Friday, July 1, 2022

Holiday Weekend TGIF!

Happy Friday and happy Canada Day to any Canadian readers! We have a 3-day weekend head of us with the 4th of July falling on Monday. The weather is looking awesome so I'm looking forward to the weekend ahead. Here is how our week shaped up!

The book I'm reading is The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocumb, which I am really enjoying. It's about a Black violinist whose priceless Stradivarius violin is stolen. So it's part mystery but more so a coming of age story of a Black man in the predominantly white world of classical music.

The high of my week was going to book club on Wednesday night. We discussed How the Word is Passed which was an amazing book and made for a great discussion. The member who hosted it has a pool, which is a rare thing in Minnesota! It was a gorgeous, warm night so most of us got in the pool after dinner. 

The low of my week was working on getting Will to sleep past 6. The first day he woke at 4:45 and cried on and off until 6 when we got him up for the day. It's gotten better since then but he is still waking around 5:30-5:45. Hopefully he learns to sleep longer soon!

A recipe I made was seared ahi tuna with Asian rice. I was hoping to have asparagus with this but it went bad! We skip the sesame seeds and green onions on the tuna and green onions in the rice since it's not worth the effort for fancier presentation. The boys obviously did NOT eat this. We get the tuna from the freezer section at Aldi and it is so good! 

A show I am watching is still Ted Lasso! We only watch one episode/night so we are slowly working our way through this show. That is the only show I am watching these days. This is low tv season for us since we are outside as much as possible!

For workouts I only managed a short run on Thursday morning as I had to take Paul to the dentist Monday morning and was in the office Tues-Wed. Thanks for the perspective others shared on my post on Wednesday. I know I am far too hard on myself! I did a beach body workout this morning and will hopefully run Saturday morning but we'll see how things shape up. 

The best money spent was on enrolling Will in a tot/parent gymnastics class at the same time as Paul's Saturday morning gymnastics class! I was trying to figure out what we were going to do with Will during Paul's class as having him with me while we watched Paul did NOT work out last weekend but I also didn't want Phil to have to take him grocery shopping... but then I realized a tot/parent toddler class opened up at the same time! It's only $40/month and will be good for his gross motor development. I mean I wouldn't have sought out a gymnastics class for Will, but having him in a class that is pretty cheap is better than Phil taking him grocery shopping or me trying to corral him during Paul's class.

My plans this weekend include taking the boys to get their first vaccine dose this afternoon!! They will get Moderna and we are very excited about this. I know vaccines are a controversial topic but we trust the science. I asked our pediatrician if we should hold off since they recently had covid and she said to get it as soon as we can since the virus is always mutating and future variants could be worse. Besides that, we plan to go to the zoo as a family on Saturday morning. On Sunday Will has swimming lessons and then we will probably go with Phil for his swim at a local lake if the weather cooperates. That is it for plans, though. We'll be outside lots since the weather looks great! We are missing out on a big family gathering at my parents at the lake but the beginning of the month is Phil's busiest time of the month so we can never take time off around the 4th. But it's kind of nice to stay in Minneapolis as it's quieter since many go to lake cabins. 

Bonus photo:

Oscar usually has little to no interest in me but snuggled on me when I was reading after work one day when Phil and boys weren't home yet.

How are you spending the holiday weekend? What are you reading these days?


  1. Yay for getting the boys a vaccine! That's so exciting!

    When a cat has chosen you, it is such an honor!

  2. sounds like a good week. I've never joined a book club, wonder how the experience differs from reading alone.

  3. I don't think I commented on your previous post that I love how you have a female cat named Oscar! My sister had a female cat named Miles- same situation.
    Brilliant solution to enroll Will in the tot gymnastics class (why does that sound so cute?) Hopefully your Saturday mornings will go smoothly for a while.
    Good luck with the vaccines and have a great weekend! I hope you get your run in :)

  4. Gold stars for knowing it was Canada Day today! We were actually in the US yesterday and John mentioned to someone about July 4th coming up and how tomorrow was going to be Canada Day and how it's the Canadian equivalent to July 4th and she was like: What?
    July 1st is decidedly in the US low-key compared with July 4th celebrations, but it always gives me a thrill when someone from outside of Canada knows it's a "thing!"

  5. Ugh, that picture of you and Oscar is so cute! It's an honor when a cat who is so selective with her love decides you're okay to hang with!

    Hooray for making vaccine appointments for the boys! That is such an exciting development!

    I keep seeing The Violin Conspiracy everywhere!

    I don't have any plans for the holiday weekend! I don't love going to see the fireworks because crowds + traffic aren't my fave. And my mom tested positive for Covid on Friday (wah!) so I'm going to try to hang out with her at home (since I just had Covid, I'm one of the few people who can be around her!) that day. She's going to get stir crazy by day 4! (Symptoms are very mild for her, thankfully!)

  6. I'm glad you're loving Ted Lasso! We are watching Schitt's Creek and we only watch a couple of episodes once a week, so are only on season 3. I love it though!

  7. So exciting about the vaccine! I'm so happy it got approved for younger kids-I'm hoping my nephew will be able to get it soon. I also read the Violin Conspiracy and absolutely loved it- probably my favorite read of the year so far.

  8. That is awesome that the boys are getting the vaccine finally! I am sure you are very excited about that. I am not going to get all political, but since they are in daycare/school, they probably are the most exposed of any of us, so this is great news.

    I am sure a quiet holiday weekend at home sounds good to me! I went to Italy in August and it was so quiet with less things open, was so easy to get around and there were not hoards of people everywhere! It was great.

    I spent the holiday weekend in WY hiking with my brother and my hiking buddy (Dr. G). We went for a 5 day hike in the Tetons and it was really beautiful. We were planning on going to Yellowstone after (I have not been) but we had a situation that we had to leave early to get home for so I still have that one on my list!

    I am currently reading two Lisa books! Ebook: A Year in Provence, Audiobook: Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance. Both are good so far! I am headed to the North Cascades in a couple of days and will be in the car or on the trail a lot so plan on reading a lot in the next week!