Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I fully believe that all the quirks and eccentricities that we have makes us more interesting. I love hearing about the little personalty quirks, traits, and preferences we all have, so today I thought I'd share some of mine!

- I love dill pickles but I don't really like dill in other dishes, like in fish dishes for example.

- Speaking of dill pickles, I drink the pickle juice out of the jar. I realize this is disgusting to most people.

- One of my favorite fast meals is gluten free macaroni with ketchup on it. Phil just learned that this is a meal I love the day after I moved in and he was kind of disgusted by it. It's a family tradition.

- You'll never heard me utter the phrase "I have to pee." When others say it, it sort of makes me cringe. I prefer to say something along the lines of, "I have to use the bathroom."

- I don't paint my nails.  I am terrible at painting them as I don't have a steady hand and even if I was good at painting them, it's just too much up-keep for me.

- I love dresses and skirts, but I strongly dislike running dresses and skirts.  I guess that when I am active, I don't feel the need to look cute or girly.

- I am a very fast typer - I think I probably type close to 90-100 words per minute.  I type fast because I used to practice typing with an old typing book that my junior high teacher gave me when she upgraded her teaching materials.  Yes, the fact that I spent free time at home practicing typing drills makes me a very big dork but it sure is nice to be able to type fast as an adult. My coworkers at a previous job nicknamed me AK-47 because they said my typing sounded like rapid fire from a run as I'm also a LOUD typer!

- I do not like to shop.  At all.  I like having new things but I do not enjoy the process. Going to the mall is not my idea of fun at all so I try to go to the mall as few times per year as possible or ideally - NEVER.  This dislike for shopping has been part of my personality since I was a young child.  My mom could tell you about the epic tantrums I would throw when we had to go shopping when I was young.  Sorry about that, mom.

- I could never do a mud run because the thought of being covered in mud makes me physically cringe.  Even seeing pictures of others doing it or hearing about their mud runs makes me cringe.  Plus it seems like you'd ruin your shoes during a mud run and running shoes are expensive!

- I love peanut butter but hate the smell of peanut butter when someone around me is eating it.

- I need to end all of my runs on the quarter mile.  Seeing something like 7.66 on my garmin drives me nuts so I will run around the bock until I hit 7.75 miles.

- I think I've shared this before, but I do not like to step on the cracks of side walks and if I am walking on a tiled floor, I prefer to walk on every other tile. I know this makes me sound like the character in Rain Man.

What are some of your quirks?


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Hahah! You know what is funny is that I was running the other day and was thinking about some of the weird things I like or don't like and was picturing a blog post in my head but hadn't quite figured it out! This is great. I love hearing all the funny things that people think about or do. You and I have a lot of the same quirks re: dill pickles (loving them, not hating the dill though), running skirts, painting nails, not liking shopping and sometimes the quarter mile thing (although I prefer to end on an even mile). Your PB one is funny! I guess it's similar with tuna for me. I like it when I am eating it, but not when others are.

Some of my quirks involve a few rainman tendencies such as liking things in a certain place and having to move them if someone else changes the placement (for example, the hand towel in the bathroom -- I prefer it to be hung just so, or the milk in the fridge belongs on the right hand side of the top shelf...always). I also don't like spontaneity that much and will often turn down invites if they are less than 24 hours from the time of the event, just because. I am probably 70% more chipper/focused at 4 a.m. than I am at 4 p.m. I may do a post of my own finally; after seeing yours, it has gotten me inspired!

Charbelle4 said...

I don't know if it's a Southern thing or not but down here a lot of people eat ketchup on their eggs and to me ketchup on mac and cheese is kind of similar. I will add hot sauce to eggs and mac and cheese and perhaps if I'm eating a breakfast sandwich and the eggs need help I'll add ketchup.

I think when you type fast it naturally makes you a loud typer. I got in trouble several times during my previous position for my typing. Thankfully here everyone wears headphones and no one complains about stuff like that!!!

I'm with you I love wearing dresses and skirts but when I run the shorts underneath the skirts never stay put and the result is not pleasant so I avoid the skirts and dresses for working out. Admittedly when I went hiking I did wear a skirt, because it looked cute and it mostly worked for hiking.

Loved this post!

Emilie said...

I love this post! I also love dill pickles but dislike dill in other dishes, rarely paint my nails, hate to go shopping, always end runs on a tenth of a mile, and would never do a mud run. I really, really dislike getting dirty. Even in the summer if I get really sweaty on a run or doing something outside, or have sunscreen on, I cannot wait to take a shower and wash it all off. Hiking sounds fun to me but I know I would be bothered by the dirt and twigs and bugs. I eat ketchup with scrambled eggs but not any other kind of egg. I put ketchup on macaroni and cheese, but not plain macaroni. If I am going out of town for the weekend or longer, I have to have my house completely clean before I go. There is nothing worse than coming home to a cluttered house! When I feed the cats, I like to make sure Nala has the pink bowl (the rest are blue and red) because she's the only girl. Pete thinks I am crazy for that ;)

Marlys said...

