Friday, October 15, 2021


Happy Friday! I'm off work today as the boys' school is closed for conferences! Some people have commented to me that it's a little odd for our daycare to have conferences but I really enjoy connecting with the teachers twice a year. Phil does drop-off/pick-up more often than I do and is NOT a question asker, and even when I do drop-off or pick-up, it can be hard to ask questions because I know how busy the teachers are! So while I can always ask questions if I have concerns, I like that we get a 20 minute block, twice/year, to talk about how the kids are doing. 

Here's what's going on in my world this week!

The book I'm reading is Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. I've heard great things about this book and yet I put off reading it for some reason! I'm about 1/4 of the way through am am really enjoying it. It is VERY sciency but in a good way? I want Phil to read it as it's right up his alley with his interest in science and space.

The high of my week was watching the boys have fun during bath time. They giggle so much and Paul is pretty patient and tolerant of Will for the most part! Will loves to lay down on his back and kick his legs. He is the most aggressive kicker so maybe he will be our swimmer? Paul wouldn't lay on his back with his head in the water until he say Will doing it! I would like to get Will in swimming lessons since he seems to love the water so maybe we will try to do that after the new year.

The low of my week was toddler tantrums. It felt like we were turning the corner and things were improving but then we had 2 rough mornings this week where Paul woke up and went from happy to enraged over who knows in a very short span of time. Not fun. 

A recipe I made was Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks with Asian Rice. This is such a simple and fast meal. I'll be sad when grilling season ends as I don't think the tuna steaks would be as good, even if we sear them in a cast iron pan. There's just nothing like food off the grill!

A show we are watching is season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. We checked this out from the library! We are also watching Squid Game which is a very popular show on Netflix that was made in Korea (so there are subtitles). 

For workouts I went for runs on Sunday and Wednesday and did beach body Morning Meltdown workouts on the other days. I'm definitely feeling more pulled toward the Morning Meltdown workouts (which are a combo of strength, cardio and yoga) than running these days... I was feeling a bit burned out after training for the 10 mile but we are getting into the off-season for running here in Minnesota so it's a good time to focus on something else.

The best money spent was on a bunch of produce at Aldi on Thursday. My weight hasn't budged lately despite all the running I did this summer/fall so I know my diet is the culprit (I'm looking at the near-daily bowl of ice cream I was eating for much of the summer!). So I stocked up on a bunch of fruits and vegetables this week so I have healthy snacking options around. 

My plans this weekend include getting family photos taken on Saturday morning by my cousin's wife. We haven't had photos taken since Paul turned 1, so about 2.5 years ago! Then around lunchtime we are going to our daycare's fall festival celebration. They'll have tacos and ice cream and lots of activity for the kids. Then on Sunday morning I am meeting up with 2 college friends for a walk. I haven't seen them in months so am looking forward to catching up! I think Phil might take Paul out to his mom's after nap on Sunday if everyone is still healthy!

Bonus Will photos (Paul remains team no-picture):

Bath time fun!

No progress on crawling but he loves to stand along the ottoman!

What are you reading? What was the high of your week?

Monday, October 11, 2021

A Fun Fall Weekend + Defining Fall Fun

Good morning and happy Monday! Our weekend did NOT get off to the best start but ended up being a good one. On Thursday morning, I commented to Phil (who was working from home) that we were all pretty healthy finally after a rough stretch of various viruses and cold bugs. An hour later he said - "I think I have a fever." Sure enough, he did and he continued to feel worse so he scheduled a covid test for 4 pm and I canceled the work happy hour at a coworker's house that I was very-much looking forward to!

So the kids were home with us on Friday while we waited for his covid test results. He wore a mask and tried to keep his distance from us/didn't pick up or touch either kid. I tried to work as much as I could but I was only able to monitor emails/do a few pressing tasks. We let Paul watch more TV than usual but I made sure to get out of the house with them in the morning for a walk.

