Thursday, July 24, 2014

Currently: July Edition

Happy almost Friday!  Here's what's currently going on in my life these days!

Reading: Painting the Moon by Traci Borum. I'm enjoying it as it's set in England and I'm usually a sucker for books set abroad, but I am not making as much time to read as usual so I'm progressing through the book a little slowly.

Loving: that our weather is finally summer-like.  We had a cold stretch for awhile there which I was not a fan of. I love fall, just not in July.

Thinking:  that maybe, just maybe, I could run a trail 50k eventually.  I think road marathons are out of the question for me but I think a 50k would be gentler on my body and easier on my joints since the trail surface is lower impact and the pace is slower, too.  I'm not even seriously considering this, though, until I have a healthy, issue-free year of running behind me.

Frustrated:  that I still encounter situations where I have to explain why I didn't like living in Charlotte.  OMG if I never had to talk about why I didn't like Charlotte ever again that would be the best thing.

Feeling: a little overwhelmed by life lately.  I am not complaining because I missed having a full life when I lived in Charlotte, but I have probably said yes to a few too many things lately and coupled with the lack of sleep, I'm feeling a bit more tired than I'd like.   

Anticipating:  the party I'll be hosting this weekend at my condo.  I feel like I have so much to get done between now and Saturday but I know it will be a fun night!  I planned it in conjunction with a fireworks show that we'll have a great view of from my balcony.  Can't wait!

Watching:  season 2 of House of Cards and feeling a little confused by the story lines at times.  Maybe it's the fact that we watch them at the end of the day when we are both really tired, but sometimes an episode ends and Phil and I look at each other and say, "what?"  But we're still loving this show and will definitely watch season 3 when it comes out!

Sad: that I won't be able to take much time off when my sister and her husband are at the lake in August as I have limited vacation time since I just started a new job.  I am hoping to take Friday off when she is here so we'll get a long weekend together, but I wish I could take more time!

Working:  on coming up with a good birthday present for Phil's birthday which is less than a month away.  He is sort of a minimalist and doesn't really like "things" so he is a bit tough to shop for.

Grateful:  that for the first time in 3 years, my summer isn't being overshadowed with anxiety over whether I passed the CFA exam.  Level I and II candidates get their results next week and I am just so glad that I won't be one of those people anxiously checking for their results email EVER AGAIN.

Listening: to the new Ed Sheeran album, which I love!

Wishing: that summer wasn't going by so fast!  There are still so many things I want to do but I am running out of weekends!

What are you currently anticipating, frustrated by and loving?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Agreed- summer is going by way too fast!

How is your new job going by the way? I almost forgot you HAD a new job because so much fun stuff has been happening in your life lately!

Jeanie said...

Anticipating: Visiting friends in Ohio the first week of August and doing art with their kids; frustrating: nasty fall a week ago is still giving me neck and knee pain; loving no hard and fast schedule so I can really enjoy summer!

Gift idea -- something consumable -- golf fees, concert tickets, that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Now that you've been watching HOC do you think you look anything like Jackie? I don't really see it.

Anticipating: Seeing my best friend this weekend and my other best friend in a few weeks! Frustrated: With my crazy schedule this summer. Loving: My new living situation. It's working out great :)

Marisa A. said...

Yes summer is going way to fast and so is this week! We still need to go hiking and have an Izzy's date. Hopefully next week isn't so crazy for us :)

Becky said...

It's always amazing to me how much work/planning goes into hosting people for a party - hope you can get everything you need to done this week and I'm sure it will be a blast on Saturday!

And DOUBLE YES to never having to wonder about CFA results AGAIN!! WOO!!!

I am currently anticipating getting the keys to our new house today. TODAY. Like in less than three hours. I'm also anticipating the move tomorrow and the cleaning that will happen this weekend so we can officially be done with this apartment. We're going out of town in a couple of weeks but I can't even comprehend that that is real because right now it's all move, all the time. Woo!

Linda said...

I've been saying yes a lot too and not getting enough sleep because of it. It's so hard to say yes to fun!

