Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Scenes from Life

I thought I'd change things up today and do a less wordy and more picture-focused post!

First off, here are some pictures of our furr-baby, Oscar. She will turn one this month!  She still REALLY prefers Phil. Most of the time when I'm at Phil's house, she sits on his dining room table and stares at us...  I guess she sees me as competition for his attention! But a couple of Fridays ago I got her to sit on my lap! I think the combination of being able to watch me knit + the heated blanket on my lap helped!

I love watching her stretch. This is her favorite spot as it's the sunniest spot in Phil's house (side note: I know that is the ugliest chair. Phil and I have different standards when it comes to furniture...). 

We spent Easter with Phil's mom and Oscar came along. The Easter bunny came for everyone - even Oscar.

The Easter bunny brought me a tea pot! This was the perfect gift since I switched to drinking tea on day 2 of Whole30. I love brewing tea in this pot on the weekends!

You can see these flowers peaking through in the photo above, but here is a better photo of them. I treated myself to some tulips last week to brighten my day as I was feeling very cranky about the cold weather we've been having lately. I need to buy fresh flowers for myself more often!

I arranged these using something called a "frog" which Phil's mom gave me last year. It's a metal thing with spikes that you insert the stems into. I'd never heard of it but she uses them all the time so said I had to have one! Later in the week I moved the tulips into a vase when they started to droop a bit.
Lastly, I captured this beautiful sunrise photo from the balcony of my apartment. I love my view!

What images have you recently captured on your camera or phone?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Lol, I love that Oscar stares at you guys when you are over. Hilarious. Cats really just crack me up.

Charbelle said...

I love your tea pot!!! The picture of Oscar in the sun is too cute!!! I love tulips! When my God-sister got married she had pink tulips and they were so beautiful!!!

Marisa A. said...

The weather has been crazy! Saturday in Chicago was nuts! One minute it would be snowing, then it would clear up be sunny and blue skies, then the next snowing and blowing so hard you couldn't see anything! Luckily Sunday was much better for the Shamrock Shuffle and we even had lunch on the patio! So crazy. Oscar is way too cute, I love cat pictures :)

Marlys said...

That teapot is so pretty! I love your Grandma Dotzenrod's collection of teapots, also.
I think buying flowers for one's self is so a grand idea, and tulips are so beautiful at this time of the year! Every time I walk buy a bunch of flowers in a store, I am tempted to buy some, but never do. I think I will change my habit on that one!

The only pictures I have taken lately are of the grandkids at Easter!

Jeanie said...

Well, you KNOW I adore Oscar! Especially the pic on your lap. And I love the tulips in the frog, although I could see how they might wilt over after a couple of days a their stems are so watery. You'll love it with firmer-stemmed flowers. You can also just do a few -- very ikebana-ish!

Good Easter bunny! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

I've been at Southern Exposure -- so you KNOW the kinds of pix I've been taking!

Nora said...

Love the tea pot that you received! Cheery and thoughtful :)

Most of my phone pics lately are progress pics from working out or pictures of Jack. Clearly I need to work on variety. I did take a picture of spring flowers yesterday afternoon with the intention to send it to my Gram (she gifted us the flowers and they bloom every year!).

Leigh said...

I love tulips! They are usually pretty inexpensive and definitely brighten up your house :)

Stephany said...

I've been getting fresh flowers for my apartment on a regular basis, after YEARS of wanting to do so but never actually having them. They just make me so happy and so darn cheap!

On my phone are way too many pictures of Dutch. I refrain from posting SO MANY on Instagram, ha.

Janet said...

Oscar looks so grown up in the first photo but you can see she is still just a baby in the others - so adorable! Is that the shawl you've been knitting? I'd love to see it, it looks warm and pretty.

Your teapot and flowers are just perfect for spring and I can imagine the joy of sitting at the table on the weekend enjoying the sight and smell of fresh flowers and hot brewed tea.

Abby said...

Wow that is quite the sunrise! Gorgeous! I love when there is just enogh clouds in the sky to make those colors. I am blessed to see the sunrise almost every morning since I workout early. But AZ is very dry - and the sky is 100% blue without a cloud on most days. So I actually really enjoy when we get a little cloud cover to add some color to the sunrise!

I love those Tulips! I don't think I've ever seen white ones before. I'd have to say those are my favorite flowers.

Oscar is so cute!! I love the picture of Oscar layed out on the cough (I can't remember if Oscar is a boy or a girl...lol. I remember the story though.)

I wish Ryan wasn't crazy allergic to cats, or else I think we'd have one. I want a black cat (like Fritz. Maybe a little smarter though)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That is a gorgeous view!

Neat flower pot thing; I've never seen one of those before.

Amber said...

What a beautiful sunrise photo! My dream home would have a nice big deck where you had an excellent view of the sunrise :)

I had fresh tulips up until this past week too and they totally perked me up! Love fresh flowers. I also need to be better about buying them for myself as they make me so happy!

San said...

Oscar is so cute. And I love your new teapot!!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Ha, I love your comment about Phil's chair. ;) Luckily, it seems that most guys are cool with the spouse picking or nixing furniture once you're sharing a space. Pete used to have his hideous couch when I first moved in. Luckily, we bought a new couch pretty quickly. Our first major purchase together. :) my phone is mostly all Henry + a few sunrise shots.

Elizabeth said...

I've always wanted a ginger cat so I absolutely love these :) It's so funny how peculiar cats can be. My parent's cat took 4 yrs to decide that she can "maybe" let me pet her when I visit. Granted I bring the pesky dogs that bark in her backyard whenever I visit....but :) My phone is obviously overfilled. I just can't help photographing all the things I enjoy each day. Lots of outdoor photos, pet pictures, spring time gems, etc. :)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love that sunset pic! Even though the view is a bit different, it reminds me of when I came to visit! What a wonderful place to have a home! The chair is horrible, but as long as it's comfortable, it can always be covered! Men are funny when it comes to that stuff, although I am not very picky about stuff either. However, my style is more solid colors, less paisley! :)