Friday, November 1, 2019


As usual, I'm greeting the weekend with open arms! We have A LOT to do this weekend but I'm still looking forward to it. Here's what's happening in my world!

The book I'm reading is Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. I was drawn to this book after the author tragically died earlier this year from complications from a flu virus. She was just shy of 38 (my age) and left behind a husband and 2 kids, ages 3 and 1. :( She is a well-known Christian author and I had been meaning to check out her work for awhile but her death prompted me to request her book from the library. 

The high of my week was picking up Paul from daycare after my 2-day work trip. When he saw me, he ran over and gave me the biggest, longest hug. It was a different reaction from when I usually pick him up so I know he missed me! I missed him, too.

The low of my week was being away from Paul (I really struggle being away from him!) and coming down with another bug of some sort. I haven't really felt "great" since the miscarriage. I think my body is under stress/healing so I've felt off for the last 2 weeks but now I have a cold. Hopefully I am back to full health soon!

A recipe I made was pasta puttanesca. This is an easy recipe - the only prep work is chopping half an onion and some garlic! I skipped the anchovies. I know they would give it more flavor but I knew we wouldn't use whole can so it seemed wasteful to buy them. It was still delicious without the anchovies!

The best money spent was on nothing? I didn't spend any notable money this week since I was traveling for work. I even resisted a 50% off Friends and Family sale at Banana Republic. I was tempted to buy a couple new sweaters but then asked myself if I REALLY needed more clothes. The answer is no! I mean, we did just buy a house a week ago and have plenty of expenses coming our way related to that so now is not the time for frivolous, unnecessary spending!

My plans this weekend include lots of moving stuff!! We rented a U-Haul truck on Saturday morning so we could move a lot of small furniture over to the new house - like book cases, end tables, rugs, a glider, chairs, etc. Our realtor wants to stage our house with her inventory when we list our house next week so a lot of things will be moved out this weekend. Luckily we have 3 friends who are going to help and my parents are going to help out with Paul and my dad is going to help with a few maintenance things around both houses. On Sunday, Phil and I are going to shop for a new guest bed while my parents watch Paul. Our current guest bed is his grandparent's bed so it is VERY old! We are hoping we'll have a new bed by the time we move is so my parents can spend a night with us over Thanksgiving weekend. It's going to be a productive and busy weekend!

Bonus (mostly) Paul Pics!

Phil sent me this picture while I was traveling. Paul tends to do most things with his right hand, but he eats with his left hand - just like daddy! Phil's parents were both left handed so he does a lot of things left handed since he was taught by lefties (eats, uses a computer mouse, brushes his teeth). Maybe Paul will be slightly ambidextrous, too?

Last Sunday we gathered with Phil's college friends for our annual pumpkin carving party! We usually host but this year another couple hosted since we have too much going on with our move. Ours is the cat pumpkin, of course!

We didn't send a costume with Paul for Halloween since it's a pain to put a toddler in a costume. Instead he wore a very Halloweeny outfit!

What was the high of your week? Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


Jeanie said...

Such darned cute photos! Isn't it wonderful to be greeted with that kind of hug? All the moving plans sound good and I'm glad you're able to start with some of the smalls before the big move. Lucky to have Paul watchers who love him so much!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Aww, he looks so happy! My plans this weekend will include cuddles under a blanket!

Amber said...

I hope all the moving this weekend goes well!! Awesome to have so much help and have your parents there to help entertain Paul. I love his halloween-y outfit. The high of my week was definitely Halloween. Olivia did pretty well trick or treating. She can say trick or treat, but didn't really she would just knock on doors and hold up her bag. lol

Gracie said...

One of my brothers is mostly ambidextrous as he's the only left-hander in a family of ten right-handers! Of necessity, he learned to use his right hand to eat, so his elbow wouldn't bump others at our crowded table. And he was taught to use his right hand for many things, as well. But his left hand is clearly stronger, so he can actually eat or write or do anything with either hand. It's handy (excuse the pun), so I hope Paul enjoys it, too!

Erin said...

I am currently reading “Inspired” by Rachel Held Evans :)

Stephany said...

I have Searching for Sunday on my TBR but I'm holding off on reading it for now. Rachel's death gutted me and even seeing her name would cause me to spiral into sadness. She was such a bright soul and it's devastating that we won't have more writing from her. I'm hoping I can read that book soon!

I hope the moving goes well this weekend! It's great to have help for stuff like this, especially moving with a toddler in tow!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I'm a leftie! My parents figured it out when I'd always take one bite with the spoon in my right hand, but then immediately switch it over to my left.

The green olive pasta we make uses only a few anchovies too, so we have most of the can leftover. Christopher puts them in a dish of vinegar and eats them right up, which I just can't bring myself to do, but it solves the problem of using up the rest of the can :-) Too fishy for me! (but I like them in the pasta, where they can't be detected).

That's so nice that you got a big, long hug from Paul - awww!

San said...

I am bit ambidextrous and eat with my left hand! :)
So glad you got started on moving stuff into the new house! So exciting!