Monday, October 26, 2020

A Cold Fall Weekend

 Oof, Mother Nature is not giving up on this winter weather crap. We had another cold, snowy weekend although this time the snow did not accumulate to much. I think we set the record for the snowiest October ever, though. I guess if it's going to snow, we might as well set a record. We still have snow cover on our lawn but it should be gone by the weekend as the temps will warm to the 40-50s, right in time for Halloween!

On Friday, Pablo's Halloween costume arrived! It took some convincing to get him into it, but once he tried it on, he was in love. As you'll see from our weekend photos, he wore this costume A LOT so we are going to get our money's worth!

Saturday was a low key day for us. I had a number of painful flares - they just won't let up! So I did a whole lot of icing. I did treat myself to lattes on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning, I enjoyed my latte with a warm kitty on my lap. She doesn't sit on me very often so when she does, I really soak it up. We also had our weekly facetime chat with my parents which I always look forward to!

Pablo spent a lot of time in his cozy dino costume. He ended up gathering all of his dino books so we read them together on the couch. He also played with this barn set from my parents so much. 

I also got some cuddles from my little dinosaur.

On Sunday, the flare in my knee was finally feeling better so we braved the temps (felt like 19F with the windchill) and the lightly falling snow and walked to the park. We had the whole place to ourselves thanks to the weather! Paul was in heaven. I will say that this trip to the park ended on a very sour note as he threw an epic tantrum when we left. I set a timer when we are at the park and he knows that when the timer goes off, it's time to go home. But yesterday he was not cooperative. So he screamed and cried for the whole 20 minute walk home - and refused to wear his mittens. :( Keeping warm clothes on littles is the worst part about winter, in my opinion. 

The rest of the day was spent inside since it was just not pleasant outside! On Sunday night, I pulled out the photo book from Paul's first year of life. We've decided not to hire a newborn photographer as we want to limit the number of people coming into our house after the baby is born. A good friend's husband is great at taking photos, though, so he will capture some detail shots for us. So I took pictures of all the newborn spreads to give him an idea of the kind of photos we want. It's hard to believe that Paul was ever this small and that we'll have another babe to cuddle in our arms in just over 5 weeks!

At the end of the night, I captured this sweet photo of Paul reading a book to himself. He was counting the cars on the page and saying what color the cars are - those are questions I ask him when we read this book. I'm so glad he loves books as much as we do!!

 How was your weekend? Is it unseasonably cold and snowy where you live? 


  1. Winter sure came early, much too early, as far as I’m concerned! We still have outside work to get done, but it should be better this weekend. I’m happy to hear your snow has mostly disappeared as ours has not!
    It bothers me greatly that you are experiencing all these flares! It has to be so unpleasant to say the least! Maybe your stress level will subside now that Paul is back in school? We’ll pray for that!
    I’m sure the photos of the new baby will be just awesome! The subject matter is the most important.

  2. In Colorado, it's currently 13 degrees with a little under a foot of snow on the ground. Lots of forts, baking, and time inside because I can't bring myself to keep my fifteen-month-old in warm enough clothes long enough to take a walk.

  3. It definitely did get colder here all of a sudden, but not MN cold! But we were having temps in the 90s and fire warnings and then all of a sudden it's in the 40s. It really took a U-turn! However, we are supposed to have pretty nice weather for next week (50s - 70s) so I think it was just a quick cold front (?)

    I hope that this weekend is nice for you guys, as it will be good get outside for walks etc. as much as possible before baby taco arrives. I am sure walks in 19 degree weather won't be on the schedule with a newborn!

  4. Awwww that pic of him reading is just so sweet!! Ethan had a little dino costume just like that when he was about Paul's age. Probably that exact same costume, just a prior version. :) So cute! I liked those toddler costumes that were warm and cozy.

    Sorry about the tantrum. Ha. Oh do I remember those days. Can't say that I miss them. ;)

    And those newborn photos are adorable. We actually didn't do professional newborn pics. Not sure why, we just didn't really think about it I guess! I took a million photos of my own, so I'm not lacking in photos, but the more professional style ones definitely always turn out so cute.

  5. I love love love that picture of Paul - so sweet! Okay, I love all the pictures of Paul. Especially when he was cuddling with you! I am sure those snuggles felt wonderful after the neverending string of flares.

    Man, you guys are having a cold fall!!!!

    Our weekend was busy. Ryan had his powerlifting meet, which I was able to attend since I was his "coach" - and that is FULL day. Then Sunday he flew out very early - and I spent my day going for a run, taking Miles to the farmers market, and just catching up on some homework! I'm gonna soak up these 2 weeks Ryan is away, because I realize this may be the last time I have the house completely to myself for probably 18 years LOL

  6. I adore everything about this post, Lisa. That costume -- and your little Pablo in the costume -- is so darned cute. And it looks cozy and warm, too. Will he wear it to day care? Are you guys going out? I'm guessing not! And your baby book photos are fantastic. I'm sure your friend will do a great job.

    Just a quiet weekend for me. I honestly couldn't say what I did, it was that uneventful. But that's definitely OK!

  7. It's truly outstanding how different our weather is right now! It's still HOT, HOT, HOT here with temps still in the triple digits. It's making me grumpy, too, lol. I just want, like, 80 degrees. 80 degrees would feel AMAZING.

    I love Paul's dino costume! How cute is he???

    Sorry that the flares are still coming for you. Only one (ish) more month, at least? (I realize this is very unhelpful, lol, because a month can be so long when you're pregnant and flaring!)

  8. Ah! Look at baby Paul! They grow so fast. He was such an expressive little guy. And I am so excited for another little guy so soon! Plus you must be tired of being pregnant. I feel like 5 weeks is just a smidge over a month so the end is in sight. You've been through a lot!

  9. That dinosaur costume is so cute, and I love Pablo's little reading chair!

    We have 90 km winds right now (hopefully they die down for the trick-or-treaters, if we get any), but it has been and is going to be unusually warm here. We broke records for days above 0 in October, and November next week is predicted to be warm!

  10. That dino costume is the cutest. I'd wear that :)