Friday, March 16, 2018

Baby Paul's 2nd Week

I will eventually blog about something besides baby Paul, but right now that's about all I can focus on! Paul turned 2 weeks old yesterday. I feel like the 2nd week was better than the first week and I think each week will just get better as we'll get more and more confident about what we are doing. We also got more sleep during the 2nd week as we were able to stop waking him to feed so he got some 3-3.5 hour stretches of sleep at night which feel pretty amazing for mom! 

That milk drunk life

Likes: pooping right after we change his diaper, his pacifier (I know they say not to use them before they are 4 weeks when you are breastfeeding, but it helps soothe him so much and the pediatrician in the hospital told us to not worry about using it as he used them from the get go with his children, too), making funny faces at us, laying on his side and being bounced when he is upset.

He loves to pose with his little first by the side of his face. It's kind his 'thinker' pose, with a lip purse added in for some extra sass!
He also likes to houdini his legs out of sleepers so they can have them in a 'frog'pose with his ankles crossed. One time he ever got both feet in one leg of a sleeper. In hindsight we should have gotten some 'sack' type of sleepers. It would make diaper/outfit changes much easier!

Dislikes: still hates diaper changes and getting changed, being cold, and having to work to eat (he thinks mom's milk should flow like tap water it seems).

Firsts:  We started to do tummy time. He's usually not a fan.

He also had his first bath. He loved his first bath. He was not a fan of the 2nd one, though. We are only giving him a bath every 3-4 days as I don't want to dry out his skin. If he liked baths, I might do them more often but until he consistently likes them, we'll do as few as we need to do.

Lastly, he met his sister as she came home from Grandma's last Sunday. Phil thinks that Oscar has aged several years in the past week. She doesn't like loud noises we think the crying kind of stresses her out. She has mostly kept her distance from Paul but she does peek at him throughout the day. Sometimes during the night, she sits on the corner of our bed and watches him sleep in his swing.

Feeding: every 2-3 hours, but usually goes 3-3.5 hours between feeds at night. Breastfeeding continues to be challenging. He did well at his weighted feed last Wednesday but then when we had his weight checked on Tuesday, he had not gained an ounce, even though he cluster fed quite a bit over the weekend. So we saw the lactation consultant again on Wednesday and he did not eat much during that feed. She thinks he is not working very hard to eat when I am less 'full' so I have to pump after every feed, except during the middle of the night, and we give him a 1-1.5 oz bottle after every feed. I had no idea that breastfeeding a newborn could be so much work. I mean, I kind of new because I know other moms who strugged with BF'ing, but until it's you, you don't realize how much work it is and how anxious it can make you when your baby isn't gaining weight. 

That said, he's generating MORE than enough wet and dirty diapers and he's a content little guy so we know he's doing well. Both Phil and I were slow to gain weight after we were born and we were kind of underweight when we started kindergarten so I think that genetics is at play here. I just hope he has gained weight when we get it checked again tomorrow (and then again on Monday). So much for cutting down on doctor appointments after the baby is born. ;)  I'm hoping we get a break after his Monday weigh in - fingers crossed!

Sleeping: pretty well. He still HATES his bassinet. I tried laying him up against the wall of the bassinet (it's mesh so he can breathe through it if he turned toward it, which I doubt he would since he is a back sleeper) and that didn't make a difference. So he still sleeps in his swing. Sometimes he sleeps in it without it being turned on, other times he needs it moving and the white noise machine needs to be on. There's no schedule to his sleep during the day. Sometimes he will nap for a couple of hours. Sometimes he is more awake.

Snug as a bug in a rug in his swing 
Sleeping in momma's arms

Dad:  Phil goes back to work on Monday. Boooo! I'm so glad he's been home for 2 weeks with us. I can't imagine not having him around to help. My mom is coming for a couple of days next week so that will help with the transition to being on our own! Phil does most of the bottle feeding, all of the bottle/pump washing, and so many other things. He still pushes me to lay down for a nap or get out of the house for a break, which has been really nice.

Momma: my RA flare kind of came and went but I haven't had any pain for the last couple of days so hopefully the RA flares are a thing of the past now that I'm on great medications again (which cost $1,000/syringe!! Luckily I do not have to pay a penny for them since I met my out of pocket maximum, plus the drug company provides co-pay assistance since they make so much money on the drug.). 

My post partum emotions seem more in check but I'm definitely more prone to tears. Especially over the weight gain issues we've had. I felt really bad at his weight check at the doctor's office and cried as soon as the nurse left the room. It's tough to not feel all the mom guilt at times! But I'm reminding myself that I'm doing everything I can and that Paul seems healthy and happy. 

