Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Looking Forward

We've reached the point of winter where I'm about lose my mind over the weather. This happens every March but it's especially bad this year since we had a record-level of snowfall in February. I know it's spring-like in some parts of the country but we still have a good 1.5-2 feet of snow on the ground and it's SO DANG ICY right now. I nearly fell multiple times this morning on my way to the bus stop. Ugh!

So I'm going to force myself to turn my attention to the months to come. Eventually the weather will warm up and the snow will melt and my outlook on living in Minnesota will change (right now I kind of hate Minnesota - ha!). Here's what I'm looking forward to!

This weekend I'm looking forward to our 4th and final photo session with our wedding photographer. We bought a "baby steps" package with her which included 4 total sessions. We did newborn, 4 month and 8 months photos and now we'll wrap up the package with a 1-year session. Phil thinks 4 sessions is a bit of an overkill but I know we'll treasure these photos! I'm also looking forward to our monthly card date on Saturday night with another couple. We missed the month of February as we didn't have any free weekends in common so are very overdue for a game night!

This month I'm looking forward to a belated 1st birthday party get together with my mom's group. We were supposed to meet in late February but had to reschedule due to big snow storm. We haven't gotten together as a group since September - I can't wait to see how the babies have grown and change. Some are walking and some are saying words!

In May I'm looking forward to seeing Pink in concert with 3 of my college girlfriends. We bought tickets last fall. I've never seen Pink in concert but I've heard that she puts on a great show! It's so tough for the 4 of us to get together as we all have kids and busy schedules. I'm glad we have this fun night out to look forward to! The concert is on a Sunday so I took Monday off so I could sleep in as it will be a much later night than usual for me (I go to bed around 9 these days!).

This spring I'm looking forward to our first family trip to Florida. I really wish this trip was in March as I'm ready for a warm-weather getaway NOW. But traveling during spring break season is really expensive, so we opted for the less-expensive option of going to Florida in April. I hope and pray we get nice, warm, sunny weather! I can't wait to hang out on the beach with Paul. Hopefully he likes the sand! Our condo also has a pool so I'm excited to take him swimming.

This summer I'm looking forward to long weekends at the lake. I'm hoping to get there once a month and will take at least 1-2 days of vacation to make our stay a little longer (and avoid the highest traffic times). My parents have so many beach toys so hopefully Paul likes the sand and water!

That's as far out as I've planned at this point, but at least we have a handful of things to look forward to in the coming months!

What are you looking forward to? What is the weather like where you live? 


Marlys said...

Well, I'm looking forward to our FL excursion as well as your plans to come to the lake this summer! I sure hope the ice is gone by the 4th of July! Good grief, the snow is so deep and we are supposed to get 6 - 12" more tonight & tomorrow! So many roofs are caving in around the area - church, schools, businesses & storage buildings. I don't remember this happening in 1997 when we had over 100" of snow, so this is concerning. Vculek's potato storage in Oakes collapsed this week and it was full of potatoes, which is better than human beings, I admit.
I guess we could complain until the cows come home and it won't help one bit! It's very icy here, also, so really have to mind your steps when walking, and it's going to get worse as we are to have rain before the snow begins, and winds up to 60 MPH. GAGH!!!

Amber said...

I have said the last 3 years that we need a March vacation and again we did not book one. Maybe next year we finally will! I agree, by this time of the year I am DONE with winter. Luckily we have been having some very sunshine-y days and it feels like spring already, last year we had more snowfall in March than any other month!! So fingers crossed that does not happen this year...

Right now I am mostly looking forward to my new job and Eric going to school for 7 weeks so we will be on a matching Mon-Fri daytime schedule! Something so many people take for granted will be a real treat in our life :) Hopefully the nice weather sticks around for April and May so we can have some family adventures.

Carolina John said...

Those baby photo shoots are so adorable

Warmer weather will get here. NC is getting some spring this week!

San said...

We had a lot of rain. Winter has felt much longer here this year than usual because of all the precip.... but then again, it's not snow and icy temps, so I'll shut up ;)

I am happy to hear your planning a trip to Florida and lake weekends this summer. At least you have something to look forward to!

I can't wait to see the pictures from your last photo shoot. I agree, 4 sessions might seem overkill, but you'll treasure those photos forever.

Charbelle said...

I love that you have those sessions for each of the milestones! I need to set up a photoshoot for us, I was going to do it last year but time and money got away from me! Michael would say 4 is overkill too, I would disagree and I would make sure they happened, kind of like thank you notes... LOL! I can't get over the ice and snow and I saw your mom's comment, LAW HAVE MERCY!!!! I have a cousin in North Dakota and her pictures are insane to me!!! We've had a ton of rain, as you know, but not snow and ice, thankfully!!! Pink had her show here last weekend and from what I understand it's a phenomenal show so I know y'all will have a blast!!! That's exciting!!!

Stephany said...

April will be beautiful in Florida! March can be iffy with the weather because we get random cold fronts (and by cold fronts, I mean it's like in the 50s, haha). You'll have a great time and get out of the crazy cold Midwest!

I'm mostly looking forward to my trip to Ireland! We leave 7 weeks from Monday! I've been in crazy planning mode for that because I need to have every detail ironed out to keep my anxiety at bay.

katielookingforward said...

I paid a decent price to go to Florida in February. It was a little early in the season so its not as warm, but its nice to save a little on the flight price!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I love the idea of the Baby Steps photo-sessions! I've never heard of that before, but it will definitely be something you'll treasure, and they change so much in the first year, so it will be nice to have those professional photos capturing the changes.

That is SO awesome that you are going to see Pink!!! I love her! Christopher isn't as big of a fan as I am, but I am convinced that if we ever see her live (which we will if we get the chance), that he'll be converted into a big fan. I think her show would be incredible, so I'm excited to hear what you think of it.

The weather here is warming up! The snow is melting, I've been able to wear a lighter coat, and everyone is in a great mood around the city. It was a rough winter, and I am crossing my fingers that that it's over for this year, although it wouldn't be unheard of for us to get a "second winter", even after this spring tease.

Jeanie said...

Well, like you, I'm looking forward to spring, whenever it decides to show its face! Apart from that, no big anticipations. Just wanting Rick to heal, weather to turn and maybe a lunch or dinner or short road trip in the future!