Our double stroller days are very numbered. Paul does NOT like to be strapped in anymore. Womp womp. I convinced him to stay in the stroller for this 40 minute walk but it took a lot of negotiations.

Luckily I had picked up some cheap activities in the dollar aisle of Target last month. He LOVED working on these worksheet. He is so my child as I LOVED worksheets and workbooks when I was a kid.

After this quiet time/nap, I took him scooting so he could go see the dinosaur in our neighborhood. He had to get off the scooter and admire this for quite awhile. I thought inflatables were a little tacky before I had kids! We would never have one in our yard but Paul sure loves them! 

When we got back from scooting, Will joined us in the front yard for some leaf fun. Full disclosure - I did NOT dress him!! Phil put this yellow pj shirt and neon green short combo together!! Ha! William was not sure about the leaves at first but eventually came to enjoy them!

Luckily around dinner time, Phil's covid test came back negative. It was a HUGE relief. Had he been positive, he would have had to quarantine in the basement for 10 days and our kids would have been home during those 10 days. 

On Saturday morning, something magical happened - EVERYONE SLEPT UNTIL 7AM. I could not believe it when I looked at my watch when I woke up to Paul yelling for me! William slept until 7:15! It was so wonderful - and so needed!

When your parents both work in finance, a shirt like this is the perfect gift!

After lunch that day, we went to the park. Since Paul hates the stroller so much these days, we let him scoot to the park so we could just bring the single stroller. It's about 3/4 of a mile. He made it all the way there and about 1/2 of the way back before getting tired. I had anticipated that happening so had brought the ergo-style carrier so I popped Will in that and Paul got in the stroller. 

2nd time in the swing, first time he enjoyed it (he did not think much of it the first time we put him in a swing)

That afternoon we had more fun in the leaves. The weather was unseasonably warm here this weekend. Too warm in my opinion - upper 70s on Fri/Sat and pretty humid on Saturday. 

Sunday was more of the same - walks and time spent in the leaves. I also pulled out some puzzles Phil's mom had bought for Paul last year. He's old enough to do them on his own now. This was my favorite of the bunch! - it makes a twisty snake. 

So all in all, a fun family fall weekend. Which made me think about what "fall fun" means to us. Thanks to social media, I see a lot of pictures of trips to fall festivals, pumpkin patches, orchards, you name it. We have yet to do any of these things and I don't know when we will? Likely not until we are out of this 'little kid' stage of life. Sometimes I beat myself up a bit and think that I am not a 'fun mom.' But then I remind myself that I never did any of these things as a child either. Granted, we grew our own pumpkins and had 2 apple trees, so a visit to a pumpkin patch or orchard wasn't necessary for us. My fall memories include jumping in leaves, filling those pumpkin garbage bags with leaves (do they still make these??), carving pumpkins, roasting and eating pumpkin seeds and trick-or-treating. These are all things my kids will do - well besides the pumpkin leaf bags because we just put our leaves in yard bags. 

This is not to say that doing those things ISN'T fun - it's just not fun for us at this stage of life. I am mindful about doing things that are fun FOR US or MATTER TO US - not because everyone else is doing it and posting about it on social media. I try to keep this in mind with a lot of things. Kid bedrooms is another area where I do not really do much. Our kids rooms are so basic and not instagram-worthy! And that is FINE because neither kid really cares, nor do they spend time in their rooms right now. When they reach a stage of life where they hang out in their bedroom, I think I will put more effort into it. This weekend we ordered a bed frame for Paul's room and we purchased the frame we went with because it has built-in storage cubbies which will be useful in his bedroom, which is small and kind of oddly shaped. Is it the cutest bed ever? No. Is it functional? Absolutely and it's "cute enough."

It can be easy to fall into the trap of doing what others think is important but I try to make sure our time and effort is aligning with what we value and enjoy doing. But in the era of social media, this is something I need to repeatedly tell myself!

