Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Review

Hello, Monday!  As usual, the weekend flew by. It feels like time speeds up during summer weekend as they come and go in the blink of an eye.  Here's how I filled mine!

On Friday night I met up with a former co-worker for happy hour.  It was a nice night so we were able to sit outside on a rooftop bar.  It was nice to catch up over a cocktail!  After happy hour, I headed to Phil's and we got take-out.  Phil had taken Oscar to the vet while I was at happy hour and learned that she weighs 4 pounds now - she weighed 2 pounds when she was at her last vet appointment 4 weeks ago so she is growing fast!!

After dinner we started a game of Monopoly.  I had to be in bed somewhat early due to my run the next day so we didn't finish but we will at another time.  It's probably been 20+ years since I played Monopoly but it was fun to play.  Oscar enjoyed spectating (and playing with the dice). 

On Saturday morning I met up with my running club for a destination run in Eden Prairie, which is a suburb of Minneapolis.  We usually run in the central part of the city but the coaches like to change it up once in awhile so we don't get bored with the routes.  We did an 18 mile route.  It was very humid and the route was so hilly (which I wasn't expecting since we did a really hilly long run last weekend) so this run really kicked my butt. It was the first time in this training cycle where I finished and felt a lot of discomfort.  My legs hurt, especially my calves, and I chafed on my back from my water belt so I was not in the best mood after the run.  But I guess the long runs can't all be great. 

So many hills, and that big one in the middle was not fun.

I had no motivation to do anything after that run, but I made myself go to the grocery store and do some meal prep - and then I laid down for 2 hours and despite feeling exhausted, was unable to nap.  I reeeeally wish I was able to nap but unless I am sick, I just can't.

On Saturday evening, Phil and I met his mom for an early dinner and then his mom and I went to The Music Man.  Our seats were amazing and the show was so great!  If you live locally, I highly recommend going!

On Sunday morning I woke up bright and early so managed to get a load of laundry done before going to mass at 8:30.  My legs were still pretty tired from the run the day before but I talked myself into going for a bike ride after church.  My goal was to bike at least 10 miles but I ended up doing 14.5 miles.  The bike portion of my tri on Sunday is 15.5 miles so at least I came close to biking that distance.

Sunday afternoon was all about being productive as I did some more laundry, ironed and made a list of all of the things I will need to pack for the triathlon next weekend.  The evening was very relaxing, though.  I did a lot of reading, played my piano and had crock pot chili for dinner (it's a great recipe, but I substitute ground turkey for the chicken as I think chicken breast get really dry in crock pot recipes).  And yes, I realize it's odd to eat chili in the middle of summer but I eat soup and chili year round!

I ended the day admiring the view of the beautiful pink evening sky from my patio.  I will never tire of this view!

How was your weekend? 


Marisa A. said...

Oscar is soooo cute! Also yes, Saturday was just...hard. I looked at my elevation data from my Garmin and I really did run uphill for the entire second half of my run. I don't know what I was thinking when I planned that route. Good luck on your tri! Where is it at? If it's in the cities I just might come watch!

Amber said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend to me! I was feeling a little guilty yesterday how much time I spent inside laying around and reading this weekend but then I decided I just really needed the extra rest. Work has been crazy the last few weeks and I clearly just needed a mental break. Plus I'll literally be sleeping outside the next two weekends in a row so I shouldn't feel too guilty :)

Oscar is sooo cute! I still think of her as a boy since she looks just like Webster when he was little! Oh man, wait until you meet Webster. He is a sassy cat. You will have lots of cat stories to tell Phil haha.

katielookingforward said...

I participated in beer olympics all day Saturday. which I don't recommend, but it was fun to be with friends who I don't see very often. I'm so glad I'm not in the midst of marathon training, I did a run, bike, run workout saturday and it went better than expected. But I still need to increase my bike mileage.

Nora said...

Way to go on the run AND biking! You're awesome!

Weekend was good... we relaxed a lot, I did laundry, got two tough workouts in, a birthday party for the daughter of our friends, dinner + a play with my dad Saturday night (Anything Goes- it was great!), and then hanging out with friends yesterday afternoon, too. All in all, a great weekend. This week is shaping up to be crazy busy but so it goes!

Emilie said...

I just love Oscar. She is so cute and getting so big! Well done on your tough 18 mile run. Hills are my least favorite type of run to do - I can't imagine 18 miles of them. Your Sunday afternoon sounds divine. I spent a little more time inside relaxing this weekend than I normally do in the summer but I've felt worn down and tired for the last couple days so I think I needed the downtime.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I eat soup and chili year-round too :-) I haven't played Monopoly in ages either ... but when I do play (any game), I'm super competitive. I NEED to get Boardwalk and Park Place, and will do whatever it takes, lol!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I went out with a friend on Friday night, then on Saturday I did a much needed giant grocery shop. On Sunday I did a trail race and then went to choir in the evening. I now have a stack of laundry and other chores to do that I didn't get around to on the weekend :( Why aren't 3 day weekends a thing yet!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I eat soup year round too- and would have chili too but Eric makes it and he does not do it in the summer, ha ha.

Oscar is so cute! I'm glad she is growing well and loves watching you guys play :) If teleportation existed, Max would love Oscar- he loves the cat across the street named Friday :)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Our weekend was pretty low key. The weather was horrible and it was the first weekend we didnt have super busy plans all weekend. We did a lot with our garden stuff, freeing and canning. We found a recipe for roasted tomato soup that we are going to try out soon. I love how productive our garden has been and that we haven't wasted anything yet between canning, eating or giving away!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

What a great view! I love that you are in such a beautiful place that you are enjoying being in!! Also, I don't think eating chili is weird at ANY time or place! I think its such a great go-to meal and it's healthy and filling!

My weekend was good; I went camping with my brother and his girlfriend's family. It's a bit stressful sometimes, as they really just want to relax and drink and my brother and I want to hike and swim and do stuff, so it's a bit of "us against them" at times. However, we always do end up having fun and this year was no different!

Stephany said...

I eat chili in the summer, too! Glad I'm not alone in that!

Oscar is just too, too cute. That picture made me smile!

Marlys said...

Beautiful view! I love the pink tones!
Oscar is really growing fast and looks so cute sitting there by the monopoly board! She is queen of the house.
We had a relaxing weekend at the lake with more family and even stayed until Monday afternoon! We plan to go back on Thursday so great to get some lake time in when it is going to be very hot! No better placed to be.

I am sure you were exhausted after that run! Ugh!

I love Music Man but have never seen a professional play so would love to see it. I was a cast member in it when our town put it on for the Centennial and I loved the music so much!

Carolina John said...

Very fun!

Jeanie said...

Any time you start a post with a photo of Oscar, I am so all in! She's the spitting image of Gypsy and it makes me happy to think he may have come back as a she and is living in your hearts!

And the sunset -- to die for!

Sounds like a great weekend and a tiring one! All perfect!

Linda said...

What a lovely and well rounded weekend. You have a lot of those! Also, that view. I can see why you won't ever tire of it.

Unknown said...

I blinked and we are in the middle of august!!! Oscar is just too cute!!! I love how she had to be right there where the action was happening! I played princess monopoly on NYE night. I was losing so badly K kept giving me money from the bank so I could stay in the game 😂 I eat soups year round too I don't think that's weird!