Thursday, July 25, 2019

My Reverse Bucket List

Stephany posted a "reverse bucket list" earlier this summer and I thought I'd play along. It was kind of fun to think about things I don't care to ever do! Here's what I have come up with so far!

- Get a tattoo - way too permanent and there's nothing I feel strongly enough to permanently ink onto my body!

- Go on a Caribbean cruise - I don't think cruising is for me but I would maybe consider an Alaskan or Mediterranean cruise, but that's a big maybe as I'd rather just visit one place!

- Read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace - this is a doorstop of a book and I just have no desire to say I've read it.

- Do a Polar Plunge - in the frigid Midwest, polar plunges - which means jumping into a lake (they cut a large hole in the ice) - are a popular fundraiser activity. HARD PASS for me. I get cold so easily so this is not an experience I need to have!

- Watch or read Game of Thrones - Nope. No interest.

- Go to Las Vegas - Another hard pass for me. I may need to go here for a work conference or client visit at some point but I will never spend my own money to visit this city. I know some people love Vegas but it is just not for me! Give me an outdoorsy, quiet location with hiking options (I know you can hike outside of Vegas - still not interested in visiting this city).

- Watch an entire professional soccer match - or even half of a match! - I know some people love soccer, but I did not grow up with this sport and find it incredibly boring. I would rather watch golf on tv than soccer. I think my attention span for a professional soccer match is maybe 10 minutes? Chances are Paul will play soccer at some point during his childhood so I am sure I'll watch an entire kids' soccer match but at least those are shorter?

- Get botox. Inject botulism into my face? Hard pass. I guess I just don't care enough about eliminating wrinkles to spend money on something like this! I just hope I age as well as my mom has. Would you believe she's turning 71 next month???

- Go to Disney World. Yep, I do not want to take Paul to Disney World. I know this is a very unpopular opinion. I did not go as a child and I don't really care that I didn't have that experience. I do not like huge crowds, lines, and over-hyped (IMO), expensive experiences. Does this make me a fun hater? So be it. I'd rather take Paul to a national park or go on a low-key beach vacation. This is a topic that Phil and I disagree on so we'll see who wins out. He went a couple of times when he was a child and said it was a fun experience. I'm surprised he wants to go because it's not exactly cheap to go to Disney World (he's the most frugal person I know). I imagine a lot of people reading this post have been to and LOVED Disney and probably think it's selfish for me to not want to take our child there. But it's just not something I feel like Paul HAS to experience.

- Own a luxury vehicle. So far we have been a Toyota or Honda type of family. Maybe we'll expand into Suburu when we need a roomier car. But we'll never drive a fancy luxury vehicle. I hate driving and we drive as little as possible (my car is 3 years old and has 17k miles on it; Phil's is almost 6 years old and has around 22k miles on it), so I don't need a lush, fancy car to get me from point to point.

Your turn! What would you put on your reverse bucket list?


Stephany said...

I don't think it's selfish at all to not want to take Paul to Disney World. Many families cannot afford such a vacation - because, truly, prices are exorbitant at Disney - but even if you have the means to go doesn't mean you have to! I went to Disney many times as a kid because it was within driving distance and while I think it can be such a fun experience for kids, I don't think my life would have been terrible if I had never gone. I understand not wanting to deal with the stress of a Disney vacation. Also, it just sounds EXHAUSTING to do it with kids, haha.

I'm actually on the fence about Botox myself. I think if I ever got forehead wrinkles or those "11" wrinkles between my eyebrows, I might consider it. I don't mind smile lines or crow's feet, but something about those wrinkles would bug me! Haha.

Charbelle said...

I never went to Disney growing up and I've still never been. I don't think it's selfish but I think if Phil is on board and y'all go during an "off-time" you might enjoy the experience because you will get to see a different side of Phil. If you do go to Vegas for work and have a little downtime the shows that they have ex: Phantom of the Opera, are really awesome! I got to go several years ago and I had the opportunity to see that show and I was blown away by it! I grew up with the lake house and the beach and I have the best memories! I think this is a great idea and if I can actually get another post together I'll play along!

Leigh said...

We are the same with Disney World. We were invited to go this summer with some family, but decided it's too much money right now. Maybe when the kids are older and both would fully get and appreciate the experience.

Marlys said...