Just a little food for thought on your Monday morning!

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Baby Will at 10 Months

Will turned 10 months over the weekend! We are knocking on the door of 1! He is such a sweet and easy-going baby so we feel very lucky!

Growth: He was 19 pounds and 29.25" at his 9 month appointment in mid-September. So he is pretty long and lean (in the 30s for weight percentile, upper 80s for height). He has a huge head like his brother! He has a very long torso so is in 12-month sleepers and tops but mostly 9 month pants. We are probably going to need to move him to a convertible car seat soon because of his length. I was hoping to hold off until we got a new car but given the outlook for the car market, he's going to need more room sooner than we can find a car most likely. 

He has 6 teeth now (4 on top, 2 on the bottom). I think he got 2 in the last 2 months but I need to check his baby book! I can tell another bottom tooth is coming in.


There isn't much he doesn't like. He's such an easy going baby!

- He loves to sit on a blanket and play with toys. His favorite toys are rattle-type toys that make nose when you shake them and this fish tank toy that lights up and plays music.

- He likes being read to. His favorite book is Baby Faces. It has pictures of babies making different faces. He gets the biggest smile on his face when we read this book and he really studies the pictures!

- He loves bath time and has outgrown his baby tub which means brother baths are much easier! Paul prefers to take baths with Will now. Now that he sits up so well, it's much less stressful to bath them together. They have the best time. Will just adores Paul.

- Paul is certainly his favorite person. He is constantly watching Paul. It will be fun to watch this relationship continue to develop. When William goes to bed Paul says, "good night my sweetie." There is still some aggressive behavior on Paul's part at times but that's toddler life for you. When we are eating dinner, Paul often pulls Will over so they are as close as possible. 

- He loves to stand up - either along the ottoman or by holding our hands. He also still loves the jumper. 

Dislikes: really not much! He doesn't cry very often so we are lucky. 

- He does not like to go to bed. As soon as we enter his bedroom for nap or bedtime, he starts to cry. He must have FOMO! 

- He also does not like to be on his stomach. We keep putting him on his stomach but he protests! So he is not crawling yet and I kind of doubt he will. I think he'll go right to walking. Our pediatrician said she's not concerned and that he is probably too content to be motivated to crawl. 


- He got his first haircut the day before turning 10 months! This before and after photo shows how different he looks now. Haircuts always make babies look so much older! 

- He met more family in August - he met my sister, BIL, and their baby who is 2 months younger than him. It was fun to see William and Maddy together! Maddy is so expressive - she reminds me of Paul. Will is just generally happy and smiling. I'm glad we captured some of Maddy's hilarious expressions. That side eye photo is amazing!

Feeding: He is eating more and more solids and really liking them so far. He loves yogurt and most purees we give him. I've also given him chunks of things and it's very hit or miss on what he'll eat. We keep giving him scrambled eggs but he doesn't like them - yet. I'm going to keep trying. He loves graham crackers and recently started to eat banana pancakes. He still nurses when he wakes up and goes to sleep and 2-3 other times during the day on weekends. He drinks 3 bottles at school and gets cereal and/or purees twice a day. His milk consumption has really dropped which is a relief as my milk supply has also dropped. 

Sleeping: Ugh. Things were going so well in the sleep department and then he got sick in August and got some new teeth so sleep has not been great. When he's sick, I don't feel comfortable letting him cry for long so he's eating 1-2 times/night. It's not ideal but hopefully he's healthy soon and goes back to sleeping through the night. Naps have been a bit better lately, though!

Mama: I am continuing to feel pretty good all in all. We've had a string of illnesses over the last 4-6 weeks so being sick and dealing with more frequent wake-ups has been a bit rough. But I tell myself this is temporary and my kids will sleep through the night again soon. Hopefully? My pelvic floor PT cleared me to stop coming in as she said everything looks great. I'm happy that I'm able to workout 4-5 times/week! My RA is in a good place, too, so I might stay on this current regimen even after I'm done breastfeeding (thinking I will wean Will around a year? We'll see).

