Friday, May 1, 2015

Music, Books, Miles and Looks of April

Happy Friday!  Happy first day of May!  I've got a day trip to Des Moines today for a client meeting so it will be a long day.  Here's hoping the 7+ hours I'll spend in the car with a sales rep go by fast...


Lay Me Down by Sam Smith - This song is sad but I think Sam Smith's voice is so beautiful.  


April was another strong month of reading for me as I read 6 books.  I didn't really love anything I read this month and instead finished every book thing, 'hmm, that was ok.'

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller - 3 stars
Euphoria by Lily King - 3 stars
Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green - 3 stars
Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay - 3 stars
Birds of a Lesser Paradise by Megan Mayhew Bergman - 2 stars
Scaling Down: Living Large in a Smaller Space by Judi Culbertson - 3 stars


My mileage was high in April as I ended up running 100 miles!  I increased my long runs last month in preparation for the half marathon that I ran last weekend so I am not too surprised that my mileage was as high as it was.  In the months of May and June I will probably back off on the miles as I don't want to get burned out before I go into marathon training in July...  Although I won't be surprised if I ended up running higher mileage again because it's easy to get swept away in what others in my running club are doing.  My next race is my triathlon in August so I will start to train for that now.  I'm taking a tri swim class that starts in May which I am excited about!


April was a weird weather month.  We had some nice weeks, but we also had some extremely windy weeks and some extremely cold weeks.  I actually wore less springy clothes in April than I did in March.  I could only come up with one outfit worth sharing for the month of April.  As usual, I'm dressed in Banana from head to toe.

I feel kind of meh about my wardrobe right now but am hoping to find some new outfits at a Cabi party I'll be attending at a co-worker's house next week.  Cabi is a company with "looks" that have pieces that are interchangeable.  Each season they release a new collection and the new pieces coordinate with looks from previous seasons.  It sounds like a great way to build multiple outfits off of a few interchangeable pieces.  A couple of my co-workers wear a lot of Cabi outfits and they always look so pulled together so I am hoping to find a few new things for my closet.  I got rid of about 3 garbage bags of clothes last month so I figure I have earned a few new outfits!


  1. I'm so excited you are doing a tri swimming class, you'll have to share any tips you learn!

    Here's to hoping May is more spring like for both of our cities!

  2. Where will you be in Des Moines?! Wish we could meet up!!

  3. Ha! Your book list is like mine; I had 6 of 7 books which I gave three stars. None were very exciting, although none of them were bad.

    Have fun in Des Moines. 7 hours in a car with a rep sounds like it could be a challenge! I am sure you will be fine though as you are always very good at keeping a conversation going and keeping things friendly and fun!

  4. Your running in April was great in spite of the cold and wind we had! You have lots on your plate with the Triathlon & Marathon so it will be a busy summer! Abby practice some of her swimming at the lake so maybe you can do that, too?
    That Cabi party sounds like fun and I hope you find some neat clothes.

  5. I have never heard of Cabi before but that sounds like a really cool concept. I wonder if it's available in Canada. You will have to let me know how the party goes!

    You rocked the miles in April! So awesome seeing you come back from your time off as such a strong runner.

  6. I haven't heard of Cabi before! i'm pretty meh about my wardrobe right now, too. Happens when the seasons change but I can't quite pull out summer clothes & put away winter clothes.

    A seven hour road trip with a coworker sounds just... awkward! Hope it goes ok.

  7. Woo hoo!! Holla for a 100 mile month. Man I love those. So much fun. It takes just as much consistency as it does long runs.

  8. Hope the road trip wasn't too painful! And love the cut of that sweater. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I'm meh too but it will pass. Cabi party sounds fun! And three cheers for your miles! That's terrific!

    Hope Iowa was a good trip!

  10. Ooh I want to hear more about the tri swimming class!! I'm also feeling meh about my wardrobe right now. Typically I'm excited for a new season but I am feeling uninspired..

  11. I have never heard of Cabi, but now I want to look into it. I can't wait to hear how the party goes! I've been feeling meh about my wardrobe lately, too. Maybe it's the change in seasons, like Nora mentioned!

    Also, 7+ hours in a car with a sales rep sounds like my personal version of hell. Haha. I hope it went well!

  12. Sam Smith is so awesome! We listen to his disc all the time; the whole thing is great!

  13. I'm so sad that you didn't like Blue Like Jazz very much. It's one of my favorite books, but I also think it's probably one of those books that works for a very particular kind of reader, given how it's written and what it's about. Would love to hear your thoughts about it next time we get together!

  14. 100 miles is awesome! I have not had many good outfits lately, a combination of feeling uninspired with my wardrobe and most of my clothes don't fit me great right now.

  15. Wait, the road trip was last Friday and I'm just reading your blog this Wednesday? [face palm] Hope you survived. Looking forward to hearing about the Cabi party... !!!!