Friday, November 6, 2015


Greetings and happy Friday!  Whew, this was another whirlwind week for me since I traveled Monday/Tuesday for work.  And I am taking to the skies again today as Phil and I are heading east for my friend Alli's wedding (which I am SO excited for!!).  We are flying into Philadelphia today and will spend 1.5 days exploring that area before heading to New Jersey for Alli's wedding.  Becky and Mandy will also be at the wedding so it will be a mini blogger reunion.  I can't wait to hug both of them and introduce them to Phil!

The high of my week was the beautiful weather we've had lately!  I know that is a weird high but when you live in Minnesota, nice weather in a month that could contain snow is a huge high for us.  I ran in a tank top and shorts on Sunday and ran in a t-shirt and capris yesterday.  I know that the weather will change eventually so I am trying to soak up this beautiful weather while it lasts!!

The low of my week was feeling overtired again.  All of this travel is catching up with me.  I had a full day of meetings on Tuesday, flew out at 7 and didn't get home until midnight since I had a connection in Atlanta.  I don't stay up until midnight most weekends so being up that late on a week night and then going to work the next day was tough! I'm so ready for things to slow down a bit!!

A book I am reading is Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I have read two other books by this author and loved them.  In her other books she tackled things like being vulnerable and accepting your imperfections. This book is about daring to rise after experiencing a set back in life.  

For my workouts, I did strength training workouts on Monday and Tuesday, ran with Phil on Wednesday, and went to yoga sculpt (best class ever!) on Thursday. Today is a rest day since we are traveling, tomorrow we'll go for a run in Philadelphia and then on Sunday I will try to do some sort of strength training workout at the hotel.

The best money I spent was on our hotel room in Philadelphia.  We kind of waited until the last minute to book it but got a great deal on a room at the Westin thanks to priceline's pick your price.

My plans this weekend include exploring Philadelphia and attending Alli's wedding! I've been to Philadelphia once but it was for work so I haven't seen much of the city.  I'm excited to check it out! But I'm more excited to celebrate the marriage of Alli and Chris!

What do you have planned this weekend? When was the last wedding you attended?  The last wedding we attended was in July when Phil's high school friend got married.


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

You've been doing really well in the workout category despite all the traveling! My workout schedule was not great this week, as I had my Dad in town the first two days, then had an after work event on Wednesday. I was going to do a workout on Thursday, but I was so tired that I just got some stuff done around the house and then went to bed at 8 pm. I have guests staying with me for the next 5 days so will probably not get as much running in as I would like...

I went to my cousins's wedding about 2 weeks ago. It was great to see the family and to dance my booty off, but it was on a Sunday and I got home really late and had to work early Monday, so that was hard. I even left "early" compared to most people.

katielookingforward said...

I love Westin Hotels! What a great place to relax while traveling, enjoy!!

Gracie said...

Have fun in Philly! May I recommend the Mutter museum? If you're into medical curiosities and it doesn't bother you to see rows of babies in jars. Simply fascinating - stuff you'd never ever see otherwise.

Caroline said...

Have so much fun this weekend! I've only been to Philly once and it was to visit a friend so I didn't even explore the city haha. The last wedding I went to was the one I photographed last weekend and I almost started crying during the parent dances. The groom himself was even crying! The last wedding I went to as a guest was in September in VT and it was possibly the best wedding I've ever been to. It was so relaxed/simple and in a gorgeous spot on a lake- basically my dream wedding haha.

missris said...

Have fun in Philly! We were there this time last year for our anniversary and it was such an awesome trip. You'll love it!

Nora said...

Safe skies and have a great time this weekend!

Last time I attended a wedding was over Memorial Day weekend for one of my good/close high school friends. Gorgeous wedding. It's been pretty quiet on the wedding front as everyone is busy making babies these days.

This weekend I have a trivia night, taking my dad shopping for some new clothes tomorrow, getting a new oven in the kitchen (!) and then Sunday dinner at my dad's. Hoping to get some time with just the hubs tomorrow night as we have been going in all sorts of directions lately.

Amber said...

I want to read Rising Strong! I think I might listen to it on audio, glad you are enjoying it!

Have the BEST weekend at Alli's wedding! I cannot wait to see photos, she is going to look so beautiful! This weekend I am working and then subbing two classes at the Y on Sunday morning so tomorrow morning I will sleep in and just try to have a relaxed/laid back day. I might try to make tomorrow my day of doing only what I WANT to do and nothing I "should" do :)

Jeanie said...

Sounds like big fun -- and no wonder you are tired! Have a great time!

Our last wedding was about a year ago. We go in spurts. I'm looking forward to getting ready for next week's art sale and filling/sending out a couple of special orders. We'll go to a gallery opening tonight before dinner with friends. Since it's nice, I'll probably be doing my share of outside work, too. I'm thinking of putting up holiday lights (not turning them on though!) while the weather is good!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Can't wait to hear about/see photos of Alli's wedding!! :) Have fun! Hope you get to relax a bit once you get home!

Marlys said...

Have a great time in Philadelphia & the wedding! No big plans for me except to keep getting the outside work done for winter, but the weather is supposed to be nice so that will be a great help! I don't mind working outdoors when the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing!
The last wedding I was to was in September and have no weddings coming up, that I know of!
Will be waiting to see the pictures & a recap of the weekend!

Linda said...

I've lost count on how many weddings I went to this year! The last one was a few weeks ago and our next one is tomorrow. I still need to buy a gift! EEP.

Which reminds me I still owe money for the bridesmaid dress at the last wedding and owe a gift. ACK!

Haha. Weekend I have a wedding and also working an event on Sunday. It's a volunteer position but it gives me access to the event.

Stephany said...

Holy cow, you are a traveling fiend lately! I hope your schedule settles down somewhat, but all this traveling must be fun. (At least the non-work-related travel!) Have a blast in Philly! :)

The last wedding I went to was my mom's in July. :)

Leigh said...

Hope you have a great weekend in Philly and at the wedding! We haven't been to a wedding in a while...the last one was last NYE!

Janet said...

What a great weekend you have planned! And I hope you're going to post some pictures of your time in Philadelphia too :) The last wedding I went to was last year and it was beautiful. This weekend I'm stripping off the wall paper in my home office - I'm still waiting for décor inspiration to strike, but in the meantime I'm doing the ground work :)

Abby said...

I've had those Brene Brown books recommended to me before - but never remember to check them out! Once I finish my current book, I will have to check it out.

You look gorgeous this weekend at the wedding! Sounds like you had a fun weekend in Philadelphia! Yay!

Hope you can catch up on sleep this week!!!

Last wedding we went to was 2 weeks ago at my friend Heather's, which was a blast! After this - it will be awhile before a wedding, as we don't know anyone who is engaged!

We had a great weekend - had a fun date night Friday, did a 90 min yoga class Saturday, hiked with Miles, did a TON of "house selling prep", went out to dinner with friends at a new restaurant, ran 10 miles, and had dinner w/ Chris & Lora! So it was a full and fun weekend! :) (Ryan and I haven't had a weekend together since September, so it was nice!)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I love weddings :-) I also really want to go to Philly; you go to so many cool places!

The last wedding we attended was in May. It was a childhood friend's wedding, and Christopher and I were on the dance floor all evening. We had so much fun!

A said...

Isn't Priceline the absolute best? I get a strange thrill from booking rooms there.

Get this: it's been over a year since I've been to a wedding! Which I think is a sign that I'm getting old...along with the rest of my friends! :)