I do kind of dream of going to stay in a hotel for like 2 days! But my bigger priority is going away with Phil. We haven't spent a night together away from the kids besides when Will was born (which was not a getaway!). Hopefully by the time our 5 year anniversary rolls around in May we can go somewhere for 4 days or something like that? I just need Will to be sleeping better so I can feel ok leaving the boys with my parents.

I'm happy that the 1-year mark is just around the corner. I will be VERY glad to be done pumping during the work day!

Pablo: He's handling the big brother role pretty well all in all. There are definitely moments where he is a little too aggressive with Will. He does not understand that he is a fragile baby! I mean there is only a 9 pound difference between them so he's not THAT small compared to Paul! But mostly he is a very sweet brother and very affectionate towards Will. He loves to give him hugs and kisses. It will be interesting to see how things change when Will is on the move! Will is already SUPER interested in Paul's cars and trucks and tends to grab them if they are within his reach. Paul is not a fan of that!

Next time I do a Will post, he'll be one!! Insert head-exploding emoji!

Monday, October 4, 2021

Weekend + 10 Mile Race Recap

The 10 mile race is behind me! Woo hoo! It was my first race since the Twin Cities Marathon in 2015. Since then I have had hip surgery to repair a labral tear and 2 c-sections. My body has been through a lot but it's good to know that I can still consider myself a "runner." I had lost that part of my identity since getting pregnant with Paul. It feels really good to have that label back. I have my neighbor to thank for getting me back to running. She gently encouraged me to start running again this summer and threw out the idea of doing a 10k, 10 mile or 1/2 marathon this fall. If it wasn't for her, I don't think I would be running yet and certainly not 10 miles! But she helped me see that I COULD get back to running. 

We had a somewhat full weekend! On Saturday morning, Phil got our car serviced and got groceries while I watched the boys. We are looking to buy a Toyota RAV-4 Prime so it was good for him to talk to a sales person about the car market. My friend and co-worker recommended we work with the car broker he worked with last year so that guy is looking for inventory for us in different states but it was still good to get another read on the market from a sales person. Hopefully we'll have a new car in 3 months or so? Our Camry has served us well but we are ready for something slightly bigger. We got such a great deal on our Camry that we'll almost be able to sell it for the price we paid for it. It only had 30k miles on it despite being 6 years old. This is our primary car so that gives you an idea of how little we drive!

After lunch on Saturday, I took the boys for haircuts. It was Will's first haircut. His hair was getting so long and unruly. We have family pictures in 2 weeks so I wanted to give it some time to grow after the haircut  in case it didn't turn out great. I feel like it takes a couple of haircuts to figure out what works well for little boys.

Our usual happy guy SCREAMED through most of the haircut! I took a couple of pictures at the beginning before he lost it. The stylist did a great job. He looks so different and so much older!!

After we got home from the haircuts, my parents arrived! They were in town to see my nephew's football game on Friday night so they stayed with us on Saturday night. My mom helped me make a yummy lasagna and Paul and Nana made pumpkin bars. Here's a pic of Paul tasting the peanut butter. He tasted so much that my mom had to add more!

We hadn't seen my parents since August so it was great to catch up. My mom held Will lots! He is very smiley, but not when you want to take his picture of course! 

After the boys went to bed, we played some cards with my parents before turning in early.

Sunday morning came much too early! Paul unfortunately had a night terror on Saturday night and it took a long time and several returns to his bedroom to get him back to sleep. So I was "running" on 5 hours of sleep. 

Katie's husband was our uber driver for the day as he dropped us off in Minneapolis and picked us up in St. Paul afterwards. The race started at 7 so we got downtown around 6:45. They did a great job spacing people out more than usual and required masks in the corrals so overall, I think they did a great job keeping people safe. 