It is comforting to know that most people do have a bit of OCD tendencies. Your Dad thinks mine are ridiculous, but puts up with them. Like Kyria, I like certain things to be in a certain place in the refrigerator, and it irks me when they are not put back where I want them! My strangest quirk is that I like all the light switches to be in the down position in a certain room when I leave the house in the morning. I will go and reset the 3-way switch in another room just so I can get them all in the right place!
I grew up with macaroni & ketchup and passed it on to my kids. It is a quick, tasty meal, and I have even sold your Dad on it! He is easy to please.

Nora said...

I took a typing class and loved it. Everyone at my office teases me for how fast I type and for how quickly I can text on my phone. My keyboard takes a beating as a result of how quickly I type and some of my keys are really worn out!


I have to fall asleep with a full glass/bottle of water next to my bed.
I love tomato sauce but I'm not a huge fun of big chunks of tomatoes in my salads, in wraps, as garnish, etc. I will eat them if I must but there is something about the texture that gets to me.
I have to sleep on the side of the bed that is farthest away from the door.
I can't sleep with blinds open (ever) because I have a fear of looking out the window when I wake up and seeing someone staring in at me (weird, i know. extreme quirk, I suppose).
I have to be early to all appointments, meetings, friend outings, etc... the only exception? I don't mind if I'm 10-20 minutes late to work due to traffic but anywhere else? It stresses me out!

Marisa A. said...

I see we have some things in I too used to practice typing on this kid computer thing that had typing drills. Not pickles, but I love ketchup and spaghetti sauce but I HATE tomatoes. Hate them. I also don't step on cracks. Never have, even as a child it freaks me out. I also tend to straighten things, when I see them crooked or out of place. And this is somewhat embarrassing to admit but I hate when doors are ajar, especially refrigerators, and even at work, when I go to the cafeteria I make sure the coolers with the sodas and such are shut. Yes I am that person.

Gracie said...

We are so similar in many ways! Hatred of shopping, fast-typing, dislike of painted nails due to upkeep, proper language - that's me, too. I don't think I have too many quirks, but I'm a little odd in that I MUST have my workspace at work completely neat with everything in its place, but I have no problem with a messy desk at home. This drives my husband crazy, as his desk is always spotless (I'm looking at it now and there is literally nothing on it except his keyboard).

missris said...

I also am never going to be one who says "I have to pee" (ew! TMI! just excuse yourself!). And I also really do not like running skirts or, for that matter, overly low cut running tops, sparkles, tutus, etc on running stuff. I'm here to sweat; I'm not trying to be cute. Other than that, I have so many quirks I feel like I could write a novel :)

Sandra Bond said...

I loved to read about all your quirks (and I will steal this post and post my own list, because it's so fascinating to read about everyone's idiosyncrasies!)

We have quite a bit in common - I love pickles (and I will drink the juice!), I've definitely eaten pasta with ketchup, I always say "I need to use the bathroom" and I always try to end a run on a quarter mile :)

I also almost never paint my fingers nails (although I will use clear polish to strengthen them and make them look nicer - but you can't really mess up much with clear polish ;)).

P.S. Which Garmin do you have?

Linda said...

I will keep the pee peeve (PEEve?) in mind when we meet. Note I said when and not if. Also, I'm the same with typing but not because I practice typing in free time. We had typing speed classes in middle school and in high school it was mandatory to take notes on laptops. It does freak people out and I get a lot of comments when they can hear me type.

Sandra Bond said...

P.S. I am a fast typer, too. We should be in a club or something! :)

Jeanie said...

We share a few of those quirks. No polish for me, either. I probably should -- my thumbs and toes look grim but I just don't like the feel of it. And I am the fastest typist I know. Eight of my keys no longer have letters on them. We should have a type off some day! Other quirks -- I drink Tab. Lots of Tab. Have since I was a kid except for that period when they didn't make it! I must be their best customer. I am a compulsive bed-maker. If my bed isn't made within 10 minutes of getting up I'm either sick or having a bad day. I hoard my nickels, dimes and quarters till my five banks are full! (Pays off, too!) I bite the sides of my thumbs (and sometimes my nails) -- a very bad habit I try to break. I talk baby talk to the cat (we call it Lizzie-speak) and I'm not big on shopping either, except for books. I could go on and on....

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I love reading these! Eric and I always make fun of each others ;) I also am a loud and fast typer, but my fast typing came from lots of AOL in high school ha ha.

I do say "I need to pee" though- for some reason I feel like when I say the "bathroom" it just implies I could be doing anything lol. No idea why. I should probably stop this. My bathroom related one is I can't stand when kids call it the "potty." My mom never taught us that word, we always said bathroom and it's really not THAT hard for kids to say, it might just be bafroom, who cares!

Trying to think about my quirks- one is that I often leave just a TINY bit of something not done, like I eat 98% of my meal, or clean up all but like 1 thing, do all report cards except one kid etc.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That's so funny - I just took a couple big gulps of pickle juice today, and hadn't done that in many years. What a coincidence! Haha, I love it too. I am going to use some of it in a fancy drink I think!

