Friday, May 8, 2015


Happy Friday, everyone!  Yesterday was kind of my Friday as I ended up taking today off to pack.  The movers come a week from today and I have barely packed a thing so hopefully today will be very productive.  I've got something going on pretty much every night between now and my move...  and then I leave for a business trip... so I feel a little overwhelmed.  Here's hoping June is a little more quiet.

The high of my week was my weeknight "date night" with Phil.  I call it date night but we usually stay in as that's what we prefer, especially on a week night.  We went for a run together and grilled.  We are loving spending all of this time together outdoors!

Grilled chicken, peppers, and zucchini (and potatoes roasted in the oven) = happy belly!

The low of my week was hearing some sad news about a friend's sister-in-law passing away after a brief battle with cancer and finding out that a friend's mom's cancer is back.  Gosh I hate cancer so so much.  :( 

A book I am reading is Man's Search by Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl for my postal book club book. For those not familiar with a postal book club, each person sends a book and a notebook and the books gets mailed to a different person every 2 months.  Each person puts their thoughts in the notebook and then at the end, the book is returned to the person who initially sent it.  It's a really cool concept!  I'm excited to see what everyone thought of the book I picked out (

A podcast episode I loved was the Dear Sugar podcast about friendships ending.  There were a couple of interesting reflections in the podcast.  One reflection that struck me was that we completely expect that most of our romantic relationships are going to come to an end (until you find "the one") but we expect every friendship to last forever...  which is usually an unrealistic expectation since people grow and change and not every relationship can withstand that growth and change.

For my workouts, I completed a lower body shred workout on Monday, a run with Phil on Tuesday, a treadmill run on Wednesday, and I'm counting packing and moving boxes today as a workout.  Tomorrow I am planning to run 13 hilly miles with my club and if it's not raining on Sunday I want to go for a long bike ride. 

The best money I spent was on some clothes at the Cabi party I attended as well as through a personal stylist I've been working with at Keaton Row, which is a styling service I just heard about and tried (more on that in a separate post). I have gotten rid of so much clothes over the last several months, it's time to rebuild my wardrobe with pieces I am excited about!

My plans this weekend include packing, packing and more packing.  Besides that, we have a get together with some of Phil's college friends tonight and tomorrow I will attend a charity bowling event that a college friend and her husband plan each year for the non-profit they established in memory of their daughter that was born prematurely and passed away.  I'll pack more on Sunday and start to move some things down to my new place (the property manager let me have my keys early which was so nice of her).  I'm bummed that I won't get to see my mom on Mother's Day but with my upcoming move I just couldn't swing a trip to the lake.  :(

What was the high of your week?  What are you currently reading?  And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, moms-to-be, and moms-at-heart out there - especially to my amazing mom, Marlys!  


  1. Good luck with all of the packing this weekend! Great that you were able to get the keys early to your new place, though.

    Grilled dinners are my favorite dinners these days. It's supposed to rain pretty much all weekend so not sure we'll get the chance to grill but it will give us a bit of an excuse to go at a slower pace which we both need!

  2. So sorry for your loss. I hate cancer to. I have lossed loved ones threw cancer. Right now my mother in law is on her second time treattment for chemo for breast cancer. I guess they didn't get it all the first time. So now she has to go back and take chemo again. Were just praying they get it out this time.
    Grilles dinners are always the best I think we will be grilling this weekend. Its suppose to be a nice weekend. So it will be good to get out.
    Hope you have a blessed weekend.

  3. Man's Search for Meaning is SUCH A POWERFUL BOOK. Man.

    Thanks for pointing me to the podcast! I was caught up on Sugar and am excited to hear new things. That podcast hits me in the feels.

  4. It really is interesting that we expect friendships to last a lifetime but expect relationships to end. I think I would probably enjoy that podcats - relationships in general fascinate me. We just pulled our grill out of the garage and used it for the first time last night! I think meat must smell better coming off the grill because the cats were going NUTS. They've never been around grilled meat before so it was kind of funny to watch them.

    Good luck with all the packing this weekend. I'm sure you can't wait to put it past you!

  5. So sorry for your loss. Cancer is the worst. :(

    Thanks for introducing me to the Dear Sugar podcast! I hadn't heard of it ~ I don't usually keep on top of those things.

  6. Good luck with the packing--hopefully it goes smoothly and easily. I feel like I've moved so many times in my existence that the wrapping and boxing is the easy part. After being in a whole house for over four years now though...I'm definitely dreading the eventual move from here with all the crap I've accumulated!