The first 4 miles went well and then we hit the uphill segment of the course. I felt really good when I took this picture around 4.5 miles when we stopped so my neighbor could use the bathroom.

After that, it was a bit of a slog and I was so ready to be done. I kept translating the distance left into runs in our neighborhood (the distance left is a loop around Lake Harriet... now it's a run to Lynnhurst park... etc etc). 

But I did it. I felt a little embarrassed about my time (our pace ended up being about 11 min/mile). That is so very slow compared to how fast I used to run. I mean, our time was about 1:50 and my last 1/2 marathon was 1:52! But I had to remind myself I wasn't lactating during my previous races and I wasn't waking up 3-5 times/night (that's how bad it's been lately with both boys having colds and Paul transitioning to his big boy bed). This is a different season of life, and thus, a different pace. One of my good friends said - 'Hey, you ran 10 miles and most people haven't ran that much all year!' That was just what I needed to hear to remind myself that 10 miles in itself, regardless of the pace, is something to be proud of!

I'm looking forward to continuing to run and will appreciate not having the pressure of needing to run X miles this week. Races are very motivating but even pre-kids, I was always happy when they were behind me and I could relax a bit. My goal is to continue to run around 3 times/week until the colder weather hits!

Friday, October 1, 2021

What We Read in September

Happy October! Last month, I crossed the threshold of reading 100 books - a number I previously wouldn't have thought possible! I've always been a reader, but up until the last couple of years, my books/year total hovered around 80 - which is still A LOT of books! But the last couple of years have been banner years for me - maybe because off the pandemic and having even fewer social plans that usual? Who knows. We'll see if this pace continues into 2022! 

Mom's reads:

I read 10 books in September and split the out into 3 groups: excellent, great, not for me. 

Excellent reads:

I loved all 4 of these books and would fairly broadly recommend them. Count the Ways was a very thoughtful novel about divorce and how it can impact a family. The author gives a disclaimer up front that while certain aspects mirror her real life, it is not autobiographical. Deacon King Kong lived up to its rave reviews. It's about a community of people living in Brooklyn in the 1960s. There is a big cast of characters to keep track of so I'd recommend making notes for yourself or reading it on a kindle - I recently discovered that if you highlight a name on a kindle book, it will show you past references to the character so that feature helped me keep people straight. While We Were Dating is the latest installment in Jasmine Guillory's series which is just delightful! Ground Zero is a middle-grade book about 9/11 that was a very sad and impactful read.

Great Reads:

You can't go wrong with any of these 4 books!

Not for me:

The Other Black Girl was a bit of a slog for me but I kept reading because I knew there was a twist in the first 10% of the book and I wanted to see what happened. I don't know that it was worth sticking with it, though. I am the outlier in not enjoying this book, though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. One Last Stop was enjoyable but at least 100 pages longer than it should have been which made the book drag on and on for me!

The Boys' Reads:

I didn't take any pictures of the boys reading this month! Paul has been enjoying fall/Halloween books. I started to take them out at the beginning of September. I probably should have waited until we were further into the month! I requested a bunch of Halloween and fall-themed books from the library so will pick those up next week to supplement our collection. Room on the Broom and Pumpkin Soup are 2 favorites in our house! Will is starting to enjoy Lift-the-Flap books, like Dear Zoo. But Baby Faces and Good Morning Baby, which have pictures of other babies, remain his favorites and elicit the biggest smiles!

We also did a book swap with our neighbors so it's been fun to read some different books! We exchanged about 15-20 books!

Did you read anything good in September?

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Currently: September 2021

And just like that, September is almost over. There are less than 100 days left in the year - can you believe it? My husband HATES comments about how fast the month went or year is going but it's really true isn't it? As we get older, our perception of time really seems to change. I remember thinking it took FOREVER for Christmas to arrive. Now it comes shockingly fast!

