Thursday, February 21, 2019

Currently: February 2019

February has 28 days in it, but it feels like it has about 1,000 since it's our 3rd month of winter weather. And this February has been particularly brutal as we've had so much snow! We set a record for the snowiest February ever with the snow we received yesterday. Womp womp. We've gotten about 31" of snow so far as they are calling for more snow this weekend. Ugh.

Here's what's currently going on in my world, beside endless snow fall!

Reading: My Sister, the Serial Killer. This is proving to be a really fast read as the chapters are super short. It's about a woman who keeps getting calls from her sister to help her clean up/dispose of her boyfriend that she just killed in self-defense. It's happened 3 times so the protagonist is beginning to wonder if her sister is truly in danger when she kills these men? It's been a pager turner so far!

Loving:  our instant pot. We use this appliance so much! I made this lentil dish earlier this week which is so good! It calls for salsa verde and I have tons of that canned/frozen so it's a good way to use some of it up!

Feeling: tired of all the sickness in our house. It seems like someone is always sick and it's usually Paul. Such is the life of a babe that goes to daycare, though. Last week he came down with a stomach bug (on Valentine's Day - nothing says 'romance' like cleaning up after a puking kid!) and then he was off all weekend and ended up with  another ear infection. Le sigh. Ear infections are easy to treat now that he has tubes as we can just put antibiotic drops in his ears but it's tough to see him sick ALL THE TIME!

Anticipating: a date night on Saturday night. Hopefully the weather cooperates so our babysitter can come that night. We are going out to eat at a steakhouse in downtown Minneapolis. We aren't really steakhouse people but we have a gift certificate and this is one of the best steakhouses in Minneapolis so I know it will be good! We haven't gone on a date since mid-December when we went to Phil's Christmas party. We spent so much time socializing with his coworker so it really wasn't a one-on-one date. Our last true one-on-one date was our anniversary last May!  Eeks! I'm also really anticipating Paul's birthday party next weekend! My sister from AZ is flying in, my brother and his family from Chicago are driving up and my parents will be here. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Paul is turning one, though!!

Grateful: for the generous vacation time I have at work! Between bad weather and sickness, I've had to take some time off to stay home with Paul. It's pretty much impossible to work from home when I'm with him so I am glad I have ample time off to use!

Working: on finalizing our will! I can't wait to cross this pesky item off our to do list. We met with our attorney on Valentine's Day (can you tell how romantic that day was for us? Ha!) and we will finalize things and sign the will later this month.

Listening: to podcasts as usual! I don't know what music is popular these days as I never listen to the radio!

Watching: Season 2 of American Crime Story on Netflix which is about the 1997 assassination of Gianni Versace. I don't remember hearing about this when it happened which is surprising as the killer also killed 2 men in Minnesota to start off his killing spree. I think they do an excellent job of telling the story of what happened. Season 1 was about the OJ Simpson trial and that season was also really good!

Wishing: for an early spring but that is really unlikely. Womp womp. I disliked winter before but I really dislike it with a baby as I feel especially cooped up!

Bonus Paul pics!

Paul says, "Let's be friends" Kitty says - "go away"

He's finally starting to walk (unsteadily) behind his walker

I soaked up lots of cuddles with Paul when he was sick last week. When he's healthy he has zero interest in cuddling with mom so I appreciated all the snuggles last weekend!

Enjoying the new touch and feel book that Grandma and Grandpa sent for Valentine's Day

A mid-bottle smile break

He's so excited  about being able to stand behind the walker.
What are you currently reading, anticipating and wishing for?


Charbelle said...

I can't even imagine all that snow! We've had so much rain here, we'll have brief spells of dry followed by several days of rain. I'm so sorry Paul had a stomach bug for Valentines, that's awful! We need to do a will but have not yet, every time I bring it up I get the question if I have changed my life insurance beneficiary. Seeing as how my 401K stuff is still hanging out you can guess the answer to that question. I need a personal secretary to take care of those kinds of pesky tasks! I love seeing how much Paul loves to read, I think that is so cool!!! I always love when the babies in nursery start figuring out the walker and how to use it, it's so much fun!

Marlys said...

I love the last picture of Paul the most - a victorious smile & wave!
We finished watching the 6 season series of Longmire, and now we have to find a new one to watch, so may check out your suggestion.
I'm so excited about next weekend, but so concerned about the weather! This snow and wind just has to stop for next week so we can get together!

Carolina John said...

I enjoy laughing at people who think they can work from home with a toddler around. It's always when they are pregnant with the first kid and they don't know any better. LOL

Love the bonus Paul pics! Sheesh he is adorable.

Jeanie said...

Love the photo with Oscar! Those are some "stay away from me" ears!

So glad all are on the mend. I'm looking forward to seeing birthday party photos and three cheers for date night! Fingers crossed for the sitter!

San said...

Ugh, I am sorry you've got so much snow... it's so crazy that some areas get so much and some none at all...

So glad you have enough vacation time to stay home with Paul if need be. That must be a huge relief.

Gracie said...

Poor kid. Lucky he's such a happy kid, even when he's sick!

tinna said...

Currently reading Your Money Your Life. :) I have a few management skills related books queued up since I'm a new people manager at work. :)

Amber said...

I LOVE the picture of Paul grinning at you mid-bottle. Sooo cute! I am reading Wedding Vows I'll Never Give (and feeling meh about it), anticipating my new job and wishing for spring as well! Especially as I watch the snow blow around outside my window right now. Blegh.

Stephany said...

I wish I could send Minneapolis some of Florida's degrees. You know, I send you like 20-30 degrees. I'd like some cooler temps - we're having temps in the 90s and that is way too hot for February. I need more winter!

Currently reading The Light We Lost, anticipating my Ireland trip, and wishing for a cold front. :)

Shoshanah said...

I love all the recipes you find! We actually just made the ginger chcicken you posted and loved it. Also, we wound up with a stomach bug on Valentine’s Day as well.... something must have been in he air! Finally I can’t believe Paul is about to be 1! It feels like you like just shared you were pregnant with him!

katielookingforward said...

how is it already paul's birthday?!?! I hope you enjoyed date night!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Reading - "Refugee", as I am reading it aloud to my class, and "Bird Box". I started it a while back, but got busy and never finished it.
Anticipating - A few relaxing weekends ahead.
Wishing for - Spring! I am very ready.

We didn't get too much snow this winter (*this could still change), but it was the coldest winter on record in 80+ years.