Monday, June 5, 2023

Weekend Highlights + Chicago Bound

Well summer has arrived here in Minnesota! We’ve had lots of 90 degree days which is not typical for us in late May/early June! Here are some weekend highlights!

- I am aunt again!! My sister had her daughter - Amelia Grace - on Friday morning! Mom and baby are both doing great! My sister and her family are planning a visit to the lake in August so I will get to snuggle her in a couple of months! This is my 9th niece/nephew! 

- Paul has been focused on learning to ride his bike after having no interest last summer. His best friend learned to ride without training wheels so now he’s motivated to figure that out, too! Up until now, he’s been all about his scooter. We went for a longer walk/bike ride on Friday and he did pretty well!

- We went to a local park/wading pool to beat the heat on Saturday and ran into our best friends! I had a rookie mom moment and forgot to bring a towel - but Paul’s bestie was happy to share. Paul enjoyed the water but Will refused to get in! He was more into playing in the sand in the park. The boys enjoyed popsicles when we got home!


- The boys and I went for a walk/scoot on Sunday so Phil could mow. We stopped at the goose house for some play time. I avoid this house unless I want to spend 30-45 minutes here as the toys are irresistible for Will. 

- I met up with 2 college friends for lunch on Sunday! 

- We met up with the same friends we saw on Saturday at a different wading pool/splash pad. It was a zero entry pool so Will was more interested! 

Now I’m Chicago bound! I fly out this morning and come back Wednesday night. It’s my only June trip. Chicago is always an easy trip for me since it’s a short flight and I know the city so well. I’m hoping to do a lakefront run tomorrow morning before work! 

How was your weekend? Is it hot where you are?


  1. The pool and splash pad look like a lot of fun! I haven't been to a pool in ages, but I did jump in the river a few weeks ago after a hot run. The rivers are moving really fast this year (still!) and are very cold due to snow run off so probably not great for kids yet! What is a "no entry pool"? Does it just have one shallow level?

    My weekend was great! Thursday was my Dad's birthday so my brother and I met up with my parents for a camping trip. We went hiking and sat around playing Spades all weekend. It was probably in the mid 90s and we wanted to go swimming but the river was moving too fast so I had to take a cold shower instead! Definitely not as fun.

  2. Yay for summer and pools and popsicles. Congrats on your gorgeous new niece!

  3. How exciting!!! Congratulations to you, your sister and her family! (My daughter's middle name is Grace too!) I"ll bet you can't wait to meet her.
    Pools and splash pads are the perfect activity for 90 degree days. Lucky that on the day you forgot towels, Will didn't want to swim anyway.
    Enjoy your trip, and I hope you get that lakefront run!

  4. Wow, what a great weekend! Congrats on the arrival of that beautiful baby!!! How wonderful.
    I love that Paul is learning to ride his bike. And the pool/ splash pads - so much fun. I loved those days with the kids when we did stuff like that. What a great way to spend a sunny day!
    Safe travels!

  5. What a lovely weekend - especially after such a long, cold winter.

    My daughter had no real interest in losing her training wheels and I think it took a few days for her to get the hang of it. Same with my son and then his best friend learned to ride without training wheels and it literally took him seconds to decide he wanted to try - and to be successful!

    Congrats to your sister and the rest of your family. It's always a miracle when a baby is born healthy. And snuggles in August sound divine. While I struggled a lot with the baby phase when having kiddos, there is nothing - NOTHING - like infant snuggles! Gah. The smell and the squish and the little features. Sigh. I really, really wish my friends were still having kids so I could sneak in some snuggles with none of the parenting work!

  6. The thumbnail for this post was of your sister and I kept staring at it trying to figure out how it could be you. There was a resemblance, but it wasn't quite right. Yay for a new baby in the family! Congratulations to all!

  7. We are not moving very quickly with G's bike riding, either!! Ahh well. She will get it eventually! C was riding by age 4, A was 6, and G seems to be taking more after her big sister :)

    Beautiful new niece! Congratulations!

  8. congrats to your sister!!! she looks so fresh/awake, must be a quick labor?!
    so nice to see college friends, right? I saw two during my DC trip, grad school friends. it's so nice to catch up and reminded me a period that seems decade ago.

  9. Ahhhh! Congrats to your sister! A new baby - yay! Amelia Grace is such a beautiful name.

    I'm glad the weather is warming up. Pool days with the kids sounds amazing!! A great way to get them out of the house, keep them cool, and wear them out!

    The weather in FL honestly hasn't been terrible, which is shocking. We're actually having "record low temps" which just means the lows have been in the 80s and not the 90s, lol. There have even been a few cool, breezy mornings!

  10. It was hot on Friday but cooled off some. Your weekend looks great -- love the pools and the geese. Three cheers for your sister! That's terrific!

  11. Paul looks so grown up on his bike! That’s so exciting. I wonder if that will make Will more interested in his stride bike too!?

    Sounds like a really great summer weekend! I can’t wait for you to meet Amelia later this summer!

  12. Your niece is so beautiful 😍😍😍

    Splash pads and playgrounds are so wonderful when it’s warm!!!


  13. CONGRATULATIONS to your sister!!!! How adorable. Hope she is recovering well!

  14. The arrival of a new baby is always something to be celebrated. Congratulations to your sister and her family. I imagine you can't wait to meet your new niece! (I also noted the close resemblance between the two of you - wow! You can tell you're related, for sure!)

    And what a fun weekend - SO much time outdoors, and bonus friend time, too! Yay.

    I hate to be a pest, but just wanted to mention that you should check to be sure Paul's chinstrap/helmet adjusters are tight enough. I know you know what you're doing - but sometimes the dang things can loosen up.