn't kids dancing the most adorable thing ever!? And that is such a cool gift that your aunt made for all the ladies in the family!!

Happy Friday, love!! XO

Mandy said...

Your pictures and video are precious! And what a special gift, to have mittens that were made from your grandfathers sweaters.

I don't know anyone who is a fan of their own voice.

Little Fish said...

All of those pics and videos made me so happy!! I'm also wondering if they make those monkey pyjamas in my size.

And yes, I hate the sound of my own voice.

Allison Blass said...

I hate my voice too! I was a guest on a podcast a couple weeks ago and could barely stand to listen to it... I did, but I wouldn't do it again. I wonder if that's what it's like for actors to watch themselves on screen?

Kelly said...

There is NOTHING more adorable than those videos! Kids dancing is the BEST.
I like your voice, it must be something with our own voices- I can't stand mine either. It's really low. Which I guess is better than squeaky but still.

Mama Nastase said...

Very cute! Love the pictures of your Aunt Laurie doing crafts with the kids.

I also LOVE what your Aunt Betty did with your Grandpa's old sweaters! Your family is so talented and thoughtful!

Thanks for sharing! The pictures and videos put a smile on my face.

Becky said...

Those videos are adorable! And I agree with Amber, it's so cool to hear your voice! :)

Shoshanah said...

The videos are so cute. And yes, I hate the sound of my voice when I hear it back. But looking through all the comments, it looks like that's a pretty similar thought.

Anais said...

SO CUTE!!! I love his dancing - you're so right though, it IS like a drunken sway lol!

And btw, your voice is FIIIINE!! You should hear mine. I really hate it.