Monday, March 18, 2024

Weekend recap

Fake spring is moving on and we are back to more seasonal temperatures, which still aren’t bad (in the 30s). But us seasoned midwesterners knew better than to count on that weather sticking around for good.

First up: a dentist update. We made it through the cavity drilling process but it wasn’t pleasant. Paul wouldn’t take the laughing gas despite my strong recommendation that it would be helpful. But oh well. It was just on the outer surface of 2 of his molars so he didn’t need novocaine. Here’s hoping we don’t have to go through this again for a long time!

We enjoyed the mild weather on Friday as we knew colder weather was morning in and spent a good chunk of time outside after dinner. The boys scooted and played with stomp rockets and chalk. 

Paul and his cat drawing which I think is so cute! It has shrug emoji vibes which is one of my most used emojis.

On Saturday we hit up the library in the morning and then Paul’s school friend party was in the afternoon from 3-5. He had 3 boys and 2 girls over. I was so grateful that it wasn’t all boys - the girls offset some of the boy energy. It was LOUD at times but he had fun and everyone enjoyed putting their LEGO set together. But wow kids are honest. One little boy told me the juice boxes tasted disgusting and another little girl said ‘is this all there is for snacks?’ (I had cheesy popcorn, string cheese, and club crackers plus cupcakes for dessert.)

Store bought cupcakes for the win!

Phil took Taco to his mom’s because we knew he’d want to hang with the older kids and would get in the way. He got lots of 1:1 attention from nana so everyone wins. 

Sunday was a windy, blustery day. We did nothing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They talked about it at school so Paul asked about setting a leprechaun trap and I feigned ignorance because I had zero interest in doing anything. I am just not that fun mom that gets into minor holidays. My parents didn’t either and I don’t feel like I missed out? It’s one of those ‘you do you’ kind of things. In the morning, I took the boys to an indoor playground after my CG workout since it wasn’t nice outside so Phil could have some quiet time in the house to himself. He’s got more solo parenting ahead this week so I wanted to give him a solid break. The boys had a blast!

Post nap and swimming lesson, we loaded our RAV4 with a load for goodwill. It felt SO GOOD to get this pile of accumulating goods out of our house. It was mostly clothes and surplus gifts from Christmas that we just don’t need/weren’t playing with. 

Then I did a bunch of meal prep while sipping a glass of white wine. Meal prep is one of my favorite chores. I love chopping veggies. I listened to a podcast while doing it. Part of what I prepped was pasta sauce with blitzed veggies hidden in the sauce which is a household favorite and a rare meal that everyone enjoys. The boys had theirs on pasta, I had mine on spaghetti squash. 

This week will be a repeat of last week with me traveling Tues-Thur but then I get a break from work travel until after our spring break trip. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Ha! Is this all that we are having for snacks? That is funny. Kids do say the darndest things and they really do not have a filter, which is sometimes refreshing! Can you imagine if that was an adult cocktail hour and someone said that? They'd get some looks for sure. I am glad that Paul had some girls over too, for your sake and for his. You need to mix it up from the beginning so you don't turn out to be a Bro. Re the dentist, I have PTSD from some of my childhood appointments and I would be so happy if I never had to go to the dentist again. I wonder why Paul refused the gas; was it scary for him? I would take anything I could to not have to have Novocain but at this point he probably does not know that the gas is the lesser evil.

    Have fun in Charlotte; I hope that your trip goes well and that you don't have any PTSD yourself! Maybe you will at least have time to get a fish taco (probably not)? Either way, I hope it goes quickly and easily.

  2. Oh yes, I remember those "honest" kid comments. Once when my daughter had a friend over for dinner, the girl came up to me, holding her plate out and said "It doesn't taste good." Um, okay!
    Glad you managed to survive the dentist. At my daughter's dentist, they give laughing gas (which definitely helps, too bad Paul resisted it!) and have a movie playing on a screen on the ceiling, which the kids can see when they're lying in the chair. Still, it's never that much fun.
    Overall it sounds like a nice weekend. Good luck with the work travel this week!

  3. You and I are 100% on the same page. If you did leprechaun traps this year, you'd be setting yourself up to do them for YEARS. I honestly get enraged when I think of all the extra work parents have to do because teachers think it will be "fun." (I feel similarly about people who do Elf on the Shelf. You have to do it EVERY YEAR. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.)