I start a new momma class on Monday which I'm excited about! It's a 6-week class led by an RN/Lactation Consultant. Each week there is a topic that gets discussed during the 2-hour class and then the instructor encourages all the moms to meet one other time. I think it will be really good for us to get out of the house at least 2 times a week! 


Charbelle said...

I LOVE the Paul updates! Keep them coming!!! I can never hear too much or see too many pictures!!! I'm thankful you have such a supportive network! I think the weight gain is absolutely genetics but you can know that in your head and still be emotional about it! He has so many precious expressions!!! I wish I had thought about the sleep sack! I typically have them once they are around 4 months or older so I'm not as familiar with the newborn stage. I love the pictures of Oscar checking him out! She will come around, especially once he starts dropping food ;) The white noise probably helps soothe her too! I'm glad that you are able to be back on the good RA meds! There's also that thing I heard about, the white raisins soaked in gin (it has to be gin made of juniper berries). Supposedly it works, you let it soak for a week and all the alcohol evaporates. I thought of you last night when I participated in run club for the 2nd time ever. It's so intimidating to go since I really don't know anyone but once the run gets started I'm fine. Last night I even stayed after my run for a beer and forced myself to talk to people instead of ducking out immediately after. I had a great run but OH THE HILLS! It works out though since I'm doing the Shamrock 4miler and you probably remember that one, it's downhill 2 miles and uphill 2 miles.

Gracie said...

Sounds like you guys are enjoying being parents! So good to be able to increase your sleep a little, and I am sure his weight will catch up. I'm no expert, but in my experience otherwise healthy babies may not fit into growth patterns, but their behavior is normal - feeding, crying when hungry, typical diapers. He just might not be on the same trajectory, and you're doing everything you can to make sure he's well-fed. Studies have shown that infants born to moms with GDM gain at a slower rate in the first couple of weeks, anyway. So I wouldn't be concerned. He looks pretty happy and healthy to me!

Marlys said...

I, too, love the Paul uupdates - he is so gosh darn cute and his various expressions just amaze me! I am so anxious to get there on Tuesday and snuggle with him! I wish I could stay longer, but will try to get there more often as time allows.
I know how frustrating it feels to see him not gaining, but I am sure that will soon change. Yes, you started out big, but then you were quite tiny & petite as a child. And the emotions are just so fragile at first but that, too, improves.
So, just keep posting Paul pictures & updates as that is what we love!

Jeanie said...

I love the updates, too, so don't even think about stopping them till you are good and ready! (And be sure to give Oscar a little extra love too -- they know.) As I recall, both Rick's boys dropped weight at first and then started gaining like crazy (and Kevin didn't stop till after he quit football). So, be patient. All will be well and he is adorable!

Unknown said...

I have a LOT of feelings and opinions about breastfeeding as Henrik had a tongue tie for 2 months and it impacted nursing and pumping and having enough milk. Before I get on my soap box, have you had any pain at all with breastfeeding?

And I’m so excited you’re doing the Amma New Mama class! We loved it. I’m seeing my group in 2 weeks. We should get together too! Maybe in April when it warms up.

San said...

All the cute photos!

It sounds like you're getting along well and I love hearing all the updates!
I really hope the RA flares are behind you now that the pregnancy is over!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

He is so cute, and soooo blonde! I love the updates, and it sounds like things are going really well :-) Doctors tend to stress new moms out about the baby's weight - not enough, too much ... I really think mom intuition is best when it comes to that. If he is happy, and you are going through a lot of diapers, then I bet he is doing just fine.

katielookingforward said...

I love the paul updates! So keep them coming! While its important to gain weight I think its good to point out that if you and your hubby were both slow gainers as kids it makes sense your kiddo would be as well!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I love the updates too! I'm glad your mom will be there to help with Phils transition back to work <3 Paul is adorable and so glad he is doing well!

Stephany said...

Oh, I'm really glad you're going to have your mom with you as Phil goes back to work. I can't imagine how that transition is going to be! Hopefully it goes as smoothly as it can. <3

Also, love hearing how Oscar is reacting to baby Paul! So sweet!

missris said...

Oh my goodness he is so cute. More Paul pictures!!!

Amber said...

You are doing SUCH a good job and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I know those early PP emotions are very hard though and the whole weight gain thing is sooo sensitive. I find people forget how much pressure they put on weight gain as I've had lots of people (with babies) tell me not to worry about it and they are fine and healthy and happy and blah blah and I'm like logically I know that, but emotionally I know that they *should* be hitting these weight targets or lines or whatever and that's stressful.

Anyways, you're an amazing mama and Paul is lucky to have you!! Things will just continue to get easier with BF and sleep, or at least it did for me! Then sleep got harder again, but I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sending ALL the hugs. I can't wait for our babes to meet one day <3