Friday, October 25, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: the Last Installment

Well, the 30 Days of Gratitude has come to an end.  This was a really good exercise for me as it really forced me to look for the good in life.  October has been an awesome month with all of my travels, so that helped me have a more positive attitude about this, but this past week has been tough for me as I had to say goodbye to my family when they left on Sunday/Monday which is always tough for me.  I so badly wanted to be the one getting dropped off at the airport instead of being the person who actually lives here in Charlotte, but it is what it is.

I also had a really busy week as I had evening commitments and a day trip to Columbus and whenever I get overtired, I struggle with things a bit more, so I am really happy that the weekend is here.

Without further ado, here are the final days of gratitude prompts:

Today I felt supported (by a person, the Universe, God) when my mom came with me to pick up the rental car and acknowledged that the road system in Charlotte really IS confusing.  It was nice to have someone say - yes, this is confusing, it's not just you.

When I look around my home, I'm grateful for the fact that I am financially able to live alone as that is the best living arrangement for me.  I'm also thankful for my love of reading and the many books that line the 6 shelves of the bookshelves in my home.  When you walk into my apartment, it's very apparent that I am a reader.

When I look around at the world, I'm grateful for the beauty of the world we live in, from the beautiful ocean beaches to the mountains to the simple beauty of a field of sunflowers to the beauty of iconic cities such as New York, Chicago, and Paris.  There is so much beauty out there, and for that I am grateful.

I love that I have the ability to daydream about my November trip to Paris and all the things I will see and do - and I am especially thankful that those daydreams will become reality!

I love it when I see animals in zoos.  Ha.  I am not really an animal person so don't really need or want to encounter them in my day to day life (I know this makes me sound like a cold person, I swear I'm not).

The nicest thing I felt on my skin today was the warm shower water after a good morning workout.

I'm grateful I'm learning to be a bit more kind to myself.  Practicing self-compassion is something I am working towards.

These gratitude posts were definitely good for me and the good news is that I have also kept up a daily gratitude journal where I find one positive thing to say about every day!  November is just around the corner, which means my 10 Days of Thanksgiving post series (feel free to participate!) is around the corner so this attitude of gratitude will continue to be a theme in my life!

What is one thing you are grateful for right now and what was the best moment of your week?  I am grateful for all of the travel opportunities I have had this month and the best part of my week was when my boss brought some macarons back for me when he went out for lunch yesterday.  It was so nice and so unexpected.


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I love when people agree with me about things that I find annoying- so I can totally understand why you were happy that your mom agreed about Charlotte roads.

I laughed out loud about the animals in zoos thing. I don't really describe myself as not an animals person- but I'm really not either haha. I obviously love kids though (as do you) so I think that makes up for it (maybe?)

Even though I'm pretty busy on a daily basis and have a lot of stupid little things to stress about, I am actually so grateful for so many things right now. I am grateful that I had a doctors appointment yesterday and my doctor said I was the healthiest patient she saw all day (and this was at 4:30pm, wahoo!). I also discovered a yummy ice cream place across from the hospital so that is really going to add to my motivation to go to these appointments, lol. Small things :)

Jeanie said...

I love these posts -- I'm glad the 10 Days is coming up! (And fast!)

Right now I am grateful I am able to financially support a comfortable retirement. I am enjoying every minute of it, and feel safer, knowing that I can handle house repairs or holidays and not have to scrimp too much. The best moment of my week was Sunday (nice to start the week with the best) -- that was being with my family and enjoying lots of fun with all of them in Cleveland. I miss the family gatherings, so this was a real blessing.

Leigh said...

When are you heading to Paris again in November? Are you renting the same apartment or a different one this time? Hope you have a great weekend :)

qwerkyqook said...

November is looking like a good month for you too! :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I love animals in and out of zoos ... but Christopher is not a huge fan of zoos (he thinks it's mean to cage the animals), so I doubt we'll be going to any in the future.

Amber said...

I am definitely feeling grateful this week that I really enjoy my job. I definitely feel grumbly sometimes when I have to work on weekends and etc. but I've really been in the groove with work lately and feeling good about it and like I'm really on top of it and doing my job well. Which is a good feeling! Happy weekend! I work for about 6-7 hours tomorrow but I had this morning off which was amazing. I rarely get the house to myself so it was nice to have some time at home by myself to clean up and hang out.

Marlys said...

October was super-stupendous as I got to spend time with all of my girls at Myrtle Beach! It was a weekend I will cherish forever! It was fun to relax and chat and shop and eat out with the special females in my life! I am also thankful that you are feeling better and making your time there more bearable! November will be a great month, too!

Stephany said...

I'm planning on doing these posts in the days leading up to Thanksgiving! Looking forward to it... the prompts seem really great. :)

Right now, I am grateful for a snuggly, lovable dachshund who always makes me feel adored, my relationship with my mom, and the fact that it's almost November - my favorite month of the year! The best moment of my week is probably right now - off work for the weekend, doing some writing, and have a very easy, low-key night/weekend ahead of me! Happy!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I am so not an animal person either. ugh.I also found a house in the real estate section that I told my husband I neede because of the BUILT in bookcases in the living room that connected to a dining room by an arched door way and it backed up to a park. Yeah. ha

Shoshanah said...

I feel the same way about animals actually! I think it's cute looking at pictures at them or seeing them in a zoo. But I hate in when dogs jump on me, and they always do because they can sense I'm not an animal person. And I hated living with animals and having their hair on everything. Of course, the boy wants to get a dog, so we'll see...