I agree with you about Vegas, but if I did ever go, I would just see the shows, and maybe sit and people watch, and see the lights, but definitely not on my bucket list.
We did go to Disney when Abby was maybe in 6th grade, and we enjoyed it. We got the fast lane tickets so wasn't too bad. My favorite was the electric parade in the evening. Abby did enjoy it, as I remember, and it was so clean and had so many beautiful flowers everywhere. Maybe Grandma & Grandpa can take Paul there some day!
I, too, am much fonder of quiet vacations away from crowds & cities. I do have a yearning to take a river cruise someday. A relative of mine and his wife are on a train trip to Alaska and said it is wonderful!

Carolina John said...

I still have to knock Nevada off of my 50 state list, but the most appealing part of going to Las Vegas to marathon is that you can drive to the Hoover Dam and the west rim of the Grand Canyon. Totally with you there, no need to Vegas, ever.

Disney is the same problem. Kelley and the kids love it, I hope I never have to go back. It's actually similar to the reasons I don't want to do a cruise either. You feel trapped in the resort, super expensive, surrounded with large groups of people. I'm not a germaphobe, but both Disney and Cruises seriously make me feel icky just as a thought. Vegas is the STD version of Disney & Cruises. If Mickey Mouse got the clap, you got Vegas.

dailycandy said...

We are so similar in these LOL. I have no desire to go to Vegas (I dont drink or gamble and it just seems too much of a party for me), Disney (lines, people, sweat, crying kids, $$ food and drinks), cruise, luxury vehicle, POLAR PLUNGE IN MN HELL NO.

katielookingforward said...

Great ideas to not do! The last few years I've wanted to go to a pizza farm, but it still hasn't happened. Every summer I say "maybe this summer" eventually it will happen, but I'm not considering the summer a failure if I don't get there.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I went to Disney as a 16 year old and I loved it. My husband has never been and has no desire to go. I'm hoping that I can convince him to go maybe when Isla is 16 and this new one is 8. And during the food and wine festival. It's a place that only needs to be visited once in my opinion haha. No need for yearly trips there. I have friends that go all the time, but I much rather try out new places/experiences. We also feel the same way about Vegas. No real desire to go there but the plane tickets are cheap, so perhaps some day we will go for a quick getaway and see a show. We do not gamble unless we use other peoples money. :) I also have no desire to get a tattoo. Never had a strong urge for anything on me. I barely wear earrings!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Haha, I like this :-)

I too will never get a tattoo. The funny thing is that I love Christopher's tattoos, but would never get one myself. I think they suit him, and when he went for his first one, he thought, "what might I regret someday?" and got that. It was a flaming skull, lol. Our personalities are completely opposite in some ways.

I hated Vegas my first time there, and am actually still not a huge fan, even though we have been a lot. It's just the only hot place we can fly to direct from our city (other than all-inclusives in the winter), and it's much cheaper than other vacation destinations. But, I don't think we'll go back there for a long while ...

Christopher and I never want to go on any type of cruise. He is not a water fan, and I think is a bit scared of being out on the ocean for days on end, and although I am a fan of water, I think it would creep me out too.

Polar Plunge and botox are both a hard NO for me too. Not a chance.

Amber said...

I love this reverse bucket list idea! I should do it on my blog. On the spot when I comment on yours and Stephany's post I have trouble thinking of things but I bet if I sat down and really thought about it I could come up with some good ones.

Botox is a hard NO for me as well! That just freaks me out too much and I've heard some scary stories about bad results. Funnily enough I could see us combining two of yours one day and going on a Disney cruise! Ha! Cruising has never really appealed to me but it does kind of appeal to me with kids. I like the idea of having lots of things for them to do and when they are older (12+) they can kind of roam the boat themselves. So we'll see but I wouldn't rule out going on a cruise one day even though it's not my ideal vacation.

Jeanie said...

Every single thing on this list would be on mine. And yes, I've been to Vegas but would NEVER spend my own money to go (work related or Rick's work related). I'm not sure what would be left for my reverse list you didn't mention except zip lining, bungee jumping, mountain climbing or parachuting. (See a thread here?)

Gracie said...

Yeah, you won't catch me dead at Disney! In fact, our lists are pretty similar - except I'd do a polar plunge just to do it! FYI David sold his Honda and got a Subaru and it's a TERRIBLE car. Constantly in the shop, and the interior is incredibly flimsy and breaks all the time (once I actually broke the door handle in half getting out of the car). But, lots of people love their Subaru, so it could be that he just has a lemon!

San said...

I am totally with you on the tattoo, the botox and the cruise.

I have been to Las Vegas a few times, but never for Vegas itself was either a starting point for a roadtrip or to go to a concert or to meet up with a friend... I wouldn't be able stand being there for more than 2 nights max and would never just go there for fun.