Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Recap + a Shouldless Sunday

Happy Monday, everyone!  Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was excellent!  I kept it pretty unplanned because this week is really busy (work trip to Chicago Tuesday-Thursday, heading to the lake for Father's Day Friday-Sunday). I'm also still reveling in the joy of not planning a wedding. Don't get me wrong, getting married was amazing and the day was a dream come true, but it's SO MUCH WORK to plan a wedding. So I am fully enjoying just being married. I'm also enjoying not bleeding money (Frugal Phil is enjoying this aspect, too).

Here's how we filled our weekend!

On Friday I had a mandatory work from home day, which was required by our business continuity/disaster recovery group. Basically they want to make sure that everyone can work from home in the event that something happened in our office. My job is not super conducive to working from home because I work in a collaborative team environment and some of my excel work is really complex and requires two screens. So it wasn't my most *productive* day. But Oscar seemed to love having me around!

My office mate for the day
It was a beautiful summer day so on Friday night I enjoyed a glass of wine on the patio before dinner while Phil cooled down with water after his run. By the way, if you are a white wine drinker, do yourself a favor and buy these glasses from amazon! My mom gave them to me for my birthday and we registered for 2 more for our wedding. You keep them in the freezer. They keep your wine nice and chilled!

I've been on a mission to use up some of the meat from our farm share that's been accumulating in our freezer over the last several months. So on Friday night we had grilled pork chops and asparagus with baked sweet potatoes. The pork chop looks huge but it's a bone-in pork chop so it was a reasonable serving for one person!

Grilled meals are my favorite!
After dinner, we watched the movie Lion which was so sad and heart-breaking, especially since it's based on a true story.

On Saturday morning I was up at 6 am because my body doesn't seem to know how to sleep in! Oscar was waiting patiently for her treats when I came down to make coffee.

Don't forget to give me my treats!
She enjoyed a drink from the sink before heading back upstairs to cuddle with Phil.

I know some people are probably outraged that we let our cat drink from the sink, but you do you! We wipe our counters down frequently. Phil established this routine with her when she was a kitten so there's no way we could ever break this habit.

After breakfast, I headed out to meet 2 friends at a Bounce barre class at Balanced Barre. This is an exercise class on trampolines that I did in March. I loved it so much that I bought a 10 class package. It's a long drive from our house as it's in the west metro in Wayzata, but I love the class so much that I'm willing to drive 25-30 minutes. That's saying a lot coming from a girl that hates to drive! After class I grabbed coffee with my girlfriends. I love combining exercise and girl time!

When I got home, Phil made brunch for us. And then I received an email from our photographer saying our wedding galley was ready to view a week earlier than expected - so I got sucked into that for over an hour. I absolutely LOVE our photos. I'm going to start putting together wedding recap posts later this month when I have some downtime!

It was over 90F that day so I had to pull myself away from the wedding galley to water and weed my garden as it needs water every other day right now since it's been so hot. I am absolutely amazed at how fast my garden has been growing. These 2 pictures were taken 8 days apart!

June 2

It was so warm, humid and windy on Saturday so by the end of the afternoon, I looked like Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus books.

There's no taming this hair on warm, humid, windy days!

On Saturday night we went to mass at the church where we got married. It was neat to be back in the church where we said I do! After church, we went to our favorite Mexican taqueria, Maya Cuisine, for taco platters. We love this place. The food is so good and inexpensive (our 2 taco platters were $20), and they make their corn tortillas in house. I was too hungry/excited for my food to take a picture.

After dinner we got together with friends that live close to us for a game night. We frequently have game nights with this couple as they live about 10 minutes away and also love playing games. Plus they have an 18 month old so tend to be home in the evening most weekends. We played Catan which is a strategy game that Phil and his college friends love playing. It has a major learning curve, especially when you are playing with people who are experts at it, but I won for the first time ever!

Woo hoo! I won! (I'm usually dead last)
We woke up to strong storms (heavy rain, wind, and hail!) on Sunday morning and the weather seemed unlikely to clear up, so on a whim I decided to make it a shouldless day. Our honeymoon was a long stretch of shouldless days, but it's nice to have one of those days at home!

Since it was raining, instead of running I decided to do a 21 day fix workout mid-morning. I did the total body cardio workout, which is my favorite one as it's so hard and leaves me sore for 2 days afterwards!

