Friday, March 10, 2017


Hello, Friday!  I'm so happy to see you!  This was another whirlwind week with several evening commitments and we have a busy weekend ahead of us...  I'm in dire need of a shouldless day but am hoping to squeeze one in at the end of the month!  Here's a TGIF-style recap of my week!

The high of my week was going to my first dress-fitting appointment last night. I looooove my dress so much so love any opportunity to put it on.  My dress fits me really well so I won't need a lot of alterations (just hemming and the bustle) which is good as those add up fast.  

The low of my week was feeling like crud at the start of the week. I came down with a cold late last week and felt pretty crappy over the weekend and then it dragged on into the week. I'm feeling better but now Phil is starting to get sick.  :(  I hope my mom and Sisters-in-law didn't catch it while they were at our house last weekend. 

A book I am reading is The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. It's a  YA novel that I got from my Book of the Month Club Subscription in December. I find that YA tends to be a great 'palette cleanser.' I just finished a dark book (Beauty and Sadness) which I did not care for at all, so I needed to read something engaging! This book is about a family from Jamaica that is being deported so it's a timely book to read. There's also a sweet love story so I think it's going to be a great book!

For my workouts I had personal training sessions on Monday and Wednesday and went to barre class on Tuesday. Yesterday was a rest day and today I'm hoping to squeeze a quick workout in before heading to our marriage retreat. Saturday will be another rest day since we have our marriage retreat ALL DAY. On Sunday I'm planning to go to a barre class and will also do a 21 day fix total body cardio workout. 

The best money I spent was on some frozen yogurt on Monday. I have been so good about avoiding desserts but was craving ice cream so I decided to treat myself to a small cup of froyo at a self-serve place during my lunch break. I went with fruit for toppings (plus like 6 m&ms) to keep it somewhat healthy. It tasted soooo good, especially on my sore throat. 

My plans this weekend include going to an engagement retreat tonight (7-9:30) and all day tomorrow (9-7). This is a retreat that is required by the Catholic Church in order to get married in the church. It's going to be a long couple of days but I know we'll get a lot out of it as they cover topics like communication, finances, family planning, etc. I have no plans on Sunday besides going to barre class. I'm going to try to relax as much as I can on Sunday as I'm feeling rather worn out right now!

What was the high of your week? What was the best thing you spent money on this week?


Charbelle4 said...

I always enjoyed first fittings! It was so fun for the bride to try on her gown and see HER dress for the first time! It's great that you don't have to have many alterations as they definitely do add up quickly! I feel ya on the busy week! I feel pulled in a million directions right now! My brother and SIL had the engaged couple retreat and they really enjoyed it!

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

I am looking forward to visiting with you about your retreat! I pray the leaders do a great job and that you get a lot out of it. Do they still call it Engaged Encounter? We went to a marriage encounter many years ago and found it to be very enlightening.
Your dress is beautiful and am so happy you only have to have it hemmed and bustled.
This will be a sad Saturday for us as we are going to the funeral of a cousin who died way too early in life, by my standards. But it does make one realize how fleeting life is and to make the most of each day.
I hope Phil get over his cold swiftly!

Stephany said...

That's a long weekend for you! I hope the retreat is interesting!

Yay for trying on your dress again and boo for getting sick. I know so many people who have been ill in the past few weeks. Something's going around!

The high of my week was going out for drinks and dinner with some girlfriends for International Women's Day. And the best money I spent booking the flight for my trip in May! Yay!

Abby said...

Oh yes I remember the Engaged Encounter. When we went it was All day Saturday and then All day Sunday!! It was exhausting. But it was also good because it got us to talk about "uncomfortable issues". Good experience.

I'm glad you are feeling better!! I think I'm coming down with something - I just feel run down. :S Sunday and Monday night I only got about 3-4 hours of sleep and that did me in!

Hoping to rest today and tomorrow so I'm better by Sunday. I am doing a Women's Half Marathon with some girlfriends, and then hosting a post-race brunch with a group of our friends after the race!

Highlight of my week is tough to choose! Getting Ryan to come home? Finding out we are going to Fargo? So many good things.

Gracie said...

So good that you don't need a lot of alterations on your dress. Not only are they pricey, they can be problematic and often change the way a dress hangs.
Rather than do a weekend retreat, David and I did premarital counseling with close family friends who work for the Family Life Office of the church. It was AWKWARD because this couple is David's parents' closest friends. It wasn't so much that they asked super personal questions (we were fine with those for the most part), it was that they told so many of their own personal stories! About their wedding night, their financial gaffes, their fights, things that still annoy them about each other...basically, TMI. And now whenever I see them I feel all flustered! In retrospect, a group event would have been lower pressure and a little less...embarrassing.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I totally agree with you about YA being a good reset! I definitely go towards a YA when I need to get out of a book slump. For me I also like crime novels for that ha ha.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That's good that you don't need much for alterations. I don't know how people can charge what they do for alterations; it seems ludicrous.

Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling great and that Phil caught it.

The high of my week was having a great visit with my mom. She wasn't feeling too well on our last visit (a cold ripped through her home for the first time in about 8 years), but she was doing really well for this visit, and we got some quality time with her. The best money I spent was probably on groceries ... didn't buy much else.

katielookingforward said...

I got a hair cut! (and am donating my hair) It was a great way to spend money, a nice way to shake up my life a bit in a positive way.

Jeanie said...

Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry about your cold. Hope it's long gone and that the fitting made the week worthwhile!

I'm catching up on blogs from being gone (more of your posts to come, too!) but the high point of my week was spending time with Rick's brother and his wife who are just wonderful -- and Rick and my celebration of our years together. The best money I've spent? Some pretty things at the Rockwell museum in MA!

J and A said...

I cannot wait to see your dress on you!!!

Leigh said...

That's so awesome that you don't have to do much to your dress- can't wait to see it! Hope you are feeling better!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I hope you had a good time at your wedding church weekend!

Amber said...

I can't believe Phil's cold / sickness is still lingering, I hope he feels better soon! Your dress is soooooo amazing. It is very exciting it doesn't need much done for alterations! The high of my weekend was definitely getting more settled into our new house! Though there is still a lot of unpacking to do.