Friday, June 12, 2015


I'm closing out the week with a TGIF post!  This was a bit of a hectic week as I traveled Sunday through Tuesday for a work conference but all in all it was a great week!  And I have today off!

The high of my week was last night as I got dinner before swim class with my friend Courtney, then felt really strong during swim class and capped off the night by getting to see Phil after class. 

The low of my week was *crickets* Can't really think of any lows that happened this week, which is of course a good thing!

A book I am reading is Citizens of London for my local book club.  It's a non-fiction book about the British-American alliance during WWII.  It's pretty fact heavy so I'm learning a lot but progressing through it VERY slowly.

A new recipe I made was this gluten free banana pancake.  If you like bananas, I highly recommend this recipe!  I didn't have ground flaxseed so skipped that ingredient and it was still great.  Also, it's a great way to use up bananas that are too brown to eat.  If you make it, make sure you use a small omelette pan - I used a bigger pan so my pancake turned out thin and almost crepe-like; I think it would have been a little better if it was smaller and thicker.  Nonetheless, it was a delicious, healthy and easy week night dinner.


For my workouts, I completed runs on Monday and Tuesday, an arm/chest strength training workout on Wednesday, and swim class last night.  Tomorrow I am planning to run 10 miles tomorrow and then I'll do a longer bike ride on Sunday. 

The best money I spent was on lunch with a friend/former coworker yesterday.  The last time I saw this friend she was in the midst of chemo treatments as she had breast cancer - but now she is cancer free!  It was great to catch up with her and hear how well she is doing now! 

My plans this weekend include grilling tonight and then going to Phil's friend's monthly cocktail hour, running with my club Saturday morning, staying in and making dinner together on Saturday night, and having an aunt date with my nephews on Sunday.  I'm hoping it's warm on Sunday so we can go to a pool or water park, but I've got a kid-friendly museum in mind if the weather doesn't cooperate.  I also have 3 video chats and 2 phone calls planned over the course of the weekend with far away friends that I haven't talked to in months!

What was the high of your week?  Have you made any new recipes lately?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend ahead! I'm glad you can't even think of a low of your week :)

My high of this week was doing my first outdoor swim of the year on Sunday- the best! My low was having like a 4 day long headache that really made the hot days at work even more annoying, ha. This weekend I am a bit busy, so I'm hoping I get some relaxation again so I'm ready for another full week with the kiddos next week.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love your new blog design!

It sounds like you have been (and are going to be) busy this week!! Just your explanation of Saturday with the running and the phone calls etc...whew! Everything on your list seems quite fun though.

The high of my week was probably a hike with a good friend yesterday who I haven't had a chance to catch up with lately. She works until about 7 pm and I go to bed (settle down) around 8 or 9 most nights so it just hasn't worked out. Yesterday she took the day off to get some errands done and so we met for an afternoon hike. It was good to chat, to get exercise and to spend time with a good friend.

Marlys said...

That was a great week and even better sounding weekend! All in all, this week went quite well! The weather was definitely a plus and that always cheers me up! The flowers are starting to grow and I can almost see a change day to day! That sun and heat was so needed!
This weekend, Emily & kids will be at the lake so we will have fun in the sun!
That pancake looks really delicious, and the blueberries really add to the plating!

A said...

Your blog redesign is GORGEOUS and how lovely that you can't even think of a low for this week! Glad you're back blogging!

Carolina John said...

Cool! You've had a really good week. well done, now enjoy this weekend.

Stephany said...

I can't even tell you how happy hearing that your friend is cancer free made me! I don't even know her, and I am just thrilled to hear that report. YAY!

It's always nice to have a week where you can't think of a low point worth mentioning. I'm very glad to hear that!

The high of my week has been all the wedding preparations that are going on! We are one month away from my mom's wedding and we are knocking off to-do's like nobody's business, including finding her dress! Everything is falling into place but dang, I can't imagine planning a big wedding because this small one is stressful enough! (Eloping is in the cards for me, if I ever get married, haha)

Charis Faith said...

So glad it's been such an awesome week!!! It sounds like a very fun weekend too!!! I did fairly well getting my work outs in I ran Sunday, rested Monday, sass fit Tuesday ran Wednesday last night I had awakened at church but I plan on a run tonight and bikini bootcamp tomorrow. I know you are going to have a fabulous weekend!!!

katielookingforward said...

If you want a light hearted read that is similar to your book club book "war brides" is super good!! And follows somewhat of the same idea, but in a historical fiction setting.

Jeanie said...

This sounds like a fabulous week! Don't you love it when the stars align like that? My best of the week was art classes with a favorite visiting teacher. But no time to try any new recipes of late. Soon, I suspect!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

The high of my week was the beautiful weather :-) I didn't have a low either!! This weekend we're relaxing in the back yard and cooking outside.

Abby said...

You have a great and busy weekend ahead! It's so funny hearing someone say "hopefully it's going to be warm enough"...when we are literally living in hell in AZ right now. 107 for a high today, I believe. I think. Who knows. I quit paying attention this time of year (kind of like you probably do in the winter when it's sub-zero every day)!

Yay for your friend being cancer free! That is great to hear!

It is always nice not having a low of the week! :)

Jenny said...

mmmm..banana pancakes, haha I'm like Homer Simpson just thinking about them! I did try a new recipe this week inspired by heirloom cherry tomatoes and some arugula I got at the market. I warmed up the tomatoes on a grill plate, then added them to the arugula with buffalo mozzarella and served with toasted ciabatta brushed with garlic butter and sprinkled with fresh basil. Something really simple that I hadn't tried before but will definitely make again.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

My high was my Wednesday lunch date with Isla or my second interview I had on Friday. It made me feel good about myself and excited about possibilities.

Amber said...

That banana pancake recipe sounds yummy! I will have to give it a try! I never use up my bananas in time so always looking for creative ways to use the brown ones.

Glad you had such an awesome week last week!!

Cherry Blossoms said...

I have made these pancakes as well (not sure if its the same recipe). I went ahead and pinned this one you shared. When we made them ours were almost like a crepe as well. Even Elle loved them. I love breakfast foods for dinner.