Here's what is currently going on in our lives!

Reading: The Reading List by Sarah Nisha Adams. I started it last night and got 1/3 of the way through before turning out my light so that tells you how good it is so far. It's partially set in a library and is about this mysterious list of books that different people discover. So it's basically a book about books, which is one of my favorite sub-genres!

Loving: The weather we are having this week. It's in the 70s and sunny during the day but the air is dry and it cools off at night which is the perfect combination! If it could stay like this for months, I'd be so happy but that of course is not how the weather works here in Minnesota.

Feeling: ready for our family to all be back to 100% health. We are mostly better but there is a nagging runny nose that we are all dealing with. I just hope this isn't a bad cold/flu season but I'm not optimistic. I know RSV has been running rampant in the Twin Cities - and more broadly in the US in general - so I am just hoping my boys avoid getting it, or get a mild case. I do wonder if they had it this past week or so, but if so, they didn't get a terrible case of it.

Anticipating: my 10 mile race this weekend - and seeing my parents! They are coming to the Twin Cities to watch my nephew's football game on Friday night and then will come to our house on Saturday and spend the night. I'll be up and gone before they wake up on Sunday (most likely - there's a chance I will see my mom on my way out the door) but I'm sure Phil will appreciate having their help with the boys. I'm feeling very ready for the race. I'm excited to run a race but also excited to have it behind me. This is typically how I feel when preparing for a long distance race. It's been extra challenging to train for it with 2 young kids, but I made it work and am proud of myself for tackling this big goal!

Struggling: with toddler behavior - still. So this is a repeat from last month. Most of the time Paul is a delight to have around, but when he has a tantrum, oof it is bad. Phil and I did an online course on emotional regulation and meltdowns and it has been helpful. 

Grateful: that Will continues to be a very chill and easy-going baby! He is rarely fussy. As long as he can watch what his brother is doing, he's pretty darn happy. 

Working: out very consistently which feels great. I'm averaging about 5 workouts/week (2-3 runs mixed with workouts from the Morning Meltdown Beachbody program). It will be a bit more challenging to fit workouts in when I return to the office in 2022 but hopefully I can still average around 4-5 most weeks.

Listening: to the newest season of The Drop Out which follows the trial of Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. They do a great job covering the trial. I'm very behind and I just found out about the new season but have been really enjoying it - but feel outraged when I listen. I really hope she is found guilty!

Watching: the new and final season of Goliath on Amazon Prime. We really liked the first season of this show. The 2nd and 3rd seasons were a little meh but still good enough to stick with it. Hopefully the 4th season will be good. On my own, I'm watching the 2nd season of Making the Cut on Amazon Prime and Million Little Things when new episodes become available (the fall season started last week).

for more beautiful fall weather and that the leaves are still on the trees when we take family photos on October 15th! So far it seems like we will still have leaves on the trees as our leaves are JUST starting to change here. We haven't had family photos taken since March of 2019 so are very overdue! 

Bonus Paul and Will Photos:

Will's first pickle! Don't let his facial expression fool you -  he really liked it and kept sucking on the dill pickle slice!

Paul working on his golf swing. He's a tiny bit more coachable than he was last summer, but still not super open to instruction.

The typical scene at dinner in our house. Paul always pulls Will over as close as he can get him. In this pic they are post enjoying a post-dinner graham cracker.

Playing memory with Paul. He's pretty good but is a little prone to cheating (he wants to peek at the card before turning it out!).

Brother bath time! Lots of giggling happens during these baths. I hope these 2 continue to love being together as they get bigger!

What are you reading, watching and anticipating?

