Monday, December 6, 2021

Baby Will's Birthday Weekend

Will had a full weekend of birthday celebrations! He ended up having 3 celebrations - one with my family over Thanksgiving, a little celebration with our little family on his actual birthday (Friday), and one with Phil's family on Sunday. That's a lot of celebrating! 


He has been pretty cranky this week since he's getting molars and fighting a cold, but he was in a great mood on his birthday! I snapped this photo of him before he went to school. 

That night he had yogurt, cauliflower tots, and mac and cheese for his birthday dinner. Yes, truly not an organic meal, but all of his favorite things! Just keeping it real over here! My mom had sent some extra cupcakes home with us, so we had those for dessert on Friday night. 

He loved the frosting and then enjoyed the sensory experience of destroying the cupcake! 

Mmmm, frosting!

Phil had to leave the room during the cupcake destruction! Ha! I knew I'd give him a bath that night so it did not bother me!
All cleaned up and enjoy8ing his favorite activity - bath time!


On Sunday, we had Phil's cousins and his aunt over for a birthday lunch. We had some snow that morning so my MIL wasn't able to join us as she was worried about the roads but we FaceTimed her when opening presents so she would feel included.

All dressed up for his birthday celebration!
I did not take a picture of the food, but I made pork and ground turkey tacos with all the fixing, plus chips, salsa, and guac. For dessert I made this GF banana cake with cream cheese frosting. It was delicious! 

He was not interested in the frosting and only ate the cake when sitting on my lap. 

He got lots of gifts from our guests. We did not buy Will a gift for his birthday, which probably sounds Scrooge-like, but we knew he'd get lots of things from extended family and he really doesn't need anything!

His favorite toy was this leap frog puppy that talks to you and flaps his ears. It's a little bit creepy because it will record what you say and say it back!

Paul enjoyed playing with Will's new toys, like this fishing set. We'll see how much he'll "let" Will play with his gifts. For Paul, what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine... 

It was a great birthday weekend with lots of celebration. He did really well with all the attention on Sunday as long as no one tried to hold him! Sleep has been crappy thanks to a never-ending cold and teething. But such is life for young babies in daycare. I'm on day 12 of this never-ending, ever-morphing cold but am dreaming of solid nights of sleep when the virus is behind us and his molars are in!

How was your weekend? 


Elisabeth said...

That picture of him in front of the tree is SO CUTE! What a sweetie. Ugh to molars, but it looks like lots of fun memories.

I 100% don't find it Scrooge-like that you didn't give a gift. He's so young and you knew he'd gets lots of other items from family members. Also, you gave him the gift of really, what more can he ask for!

Congrats to the whole family on this special milestone. Turning 1 is a big deal, and I have really happy memories of that stage with both my kiddos; some later birthdays just don't feel nearly as momentous, so I tried to soak up the miracle of surviving that first year with any shred of sanity.

Jeanie said...

What a great weekend and cute as a button! Sorry about the teeth and sniffles but it didn't seem to stop him. You're smart with the gifts (or lack thereof). He doesn't know, won't remember and really, it's overkill.

Big smiles!

Grateful Kae said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Great pictures! So cute. I'm sure he didn't even notice the lack of gifts from you guys ;) We are definitely "gift givers" to our kids, but I guess in our defense, we pretty rarely buy anything just for no reason for them. So even when they were babies, we would save items that they basically needed anyway (new age appropriate toys, books, cute clothes, whatever) and then those just became their gifts. But you're totally right in the fact that they get plenty and especially at that age, would never notice! My boys would never let us get away with that now at their ages- they'd definitely notice no gifts from mom and dad. lol! But enjoy it while you can. :)

Stephany said...

I'm glad Will had such a great first birthday! I think it makes total sense not to bother buying him any birthday gifts, especially at his age when he won't even notice!

I hope age 1 comes with a lot of good things, LIKE LOTS OF HEALTHY DAYS AND BETTER SLEEP!

San said...

What a fun birthday weekend! Will's so cute and seems like such a happy baby!