Friday, October 11, 2019


Burr. It was 37F when I walked out the door this morning and the high is only 41. *whimpers* I am so not cut out for the weather in this state! But it could be worse - we could be getting snow like those in Canada and some states west of us. Here's a TGIF recap of my week!

The book I'm reading is The Library Book by Susan Orleans. It's about the Los Angeles Library fire of 1986. Arson was suspected but they never figured out for certain who did it. Besides talking about the fire, Orleans talks about how libraries and the services they provide have changed over the years. It's an interesting book but not something I'd recommend broadly unless you are a library fanatic like I am! ;) 

The high of my week was a productive and relaxing day off on Tuesday! I took the day off as I had a mid-day haircut. Paul still went to daycare so I had the day to myself. When I planned this day off I thought it would be all about relaxing, but given our upcoming move, I needed to get some things done. I went through a bunch of things in our bedroom and Paul's bedroom, listed some items on Facebook, dropped off 3 bags of books/DVDs at Half Priced Books, packed up some non-essential stuff in the kitchen, like most of our serving platters, and put some old lawn chairs on the curb with a free sign - they were gone in a couple of hours! I went out lunch on my own after my haircut, though, so between that and the haircut, I got a little bit of pampering/relaxing in. I also ended up taking a nap in the afternoon which felt luxurious! It was really, really nice to go through things without keeping an eye on Paul!

The low of my week was feeling a bit under the weather. I had to miss out on a couple of afternoon walks as I was not feeling well - hopefully I'm not catching a bug from the toddler. 

A recipe I made was 3-bean Turkey Chili in the instant pot. We seem to eat this about every other week these days. It's a super simply recipes that doesn't require much prep work besides chopping an onion. It yields quite a few servings - probably 6-8+.

The best money spent was on our plane tickets to Florida for our February trip which cost us a grand total of... $23! Phil and I were both able to use airline miles so we just had to pay the taxes on the tickets. Paul will be just shy of 2 so won't need his own seat. We saved ourselves a good $900-1,000 dollars by being able to use miles. I barely have any miles left now, though, and won't be wracking them up anytime soon since I don't travel for work much anymore. But that's ok. We bought 3 of the 4 tickets for our Florida trip this past April with miles, too, so we've saved a lot of money in the last year on airfare.

My plans this weekend include very little once again! Paul doesn't have swimming lessons again as the pool is still closed for a thorough cleaning. So I made an appointment for his first professional haircut on Saturday morning. We tried cutting it ourselves in the summer and it was really, really hard and looked pretty bad, honestly. Trying to cut the hair of a wiggly toddler is tough. I'm taking him to a kids hair place so I am sure they have it down to a science. Hopefully he handles it well. As you can tell from the photos below from crazy hair day at school, he actually has quite a bit of hair - especially in the back! I just want the back trimmed, especially around his ears. He still doesn't have much hair up top/in the front. Other than Paul's haircut, I'm sure we'll continue with 'operation purge'. We are trying really hard to get rid of as much stuff as possible before the move. Phil will go out to his mom's on Sunday to help with a couple of things and he might bring Paul with him so I can do a bit more packing.

How was your week? Is it cold where you live? 


Jeanie said...

A good week. Yesterday was 70 -- but what you get in Mpls usually lands here soon enough. Today is rainy and temps going down. Sounds like a good week for you, apart from being a bit under the weather. Hope that shapes up soon!

katielookingforward said...

where was our fall? I don't mind the temp too much, but we had too much rain and not enough sun! whenever I take random week days off it never is 100% relaxation, I always try to get stuff done that I wouldn't do otherwise. Haircut and lunch plus a nap sounds like a good mix given how much you have going on with moving!

Stephany said...

Oh my gosh, 37 degrees in early October!? It's still pretty hot in Floria but it's cooling down a smidge. And by cooling down, I meant it's like 85 degrees during the day, which, let me tell you, feels like a cold front after enduring 100+ degree days and high humidity.

You're really working through your to-do list! Moving is such a hassle, even when it's a good move that you've been hoping for. I'm hopefully moving next year and really not looking forward to all the purging + packing. It's so much work!

Marlys said...

I'm getting excited for your big move and it sounds like you've done lots of prep work, so should go fairly easy!
Paul sure likes those trucks he got when he was very little - they were a winning toy!

San said...

OMG, toddler Paul's crazy hair! So cute!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Soon all the packing and moving will be behind you. I bet your mind is going a mile a minute with everything you have to do.

That crazy hair is great!!!! Hahaha! So cute!

I'm loving that has been warm here. I hope winter is a long way off.