Thursday, October 15, 2020

Three Things Thursday

Well, this has just not been our week. We found out on Sunday evening that a little girl in Paul's class tested positive for Covid. That really threw a wrench in the week... but such is life in the time of a global pandemic. Here are 3 things on my mind today - I forced myself to come up with something positive for the 3rd one. But that's like and sometimes you just need to acknowledge rough times/crappy things so you can move ahead. 

1. Paul's classroom will be closed for 14 days from the day the little girl was last there, so Paul is home with us until he can return on Friday, October 23rd. In the spring, you were able to send your child back once they had a negative test (per the MN Dept of Health guidelines). MDH has since revised their policy and now you need to stay home for 14 days from the last known exposure. I am glad they made this change because in the spring, when we last had cases at daycare, kids got tested within the first couple of days of finding out about the positive case. They might not have had the viral load to get a positive test. So I think it's better to err on the side of caution and have people isolate for 14 days. This time around they told us to wait 5-7 days from our last exposure to make sure the testing was as accurate as possible, so we waited until day 6 (yesterday) and all got tested. It was negative - phew!! All of this has definitely resulted in some anxiety for me. I had to cancel my 32 week OB appointment, which isn't the biggest deal as I have them weekly starting at 32 weeks, but it wasn't ideal. I'm finding it harder to work from home with Paul around than it was in March/April. I'm busier at work, plus quarter end is the busiest time of year for me, and he's more verbal. I've told my coworkers I can't take client calls unless it's nap time and they've been able to accommodate that. Everyone is very understanding that this situation is out of our control. Here are a couple of pics of how we have been keeping Paul busy. I ordered some stickers and new puzzles as we clearly need more things to entertain him!

He's very into stickers. Note the usage of our "I voted!" stickers - Phil and I voted by mail in early October and confirmed our ballots had been received within 4-5 days of mailing them.

This puzzle is challenging for him, so requires some help from me. He sings his ABCs and recognizes the letters, but getting them in the right order/getting the letters to face the right direction is challenging. 

2. I'm also still struggling with flares even though I am on my max dose of prednisone. I had to stop taking my RA injection at 28 weeks and once it was out of my system, I started getting rolling flares that move from joint to joint. I guess that is just how the rest of this pregnancy is going to be. This time I got one in my elbow and it just won't go away. :/ On Tuesday, I had email exchanges with my endocrinologist, rheumatologist, OB, and hematologist. And then the hematologist had to contact the perinatalogist. It's just kind of overwhelming at times as that is a lot of -ologists to communicate with. Thank goodness for my chart/patient portals - it's way more efficient than having to call all these practices and get a nurse to call me back, etc. 

3. I'll end on a positive note. This fall has seemed especially beautiful - or maybe I'm noticing it more because I'm taking daily walks - and sometimes multiple walks/day - in our neighborhood. There is a house we walk by on most walks that has 2 geese - they change their costumes every couple of months. Paul loves walking by this house, although he calls the geese ducks - close enough, right? Seeing them is the highlight of every walk for Paul. Other costumes they've worn include a shark, football player, referee, and teacher - and the list goes on and on. There's someone creative and crafty living in that house!

The latest geese costumes - a scarecrow and a squirrel with an acorn!

Is your week going better than mine??? I hope so!


Grateful Kae said...

I love the fall pics! I agree- fall seems just extra "fall-y" this year for some reason. I have been out quite a bit on my own, but would like to fit in more outside time with the boys. We've been out around the neighborhood, but I want to get them to a corn maze, a state park, etc. yet this season before the leaves fall!

Bummer about Paul having to stay home. That's my fear too, with the boys back in school. At any moment they could be back home with me! I try not to think about it and if it happens, we'll just deal with it. Tomorrow's Friday already, so just one more week to go for you guys!!

Abby said...

The decorated geese is super cute! I'm glad you have weather that is allowing you to get out and take walks frequently. I am sure it helps with your sanity these days you're stuck at home working with a toddler. I don't know how you do it!!

I'm so sorry about your flares :( this is so frustrating...especially since you kind of know you have to expect this the rest of your pregnancy.

I'm so glad you all tested negative for covid - as that is just 1 more thing you DID NOT need after the rough couple of weeks you've had!!

My week is going pretty well - and has flown by so fast it's insane. I feel like since the quarantine started...time has crawled by in slow motion. And over the past few weeks that has drastically changed. Which is a good thing...b/c I am on a serious countdown to late February ;)

Jeanie said...

I'm so sorry about the flares -- even though they are expected, I'm sure they are painful and not at all pleasant. That, with work, and Paul home seems like a lot to handle. But I'm grateful your tests were negative; that's a relief. This has been a beautiful fall and I'm glad you have been able to get out and enjoy it.

My week -- we closed the cottage and home now. Last night, though, I celebrated being debt free with my besties at my favorite Southern Exposure. That was the best! I felt almost normal.

San said...

I cannot imagine working with a toddler at home (while being pregnant), phew. You're superwoman.

I am glad you all tested negative though. That's a scare.

Marlys said...

One week down, one more to go! I hope no one else tested positive, or will they tell you that? It’s proven that children don’t transmit the virus as easily as adults, so hope no one else was infected.
For the last two weeks, we’ve seen two loons hanging around which is so rare as they leave in September, but this weekend there is only one loon. We wonder if the mate decided to leave alone or if one was not well so the mate hung around. We question if we should contact the DNR or just let nature take its course, but it’s sad.
I hope the next four days speed by and no one gets quarantined again!

Stephany said...

Ugh, man, you had a WEEK! That must have been scary to find out someone in Paul's daycare class got covid! But phew, glad everyone is negative.

I'm glad the weather has been beautiful for lots of walks - I'm sure that's saving your sanity right now.

Hope this week goes smoothly for everyone and Paul can go back to daycare next week!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Ah, bummer about Pablo's classmate, but at least you guys are negative. That is a silver lining! I am sure it is a lot harder having him home with you though. Hang in there!

Your fall colors are gorgeous! We have a few of them here in the Bay Area but they are not quite as vibrant or as abundant, but it always warms my heart when fall arrives and the air changes and the trees are so bright. Until I have to start raking leaves of course! Then it is a little less charming! But it's good exercise!

We have a new guy at work and my co-manager is on vacation this week, so my week is going to consist of a lot of training probably, which is not my favorite thing, but should make the days go by quickly! Fingers crossed!