Friday, September 24, 2021


Ugh, this week was a no good very bad week in the health department. The boys and I got leveled by a nasty upper respiratory virus. I ended up taking 1.5 days off because I felt so terrible and desperately needed to nap. I napped for 3 hours one day and for 2 hours the other day. Will was also home with us on Thursday and is home again with us today due to low grade fevers at night. He had the start of this virus at his 9m appointment last week and his doctor assured me it was NOT covid due to how it was presenting (very productive cough, lots of mucus). I took Paul to the doctor on Thursday to rule out an ear infection as he was complaining about his ear hurting (no infection thank goodness - the doctor thinks the pain is from the tube that hasn't quite fallen out the). Both boys were up during the night for several days in a row. Zzzzzzz. I will be well rested again some day?

The book I'm reading is Deacon King Kong which is my book club's September selection. I was the one who picked it so will be the host. I decided to read this book very close to the book club meeting, which is next Wednesday, because I wanted it to be very fresh in my mind! I've heard pretty good things about it but have heard there are a ton of characters to keep track of so I am going to try to use my bullet journal to help me make sense of things!

The high of my week was um.... nothing? Is that bad? Some weeks just don't have a high, especially when 3 of us were sick! Phil has avoided it so far, but he had a week+ long horrible case of pink eye earlier this month so hasn't exactly had the healthiest month either.

The low of my week was all the illness. I think I have used at least 2 boxes of kleenexes this week. I am not exaggerating. This is a nasty virus. Paul is not great about wiping his nose so has this lovely rash on his cheek. Poor kid. We've been putting aquaphor on it, but I doubt it will clear up until his nose stops running.

Post-bath brother photo. They have so much fun taking baths together, especially now that Will doesn't have to sit in the infant tub. 

A recipe I made was corn and potato chowder from the Milk Street Kitchen Instant Pot cook book that I've raved about before. It's great to eat it during prime corn season!

A show we are watching is another 9/11 documentary, this time on Hulu. On my own, I'm watching season 2 of Making the Cut on Amazon Prime. I love Tim Gunn so much so will be sad when I finish this season!

For workouts I did nothing. I didn't even go for walks - that's how horrible I felt. I plan to do a long run on Saturday but may cut it short depending on how I feel. The 10 mile race is a week from Sunday and I know I'm ready. I would like to run at least 6-7 miles to give myself some confidence before the race but I will see how I feel.

The best money spent was on lots of things related to getting Paul a big boy bed! I bought a mattress, a pillow, pillow cases, a mattress protector and an extra set of sheets! My cousin handed down some dinosaur bedding to us but I know we will need an extra set of everything (honestly probably need 2 extra sets of sheets (3 sets total) but will see if we can get by with 2). Paul still wears a pull-up at night and even if we have him go to the bathroom before bed, he still will out-pee the pull-up at times. 

I'm a little nervous about this transition but I know it's time. Especially this past week when he was up 2-3 times and did not want to go back to sleep. I was wishing I could lay down with him to calm him down a bit. But that is not possible in his mini-crib! We are going to start off by having the mattress on the floor until he gets used to that and then we'll order a bed frame. The one we wanted at Ikea is back-ordered so we need to go a different direction so I'm going to give ourselves some time to find the right one.

My plans this weekend include nothing besides the training run on Saturday morning. We are all exhausted so I'm hoping for good naps and better nights of sleep (please, God, please!) for all of us.

Bonus Will photos (Paul refuses to get his picture taken most days)!

Working on his standing skills along the ottoman.

Ready to hit the links in his Masters onesie. His Godfather went to the Masters in April and brought back a onesie for him. 

Enjoying full access to all the toys when he was home with mom and dad this week. Paul is loving all the 'baby' toys we've pulled out for Will and is not the best at sharing.

How was your week? Are you staying healthy? I've heard from friends locally that so many people have this nasty cold virus, and have talked to co-workers in other parts of the country who've been hit hard, too. 

Friday, September 17, 2021


Happy Friday! This week felt kind of long, probably because I had a lot of doctor appointments - 5 for me, 1 for Will. It was all routine stuff but the appointments all ended up happening this week. Not the best planning on my part, but it's the way it worked out. I took 1.5 days off from work since I was going to be gone for a good block of time for 5 of the appointments but that time off wasn't exactly 'relaxing.' I'm definitely due for some real days off - I need to book them soon. Otherwise they won't happen!