  4. Aw man I would be so happy to go to a party with cheesy popcorn, string cheese, club crackers, AND cupcakes. Kids these days don't know how good they have it.

    My only nod to St Pat's was getting some Baileys.

    I like doing meal prep sometimes - when the weekend gets too cramped it becomes just another chore. But when I'm in the mood I love it. Bonus points to do it with wine on the side.

  5. What ungrateful little children! Honest but ungrateful! (I LOVE cheesy popcorn!) I suppose the dentist trauma might reinforce good brushing habits. One can hope...

  6. Yay! The party sounds like a smashing success. Very smart to have Taco visit his grandmother during the party.

    I recall a birthday party where one of my daughter's friends asked me if there was anything else to eat because she didn't LIKE any of the things we had. (I had pizza, fruit snacks, goldfish, and something else -- applesauce, maybe?) Well, I can certainly empathize but... sorry, kiddo.

    We don't do anything for St. Patrick's Day either. I reminded my daughter mid-day Sunday what day it was and she was a little upset that I hadn't reminded her days before, so she could cut out a bunch of shamrocks to hang all over the house. While I appreciate seasonal decor, we don't NEED cutouts for every single holiday.

    I doubt I will do a lick of decorating for Easter, either.

  7. Kids can definitely be too honest sometimes. I'm torn between telling my kids to always tell the truth while also be mindful of others. It's a tough call. I don't mind kids telling me honest views but when mine talks like that, i'm a bit worried.
    It's great that you got some girls at the party. Our girls don't play with boys at all.
    My week was great, super chill and relaxing at my mom's place in Shanghai, enjoying good weather, my favorite foods (kabocha and corn) and Chinese vegetables. Now back to work and so many things on my plate. Need to tackle them ASAP so I don't feel overwhelmed.

  8. Sounds like a very fun and successful weekend! We spent ours in Vegas, so very different! It was a blast, honestly.

  9. The honest kids - YIKES. So funny though. I do miss the warmish weather, but I knew it wouldn't last. We are going to Florida for 5 days and I hope we have nice weather there and the our bio kids don't get too fed up with our foster girls. Gonna be interesting. Maybe the warm weather will appear for good after we get back from break. Love an indoor gym to wear kids out.

  10. Dang, kids are brutal! That sounds like a great setup to me, haha.

    Did you hear The Popcast talk about those leprechaun traps? I was dyinnggg. There are too many tiny holidays to celebrate - it would get exhausting to try to make each one special! I honestly forgot it was St. Patrick's Day and even went to the grocery store without any green on. Oops.

  11. Woah those comments from the party guests. I get they are 6 but goodness - I’d be mortified if I found out my child said that! Haha ! It sounds like a wonderful party and Paul looks so happy in the pictures!!

    That indoor playground looks cool - wish Tucson would have these for the never ending summers we get!

    Sounds like a good mix of relaxing and fun filled your weekend. I was so happy to get last weekend over with. When Ryan is away the weeks go by fast because we have activities & play dates but during the weekend everyone is spending time with their families…. So it’s kind of lame.

    I hope your mild winter stays and real spring comes now!!!

  12. Oh and the st Patrick’s day thing. I had never heard of the whole “catch a leprechaun” thing until this year. Stupid. No. Moms don’t need another thing to plan 😅 I am not a big fan of this made up holiday. It was funny because at the race I ran that day Maddy kept asking “why is everyone wearing green?”

  13. You love meal prep??... I don't think we can be friends anymore... XD I do love the wine part!
    Oh and St. Patrick's day. I don't know why I love it so much...Probably the fact that spring is just around the corner, my fave color is green, it involves corned beef, cabbage and potatoes (ya know, the Russian in me is rejoicing ;) In NJ we usually have flowers poking through. It's just a nice way to put a figurative stake into the ground so the days don't blur one into another.
    When are you in NJ?? Would love to see you!

  14. I am glad to hear the dentist appointment went ok and I hope Paul doesn't have to have anything done like this again any time soon.

    I am sure he'd forgotten all about it when his birthday party rolled around :) What a fun day... minus the honest comments from kids. Woah. They don't have a filter (but also probably didn't mean it in a bad or accusatory way, just straight-forward/observant LOL).