    That book club concept sounds pretty neat! And can't wait to read about the stylist :)

  7. Man's Search for Meaning was the book I sent out! I can't wait to hear what you think of it. :)

  8. Happy packing, if there is such a thing! But at least it will be over soon, and I suppose that's something to hold onto.

    I know what you mean -- I hate cancer so much, too.

    I've read Victor Frankl before (can't remember title) and very compelling. I'll be curious to hear about this one. I'm reading a fluffy Paris book ("A Town Called Paris") and hoping for a weekend with a mix of indoor, out, basement purging and fun! Enjoy yours!

  9. Love that podcast you linked to, thanks so much for sharing! Hope you have a good weekend, good luck packing!

  10. I love those mid-week date nights. They are my survival for the week! Love grilled meals! Mmm!

    That podcast sounds really interesting. In our ever-changing lives, it's such a weird and difficulty thing to move on. I've had a hard time with friendships in my 20's because of the moving around I've done. It's made me become kind of a distanced person!

    sounds like you have a descent weekend planned! Minus the packing. Yuck. Thinking of it makes me dread our next move....

    highlight of my week was a work happy hour I attended last night. One of my friends is moving to Germany (her husband is AF). So I got to see all the people I used to work with at my old hospital. It kind of made me a little sad - I miss the nurses & Dr's at my old hospital - we were like family...

  11. Cancer sucks.

    I also really enjoyed that podcast on friendship. Having moved as much as I have over the years AND having passed through as many phases as I have in Chicago as I have, I have definitely phased in and out of friendships. Not because I needed to get out, but because the friendships naturally came to an end or because other friendships emerged. I think most people don't open themselves up to the ebbs and flows of friendships like that, so they force themselves to stick through friendships even when they just don't make sense anymore. Maybe it's because I moved around enough that I find comfort moving in and out; I dunno. That's not to say I think all friendships are disposable - I definitely have held on tight to certain friendships, too.

  12. your dinner looks fabulous! My workouts were lacking this week because of a headache Monday and a long workday on Tuesday. I did get to shake and tone Wednesday night and a run in with Jack last night. Then tomorrow morning I have bootcamp. I get them in when I can. I hate moving! I'm so sorry you are having to go through that! I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!

  13. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. Cancer is such a beast. Ugh.

    Good luck with all the packing this weekend! One of my least favorite parts of moving.

    The high of my week was a fun girl's night out on Tuesday to celebrate a friend's birthday.

    I just started Pandemonium, which is book 2 in the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. It's really good so far!

  14. You know, having a BBQ together on a weeknight sounds like the perfect (!) date night to me... I can't wait until we have a little patio/backyard where we can BBQ. I miss it!

    And yes, cancer sucks! :( It's heart-breaking how many people are affected by it.

  15. P.S. Hope the move goes smoothly!!

  16. That book club sounds awesome! I hope that packing went well for you and the move goes smooth.

    The high of my week was trading in my Civic for a new car that is just as reliable and economical as the Civic, but more comfortable for Bill!

  17. The high was taking Thursday of to take Isla to her last day of school. I'm struggling on the reading front. I'm trying to read Lavina. It's not bad but my attention span sucks right now. Hope you get everything packed and moved quickly and painlessly!

  18. Happy packing. Packing and moving is no fun but I hope it is over quickly for you! So sad about all the cancer. I HATE cancer too. YAY for date nights in with the BBQ, that is our fav too!!

  19. So sorry to hear about your friend's sister-in-law :-( And another friend's mom - that's so sad.

    It's nice that you and Phil can spend so much time outside together; we've been doing the same thing. We might as well enjoy the gorgeous weather!

  20. I am currently reading Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel. It's my book club book and my meeting is tomorrow afternoon so I really need to power read the last 50 pages or so! It's a very weird book...

    It sucks you've had to put in so much time packing lately and you're also so busy around this annoying move! I hope June is a much slower month for both of us!!

  21. I am glad that it is finally warming up over there for you so that you can spend more time outdoors! I also love that your date night includes running. What a great way to spend time together! I hope that your move went well and that it was not too painful. I am in the same boat (minus a lot of the stuff since I don't really have much) and it is hard being in between places, where you have to remember where your toothbrush or that book you are looking for is. I actually don't mind the unpacking part, funnily enough. It is a fresh start and an opportunity to put things where they belong. It feels good.

  22. I am about to start the daughter. Will do it either tonight or tomorrow night. This school year has been rough for reading books. So much crazy. I really need to get back on the workout train again. I think I may have to do a mileaday challenge again for june to get myself kick started for summer. I need a workout buddy!

  23. also, im crazy since i apparently already read this and responded but i feel like this was new info. heeeeelp.