Leigh said...

Instead of getting Phil something, what about doing something new that neither of you have tried or done before? If that makes any sense. More of an experience rather than a physical gift. I'm looking forward to my two weeks of holidays in August. We have nothing planned and that's fine with me!

missris said...

D also doesn't like things and is thus very hard to shop for! What did you come up with for Phil?

Carolina John said...

You know they do have trail marathons too if you don't want to jump into a 50k. You can always come back to Raleigh and give the Umstead Trail Marathon a try, it's usually the first weekend in March.

Now tell me again why you didn't like Charlotte? it's such a wonderful place....

Nora said...

Anticipating: September! We have a wedding, a trip to FL and then my birthday weekend. I think since we did nothing for my 30th we may do something for my 31st.

Loving: That it's a high of 80 today. Windows open this morning?. OK :)

Frustrated by: how expensive child care is. No matter how much we save up for it, I still feel blindsided by all the extra fees and details and just UGH. I will miss the girls immensely when they are gone, but I won't miss the price tag that comes with it. My work has been flexible but it can only be so flexible, you know? End rant. Sorry.

Stephany said...

Yay for no CFA anxiety! Whooooop, whoooop!

I'm currently anticipating this weekend since I made some fun plans for myself, frustrated by how darn cold it gets in my office (my hands turn into icicles!), and loving my 31 workouts in 31 days goal - it's been so fun & motivating to complete!

Caroline said...

What if you did an event gift for Phil? That is my go-to gift because most people in my life don't really like "stuff". You guys could go to a concert or dinner or a winery or something.

When I first got back to Boston I wanted to see everyone and do everything, and definitely felt overwhelmed at first. I think summer in general is just a busy time, too. Hope things slow down a bit for you!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Anticipating - James Taylor in concert on Sunday! We got the tickets in February and it's a pleasant summer surprise coming up. And of course the trip to Trader Joe's that will coincide with this!

Frustrated - Work changes and I'm in a bit of a limbo over doing anything about any of it because of the limbo of stupid funding!

Loving - Not having to work and be home every day!

Ideas for Phil - A race entry, golf outing, a dinner experience, a play, outdoor concert, trip to zoo....

Marlys said...

I am anticipating all five of our children and their families being at the lake in two weeks! SO EXCITED!
Frustrated that summer goes too fast and one can't get to do all the things they want to do!
I love hot weather, and agree that the cool weather we have had isn't proper for this time of year! I did hear that this winter will be a "walk in the park" compared to last year, so that is making me happy! Luckily you didn't have to experience that so one "good" thing about having to live in Charlotte! :(!

Abby said...

I completely understand not being able to get vacation time to spend more time at the lakes when we come home. I'm sorry :( . The nice thing is...we'll be home for Christmas, too!!

I hope you get can a commitment-free weekend soon so you don't get too worn down!

Take him on a date of all his favorite things? Or tickets for a weekend getaway from a mini-vacay just the 2 of you?

I'm so bad at picking out gifts for my loved ones!! Ryan's bday is coming up - and it stresses me out.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Anticipating - The arrival of our little niece who's about 3-4 weeks from being born!!!

Frustrated by - People who complain about their lives but never do anything to change their situation.

Loving - Summer holidays!!!

A said...

Enjoy your party today!

Amber said...

I would TOTALLY train for and run a 50km race with you. Just sayin'!

I also wish summer would slow down! This upcoming weekend is our August Long Weekend and that's always the beginning of the end of summer for me. I have three super fun weekends planned though (a bachelorette party/wine tour in Penticton next weekend, camping on the Shuswap with my dad for four days the weekend after that and going to Revelstoke for a trail race the weekend after that!) so I'm definitely anticipating those fun things but also don't want them to come up too quickly because I don't want summer to end!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I feel the same way about weekends! I am "wasting" one by studying next weekend, then I will be done with my exam and I already have the next three weekends filled up and am working on September! But the summer seems like it is already starting to wane! I hope your party goes well! I am sure, knowing you, that it will go very smoothly!