Friday, March 29, 2019

19 in 2019 Update

Sunday marks the end of the first quarter of 2019 (!!!) so I thought I'd give an update on how my 19 in 2019 list is going. Anything bolded has been completed; anything in Italics is on track to be completed.

Family Fun:
- Go on a date with Phil once a quarter
* We are going out on a date tomorrow night. This is the 3rd attempt to go on a date - the other 2 times we had to cancel due to snow storms. Womp womp.

- Go on a family outing to a state park

- Hike Inspiration Peak

- Take swimming lessons with Paul
* We started swimming lessons earlier this month!

- Take Paul to Wild Rumpus (amazing local kids' bookstore)

- Host a puzzle party
  * I hosted a birthday puzzle party in February! Puzzles are the perfect winter activity!

- Try a new restaurant once a quarter
  * I went to BLVD with college friends in January.

- Take Paul sledding at a park
  * We didn't go to a park - instead we have taken him sledding on the sidewalks in our neighborhood. He loves it! I wish we had gotten a sled earlier in the winter but I'm sure he'll still enjoy it next winter.

Personal Development:
- Figure out my enneagram type
  * I read The Road Back to You in March and confirmed my hunch that I am a 1. Ones are known as the perfectionist. I've struggled with perfectionism since I was a child so it wasn't too surprising to learn that I fell under this type. This book gives a good introduction to the different types and also talks about your wings. You have a dominant type and then associate with one of the 2 neighboring types. So I could be a 1 with a 9 wing or a 2 wing. I determined that I have a 2 wing.

- Train for and run a 10k

- Read 52 books
* I'm on track to blow this goal out of the water as I read 21 books in the first quarter of the year. Even though I knew 52 books was a low goal, I didn't want to increase it as I don't want to read for the sake of reading x books in a year. I know 52 is doable and not a stretch goal but I don't need a stretch goal when it comes to reading.

- Read all the unread books on my shelf; donate/sell any books I don't read by the end of 2019
  * I've read 2 books that I've owned for years and donated a bunch of books that had been piling up in our office. My goal is to try to read one book I own each month.

- Try a new recipe every month
  * In January I made Mini Philly Cheesesteak Meatloaves
  * In February I made Sheet Pan Garlic Ginger Chicken and Broccoli
  * In March I made Gluten Free Party Potatoes Deluxe

Pesky tasks:
- Get a will
  * We met with our attorney on February to discuss the will and signed it in March. It feels very good to have this pesky and not-fun task off our list! We also signed health care directives. This process is not fun but it's so important. Some of the important things laid out in our will/health care directives are formally naming guardians for Paul (which we had decided on shortly after he was born) and formalizing our burial preferences (both of us are opting to be cremated).

- Establish an organizational system for clothes Paul has outgrown
  * I bought plastic storage bins and have been organizing Paul's clothes are he grows out of each size.

- Stay up-to-date with Paul's baby book
  * I completed all the monthly updates for the first year and have had photos developed for each monthly photo page. I need to put the photos in the baby book but will save that task for a night when we are watching a movie.

- Make a 2018 photo book
  * A Shutterfly 40% off sale gave me the motivation to get this done! It took several hours but it felt good to press order!

- Start/maintain a 2019 photo book
  * After making a photo book for 2018, I started a 2019 photo book. My goal is to add pages for each month shortly after the month is over while it's still fresh in my memory! The pages for January and February are done!

Lofty goal:
- Buy our forever home (please please, universe, let this happen! We've been looking for 1.5 years!!)
  * We put an offer on a home in early March but sadly it was not accepted. Hopefully our house is out there!

I've crossed 6 items off the list and am on track to complete 8 other tasks. I feel pretty good about the progress I've made so far!

Did you set any goals for 2019? Are you happy with the progress you've made on your goals?


Jeanie said...

My only goal was my book goal -- 52 -- and so far I'm at 13, which is on track. Not a blowout but on track. And to paint more often, which I'm trying to do (and will do more of in the summer.) Other than that, one day at a time! I'd say well done, you, with your goals -- even the ones not done yet and especially the ones you have!

Marlys said...

You sure are a planner! I wish I could say the same, but have my goals in my head when I should write them down so I can review them from time to time.

I love that Paul enjoys being outdoors! I'm sure that will carry over this summer - can't wait to see how he likes being at the lake this summer!

I so hope you fulfill your goal to find a home! It's definitely a seller's market!

Stephany said...

You are doing so well with your goals, but it makes sense you would, you Enneagram 1 you. :) It's been so enlightening to find out my Enneagram type and really watch how I react to certain situations through the lens of it. I'm glad you figured out yours!

I've been doing pretty well with my 2019 goals and plan on doing an update next week about them!

Gracie said...

Could not agree more on the importance of advance directives. To a certain extent, wills are less controversial, as laws generally follow typical wishes. But end of life is so complex, and family members don't always know at all what a loved one might want medically. So much better to put it in writing!

katielookingforward said...

Thinking of you as you continue your house search!! Thank you for linking inspiration peak, that looks like an awesome hike!!

Amber said...

You are doing a great job on your goals!! We still have not gotten our will sorted. I need to get on that. I just need to make the dang appointment already. I owe a lot of money for taxes this year so kind of want to get through paying that and then tackle the will. Gosh, sometimes being an adult suckssss. Ha!

Fingers AND toes are super crossed that the right house comes along asap!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

You've done well so far! That is a lot of books to have read already in 2019 - wow! I read a lot at work (I am always in the process of reading two books aloud, or one book aloud twice, depending on the grade level my teaching partner and I have), as I teach English for both of our classes. My reading at home has definitely decreased over the years, but I do go to bed much earlier now than I did years ago, so I guess it's give and take. When we're in Thailand I want to definitely read at least two books; I'm looking forward to going to Chapters this weekend to pick them out.

San said...

Wow, you've been doing so well with your goals... has it been a struggle and did you have to check in often, or was it easy?

I love making lists, but for some reason always avoid making goal lists.

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Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

It’s cool to read all of these. I’m always impressed with your reading, but curious if someone brings up a title that you read maybe a few years ago, do you remember much about the book? I read books and know I read them, but often the details are very fuzzy once I’ve moved on from it.