Christopher puts ketchup on his mac & cheese too (the boxed mac and cheese, not homemade). We both put a bit of ketchup into our chicken noodle soup ...

I too am a very fast typer. Years of university classes = a lot of practice. I also use a computer a lot at work each day.

Stevie said...

I am the exact same with dill pickles! I could eat pickles all day, every day and drink the juice, but generally do not like dill in other stuff.

I am a fast typist as well! 95-100 wpm. You, me, and San above should have a pickle eating typing party ;-)

I know have many quirks but the only one that i can think of right now is that I love root beer floats but hate root beer on its own.

Stephany said...

I type pretty fast myself, but I only use my index fingers when typing. When I use all my fingers, my typing slows wayyyyy down, lol.

I also hate painting my nails. Mostly because the polish never lasts that long and the process takes FOREVER.

1. I love doing laundry, but hate every other chore there is
2. There's never more than a few dishes in the sink at one time. I usually wash as I go. I HATE a sink full of dishes.
3. I love bananas IN things, but will never eat a banana on its own.
4. I always have to be in the lane I need to be in when driving, even if I don't need to make the turn for miles and it's the slowest lane. I just hate that last-second "oops, I need to be in the other lane!" So much anxiety!
5. I have to double-check the locks on my front and patio door before going to bed. Always.

Raquelita said...

I really like dill pickles but I strongly dislike sweet pickles and am indifferent to bread and butter ones.

I like running skirts, but it's more about the booty and hip coverage they provide -- especially over compression shorts, which are the only kind I can wear without dire consequences if I'm doing more than a mile.

When I run, I pretty much have to chew gum or I feel thirsty the ENTIRE time.

I have to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door, which drives Mark crazy when we travel and I make him switch sides of the bed.

I can type quite fast on my computer keyboard but I am ridiculously slow at typing text messages on my phone.

Amber said...

So I knew most of these about you but I did not know that about the cracks on tile and sidewalks and I've never noticed you skipping the cracks when traveling with you!!

Hmmm, my quirks, let's see...

-I chug water all night long. I keep a bottle of water beside my bed and wake up several times in the night thirsty
- I am also a pretty loud and fast typer -- but not that fast. I've had a few typing races recently with one of the IT guys at my new job :)
- I also am not a fan of running skirts or dresses at all even though I like to wear skirts and dresses in every day life

I can't think of anymore quirks but I'm sure I have many more than this :)

Elizabeth said...

Haha I love this and you cracked me up about the "i have to pee." I also dislike shopping (most the time) and never paint my fingernails either. Although I have ugly toe nails for various I feel better if they are always painted. I even bought travel size polish to take with me to Tanzania this summer...cause I didn't have any for FIVE weeks last year!

--I pop my knuckles when I'm nervous or bored.
--I have to make my bed every morning when I first get up.
--I have to have it incredibly quiet to sleep most nights.
--I also have to be on my stomach to fall asleep.
--I put my hands on my hips (way too much) when I teach because I just don't know what else to do with them.
--I also use hanging sentences when I teach....and I know most my students hate it :)
--I wipe the kitchen counters down every night before bed.
--I still check my blind spot 99.5% before changing lanes.
--I feel like I need a banana (or 2 or 3) every day...(although I'm processing how to change this one....) :)
and my list could go on and on :)

How fun!

Abby said...

This is hilarious! You must have passed many of your "quirks" on to me! LOL Do you still do dill pickles and tortilla chips?? Yum...Quirks are so fun!

-I would get the same reaction about my typing. In fact, my old coworker used to complain about it, and would say my fast typing is distracting. I got 1st place in the Tri-State Typing Competition back in high school! I'm sure you did, too ;)
-I ALSO can't stand the phrase "I have to pee"! It makes me cringe. Must have been how we were raised?? Even as a nurse, I am super polite and formal about things like that...
-I cannot parallel park. I never really learned. And I have come to the fact I never will learn. One time I dropped Ryan off at a restaurant, and went to go park. The nearest "non parallel parking" was like 1/2 mile away, so that's what I did! LOL
-I love starting IV's. In fact...that is something (the only thing) I miss about bedside nursing. Especially people that are difficult sticks - because it's like an art to find their good veins. I sometimes want to just snag a kit and practice on myself for fun. But then I would look like a drug addict ;)

Marlys said...

Abby, you inherited the parallel parking quirk from your Dad! He absolutely can't do it and will park at a great distance to avoid it! I want to teach him, but he's to proud to accept my help!

Caroline said...

I can actually relate to so many of these! I looove peanut butter but also don't love the smell if someone else is eating it. I don't like stepping on cracks or ending my run on odd numbers (though sometimes I do both but prefer not to) and I don't paint my nails and don't really enjoy shopping either. Some other quirks I have... I fiddle with my nails when I'm bored or nervous. I twirl my hair a lot when it's curly. I crack my knuckles in the morning when I wake up but I'm really trying to stop because my boyfriend hates it haha.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Mud runs sound like hell. Running skirts seem stupid. I also am a loud and extremely fast typer. I blame my young internet addiction for this skill. Thank you 90s chat rooms.