Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Currently: March

Hey there! A post that isn't (solely) about the baby! He gets plenty of mentions, though! Here's what's currently going on in my world!

Reading: From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon. I got this for free through Kindle Prime. I've heard really good things and it is highly rated so hopefully I will like it. It's a WWII novel, which is a genre that I am a sucker for. I'm happy to say that I am still finding time to read, especially with all the pumping that I am doing! I managed to read 3 books in March which is pretty impressive since I've been sleep deprived and caring for a newborn!

Loving:  so many things. Our newborn photos (you can see our photographer's post here), how much my love for Phil has grown since welcoming Paul into the world, the funny facial expressions that Paul makes, and so much more! Here are some photos of his funny expressions.

Paul is plotting how to achieve world domination in this photo.
"Seriously, mom?"

"Hmm, should I poop now or after mom has changed my diaper?" (The answer always seems to be after I change his diaper.)

Feeling: better about how Paul is getting fed since my post last week. I still have moments where I cry or feel frustrated, but overall I know that pumping and bottle feeding is the right approach for now. We had a weight check last Friday and he is finally above birth weight! So clearly giving him bottles is working better than trying to get him to breastfeed. 

Wondering: if I am going to avoid the post partum RA flare that my rheum said I might get in the first 12 weeks of Paul's life. I'm hoping that maybe I 'paid my dues' by having flares about for most of my pregnancy! I started my new injections the day after we got home from the hospital and have gone over a week without a flare so I'm really hoping flares are a thing of the past for me now that I'm back on good, strong drugs!

Anticipating: Paul's baptism on April 15th. My mom is going to come help with the food prep on Saturday (we are hosting brunch following the baptsim) and I know she'll give Paul lots and lots of snuggles. She's sooo good with babies and just loves being around Paul so much. We wish she lived closer! I'm also excited for my dad to see Paul again as he hasn't seen him since the day he was born and he's changed so much!

Watching: very little tv. People told me I'd binge watch tv on maternity leave but so far that hasn't been the case. I did watch more tv when Phil was home on paternity leave for 2 weeks, though. We watched a documentary on Netflix about the police department in Flint, MI which was interesting and super depressing! We also started to watch the 3rd season of Love on Netflix but we haven't finished it yet. It's pretty good but not as good as the first 2 seasons. We also watched a lot of NCAA basketball games. I'm in the running to win the pool at Phil's office. I need Kansas to beat Gonzaga! 

Grateful:  for all the food that friends and family have brought to us! I haven't really cooked since Paul was born, besides making some granola and things like that. It's so nice to have a freezer full of food as making meals seems like it'd be so overwhelming right now!

Working: on getting stuff out of our freezer. Besides lots of meals from family and friends, we also have a lot of stuff in our freezer that I'm trying to get out of there - especially meat from our meat share. I barely cooked during the last 2 months of the pregnancy due to pain from the blood clot and RA flares, so things started to sort of accumulate. I'm looking forward to using up some of the sausage and bacon in the egg bakes for the baptism. We need to make room in our freezer for frozen milk as eventually I am hoping I'll be producing enough to freeze some!

Listening: to Brandi Carlile's new Album. I love her so much. She is hands down my favorite artist!!

Wishing: that spring would arrive. I'm so sick of snow, ice and freezing temps! I hope April is a warmer, sunnier month!

What are you loving, anticipating and grateful for?


  1. So happy to hear that you're feeling a little better after last week's post (as always, I am catching up late).

    I can imagine that you wish your Mom lived closer (how far is it actually?). It's nice to have extra (experienced!) helping hands around. <3

  2. Paul makes the cutest expressions!

  3. I love his expressions!!! I'm praying flares are a thing of the past now that you are on the stronger meds! When I have the opportunity to sign up for meals I always do this! Sometimes I provide a frozen lasagna with sides and dessert, sometimes I actually cook. I always pay attention to the restrictions. I remember my mom doing this growing up and she still does. Sometimes this is the best way to show love to someone when you want to do something but you don't want to be in the way either. I'm thankful you have friends and family close by who have provided food!!! I love the Kindle app on my iphone! I'll read waiting in line, waiting on a friend, it has been a game changer! The professional photos are so fantastic!!! I'm excited about his baptism, that will be such an incredibly sweet and special day!!!

  4. I am really looking forward to Paul's Baptism and getting to hold him again! Your Dad is looking forward to it, too! He is the cutest little baby, but I, too, am biased!
    WE have barely watched TV lately, as we gave up watching in the evenings after the news for Lent, and have been so busy getting ready to move this week! I am recording Call the Midwife so am anxious to watch a few here & there!
    I, too, am so tired of winter, and yesterday was in the 50's, but not so today and it sounds like we will have a high of 18 on Saturday! Ugh! Our snow is gradually melting and really disappeared yesterday but still lots around. I doubt anyone will have any flowers up by Easter!
    Give Paul a sweet Grandma hug and a kiss!

  5. It sounds like things are looking up, Lisa, and I'm glad. He's so darned cute -- don't you love their expressions! Have a wonderful first Easter!

  6. I'm a bad TV watcher, especially once I gave up cable and now it takes me FOREVER to get through a season of a show. What can I say? TV just isn't my priority and that's okay!

    I'm glad Paul is finally above his birth weight - I know how much that has been worrying you. Hooray! I'm glad the combo of breastfeeding and bottle feeding is working right now.

    I am currently loving LaCroix, anticipating a busy week next week that will include seeing Pod Save America live (cannot wait!), and grateful for a full life. :)

  7. here's hoping you skip that flare! I'm not surprised you read a good book instead of watching tv!

  8. That is so nice of your friends/family to have stocked you up with meals. Paul is SO cute!!! He has the best facial expressions!

    I am currently loving that I am officially on holidays - spring break!
    I am anticipating a late spring. It is still freezing cold here (-21 currently).
    I am grateful that we're escaping the cold for a week and heading back to our favourite resort. This has been a brutal winter!

  9. I’m so glad your RA has been a bit better with the injections post baby. And I’m very impressed you’ve gotten through 3 books in a month. I do remember reading a lot both on social media and small paperbacks that easily fit in one hand in those early weeks. So many hours spent nursing. Great to hear you’ve had so many people bring you food. That really is helpful.

  10. I'm very behind on blogs these days and trying to get caught up today! But sadly April has not been a warmer month for either of us. Big sobbing emoticon face!! We better get a darn good summer after this awful winter.