Ms. Frizzle, the post-workout edition
After the workout, I had a simple lunch of cottage cheese, leftover grilled chicken apple sausage, and chips and pickles. Mmm, I love pickles.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. I made some ham and northern bean soup as I had ham from our meat share that I wanted to use up. Besides that, I laid on the couch and read.

I had some company!
I wish I looked this cute when I sleep!
She did eventually make her way over to my chest. Her purrs lulled me to sleep! I woke up from my nap, video chatted with Amber, and ate soup for dinner (an odd summer meal choice, I know, but I eat soup year-round).

Phil got home from his mom's around 8 on Sunday evening. We caught up on our days and before we knew it, it was bed time!

What was the best part of your weekend? My favorite part was playing (and winning) Catan with our friends!


Charbelle4 said...

I always smile when I read your moniker for Phil! Your pictures were definitely incredible!!! I've requested to work from home on the 26th since I'm going to a concert on Sunday and I know I'll be out late. It's quiet this time of year so I know it won't be a big deal for me to do this. I used to drive 25-30 minutes to Sassy Girl, I loved that place! Your garden looks fantastic! I ate squash and zucchini from ours yesterday. I eat it raw and with guacamole, it was a great lunch and dinner! I also had tomatoes, they were awesome! I need a shouldless day! I'm glad you were able to work one in! Friday we drove to Boone and I picked out a dress. Saturday was kind of a shouldless day. I had a race and then drove to Concord and we hung out at the pool all day. Yesterday we had church, then Michael and I took turns going to the gym. We volunteered for staycation (vacation Bible school) at church and that started last night and goes tonight and tomorrow night so we're going to be there, go to the gym and then go back and pick up Charlotte. It's going to be a busy week :)

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

Did the hail hurt your garden? I hope it survived the storm. We need rain so bad but don't want hail or damaging winds, but that is predicted for us tomorrow.
Did your instant pot work for the soup? I know you were worried about it functioning properly, so just curious as I didn't follow up with you after you called.
Your weekend sounded really great! So was ours as we had Emily and the kids there, and Abby & Ryan showed up on Saturday late morning, so it was a fun time! The kids love playing in the water so they keep very busy! I am looking forward to having you join us this weekend and hope the weather is cooperative again! WE have been pretty lucky this summer so far.
Your wedding pictures are a delight! I've looked at them twice which takes time as there are so many, but almost everyone is awesome!

Sandra Bond said...

This sounds a great weekend all around! I've played Catan ages ago! How fun!

Btw, my hair looks like yours when it's windy/humid/after a workout... I have all these short fly-away hairs that I just can't seem to tame ;)

Amber said...

That sounds like such an awesome weekend! I'm so glad we got to catch up on Sunday afternoon. I had a great weekend as well. Enjoyed some activity and time outside on Saturday and then Sunday was a lot more doing stuff around the house like getting the spare room ready for our house guests and making chicken enchiladas and baking muffins. I LOVE summer weekends though and I'm trying to especially enjoy and relish in them this summer!

Jeanie said...

You did more on your shouldless day than most people do on their regular days! Love your office mate (and Gypsy often slept in the bathroom sink and certainly drank from there. Never sure about the kitchen one, though!)

It all looks and sounds good. Your dinners in and out, your garden (looking great) and just settling back in!

Stephany said...

I'm glad you took a shouldless day on Sunday! It sounds like it was much needed. Also, I'm someone who makes chili in the summer so I feel ya on making not-seasonally-appropriate foods. ;)

My favorite part of my weekend was hanging out by the pool with some girlfriends. The weather wasn't great (it's been stormy for the past two weeks!), but it was fun just hanging out.

Abby said...

Love your wedding photos SO MUCH!! Not a single bad shot all day! Amazing.

Love your summer meals! Yum! Summer eating is the best. Your garden looks awesome. I miss gardening so much right now!

Our weekend was great. I did a run in Fargo Saturday morning, then we headed to the lakes (Ryan got off work at 9am Saturday morning) and we had a great lake day! Sunday we went to Fargo for a red hawks game with Nick and Andrea (Ryan's brother and gf) - and it was SO nice out we all headed back to the lakes. I ended up taking Monday off, as they all had it off. So spur of the moment long weekend! I have been working from the lakes yesterday and today - and will head back tonight as Ryan goes back on tonight!

Linda said...

Bob's water bowl was on the first floor when I lived in a condo 2 homes ago. In the middle of the night he'd jump in the tub on the 2nd floor/in my bedroom and whimper and i'd turn on the faucet for him to drink. Thanks for reminding me of this!