The books I'm reading are The Other Black Girl and The Thursday Murder Club. The Other Black girl is a physical book I'm reading from the library. I heard about it through the Modern Mrs. Darcy summer reading guide and am intrigued so far. I read about The Thursday Murder Club in a magazine that is available at my library called "Book Pages" or something like that? It sounded charming so I checked out the eBook. It's about a group of retirees that get together to solve murders. It's set in England and the writing is pretty full of whit so I am enjoying it. 

The high of my week was a couple of things. First on Sunday morning, I thought Paul was tracing letters in his coloring book (something he enjoys and chooses to do) when he came running over and said, "I wrote I love you, mommy." Here is a picture of what he wrote. (It's LUV U with a P behind it). We didn't even know he knew how to write any of his letters so this was quite the surprise for us! I think it's pretty darn good for a 3.5 year old!

My other highs were going to the Van Gogh experience with a girlfriend on Wednesday. The Van Gogh experience has been going around the US and abroad - they project Van Gogh's art work on the walls (see pics below). It was very cool! That was the original reason for my day off and then I ended up booking 2 doctor appointments since I had the day off. I thought it was a really fun exhibit and am glad we went! We grabbed lunch ahead of time. I also saw the 3 moms in my second time mom group - we met for a late dinner on Wednesday night. It was so great to catch up and talk about what the babies and toddlers are all doing. 

The low of my week was some challenging toddler behavior from Paul. Oof 3.5 is turning out to be very challenging. We ended up buying a course about tantrums and emotional regulation from a podcaster I love (Good Inside with Dr. Becky). It's been helpful to watch it together. 

A recipe I made was picadillo with black beans and rice in the instant pot. This is a meal we have nearly monthly. I've mentioned it before - it's from the Milk Street instant pot cook book. 

A show we are watching is LuLaRich on Amazon prime. It's about the rise and fall of the multi-level marketing company LuLaRoe. On my own, I'm watching "Making the Cut" on Amazon Prime, which is kind of like Project Runway. It's filmed in Paris so is giving me a bit of a France fix. I adore Tim Gunn so love this show! 

For workouts I ran on Tuesday and Thursday. I started a new beachbody program called "Morning Meltdown." There are 100 workouts in it and they are meant to be done daily, but I end up doing about 2-3/week on days when I don't run. It's going to take me quite awhile to get through this program but I will do more workouts/week when my running tapers off which will happen after the 10 mile race/when the weather gets colder. I'm really enjoying the program, though! The workouts are 20-35 minutes long and there is so much variety - intervals, strength training, mixed martial arts, stretching/recovery, etc. Shout-out to Kae for introducing me to this program!

The best money spent was on my sushi lunch and dinner out on Wednesday! Yes, I ate out twice that day - on patios for both meals. We met up at 7:45 on Wednesday night so I had already eaten but ended up getting a small side salad to go with my glass of wine as I love the house salad the restaurant (Red Cow) makes.

My plans this weekend include very little. This is a good thing as this week felt pretty over-scheduled and last weekend was pretty busy. I'll run 8-9 miles on Saturday with my neighbor and that is it for actual plans. It's going to be warm and summerlike so I think we might take the boys to the beach at our local lake on Sunday. Paul is very into using his scooter lately so I am sure we'll spend lots of time on our block scooting!

Bonus Paul and Will photos!

Crazy hair, don't care. I think it's time to get his hair professionally trimmed. I've done it a couple of times but I think it's time for a real haircut!

No interest in crawling but loves to stand along furniture!

Working in his toddler coloring book under the supervision of Oscar the cat.

Paul's crazy post-bath hair!

How was your week? Are you reading or watching anything good these days?