Friday, March 15, 2019


Another 5-day work week is almost behind me. Next week is a 4-day work week as Paul's daycare is closed for conferences on Friday. I know some think it's odd to have teacher's conferences for a baby, but I appreciate getting 20-30 minutes with all of his teachers! He has 3 teachers and because he's there for 9.5-10 hours a day (such a long day, but unavoidable since Phil and I both work the same hours and have to factor in a 20-30 minute commute between daycare and work) Phil sees 1 of his teachers in the morning and I see the other 2 in the evening. I know we won't find out anything substantial at his conference but it will be good to check in with them and get a more thorough report on how he's doing. We absolutely LOVE his daycare and could not be happier with the love and care he is getting! All this is to say that I'm glad next week is a short work week!

After that little soliloquy about daycare, here is what's going on in my work!

The book I'm reading is From the Mixed of Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. This is a middle-grade novel that was published back in 1967. I had never heard of it when I was a child, but have seen it recommended multiple times in the last couple of years so I thought I would check it out. I like to occasionally read middle grade and young adult novels. That way I can buy them for nieces or nephews if they are a good fit or keep them in consideration when Paul is the appropriate age to read them. This book is about 2 siblings who runaway from home and go to live in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. It doesn't read like a 1967 novel - I was actually surprised to read that it was published that long ago! It's pretty cute so far and will be a quick read for me.

The high of my week was hearing Paul's teacher tell me about how he says hola with the other kids when the cook brings in their breakfast at daycare. I guess all the kids yell hola and Paul pounds his hands on the table in excitement (he eats so well at daycare - he pretty much eats anything they feed him. This is NOT the case at home). He doesn't say hola independently but will often repeat it when we say hola to him. It's cute to hear his little voice - I can't wait to hear him say more words! He also says "cracker". It's not perfect, but he's clearly trying to say cracker. Do you think he says mama, though??? NOPE! Crackers > mama, I guess. ;)

The low of my week was finding out an offer we made on a house was not accepted. We saw a beautiful home on Friday, went to see it for a 2nd time on Saturday and decided to make an offer. It was absolutely gorgeous and is by far the nicest house we've seen since we started looking. But there were 5 offers and we didn't have the highest price. The home needs a new garage as the current one wouldn't fit 2 cars and the floor of the garage was terribly cracked, so Phil felt that we shouldn't offer too much over the asking price since we'd have to build a garage. I was super disappointed and am trying to erase the pictures of the gorgeous kitchen from my mind. :(

A recipe I made was Smoky Lentil Potato soup in our instant pot. This is a recipe that we make 1-2 times/month. We add sausage to it to amp up the flavor a bit, but it's still good without the sausage. It makes a ton, but we love soup as leftovers. It doesn't look super appetizing as leftovers as the soup becomes pretty thick and it's a green color, but it tastes great which is all that matters to me!

The best money spent was on some clothes for Paul. I bought a shirt for our photo session this weekend and bought a few outfits for our Florida trip. We've spent so little on clothes for Paul as we've borrowed clothes from friends and received a bunch of hand-me-downs from my cousin. Since I don't shop for him very often, it was fun to pick up a few new things.

For workouts I did daily burn workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I'm planning to do 2 more workouts on Saturday and Sunday. I'm itching to get outside for walks and eventually some runs, but it's too icy out there. Our sidewalks are just so dangerous right now!

My plans this weekend include staying in tonight. Tomorrow morning we have our photo session and then friends are coming over for a card night that evening. On Sunday Phil's mom is coming over for lunch and then Paul and I are getting together with a friend for a play date in the afternoon. So we have a good mix of social activities for the weekend!

Bonus Paul Pics

He loves banana pancakes so much. He shoves so many into his mouth at one time!

He's using his walker more and more and is getting more steady each week

"look at my car, kitty!" Kitty doesn't care. Ha.

He loves the little scooter that my parents gave him for his birthday!
What was the high of your week? What are your plans for the weekend?


Charbelle said...

I'm so sorry about the house! I know it's so challenging to find just the right space! Yay for short work weeks! Next Friday I took the day and I'll squeeze in a run before Charlotte and I head to the beach with Tiffany and K for a girls beach getaway. Of course, this was planned before I realized I was going to have a car payment, ugh! It's fine, we will have a great time! Love the Paul pics!!! My coworker's little girl also will eat many things at her daycare that she refuses to eat at home, she's 3 and it's always been this way. I'm excited to see the pictures!!! I'm SO glad it's Friday!!!

Marlys said...

I love the look on Paul's face when he's sitting on his scooter! I think he's going to love scooting up & down the sidewalk this spring.
I feel so bad that you didn't get that house - it was almost perfect except for that garage! I so hope another one pops up soon that might even be better!
Our plans this weekend include the Symphony Concert in Fargo, so always look forward to that. The weather looks descent for a change - Alleluia!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Sorry to hear about the house; that's too bad. I know you are being very patient with the house hunt, so it must be frustrating to find one that you want and then have it not go through. I'm hoping something even better comes along for you :-)

This weekend we're heading over to our friends' house for a birthday gathering/dinner, and other than that, just hanging around the house.

Stephany said...

Oof, I am really sorry to hear your offer didn't get accepted for the house. I know this house hunting process has been a frustrating experience for you, and to find a house you actually love and not get the offer accepted has to be such a bummer!

I think it's so cool that your daycare does conferences with the parents, even for babies! From my daycare experience, we only did that for the pre-k kids, but I can imagine it could be so useful for parents of babies and toddlers!

The high of my week was going to my first author event! Authors never come to Tampa for signings for some reason, so it was such a thrill to find out Taylor Jenkins Reid was coming to Tampa and to meet her!

Gracie said...

I'm sorry to hear about the house. Just trust that there is a better house for you! With a better kitchen! I definitely feel your pain, though. Years ago, when the uptown market was really hot, a lovey old home on our cross street went up for sale. At this time, it was basically a bidding war: agents would set an asking price, which was basically a baseline price, and accept offers for 24 or even 12 hours. I had always loved this house from the outside, and even though the inside needed a lot of work (it had an incredible antique kitchen with a 1900 enamel gas range - quaint, but useless), we put in an offer. We offered $50k over the asking price and didn't get it. And sure, I'm happy with my house now, but it stung to drive past the other house every day for years after not being able to buy it! So I feel your pain. I hope your forever home shows up for you soon!

Jeanie said...

Wonderful photos! Very cute about hola! Molly has teacher conferences in daycare too -- must be the thing these days.

Big bummer on the house. Fingers crossed for the next one. It's good you don't have to move right away so you can take your time to find the best one but still, it had to be so disappointing.

Off to make soda bread and get the corned beef ready. No cabbage for us, though!

katielookingforward said...

Its early in the hot house market, so I'm hopeful that you'll find a great place this year! I offered asking on mine and we really under-estimated how much money the remodeling would cost. So I think Phil was right in not being too aggressive knowing you'd need to do some work. Enjoy the short work week and time hearing more about Paul!

Amber said...

Oh man that picture of him on his little scooter is sooooo adorable!! I love that he says hola and bangs his hands on the table in excitement, that's seriously adorable as well! Olivia still does not say hi and she also doesn't say bye but if we say bye to her she waves bye back haha. She threw one of her balls this weekend and went "BAAA" so I think she was trying to say ball. She says Da all day long every day right now and when Eric is home she goes "Da!" and he goes "what bub" and then they go back and forth like that lol.

San said...

It's so cute when kids start to talk.... I think my favorite time was when my niece and nephew were around 2... they said so many cute, funny things :)

I am sorry that your offer for the house didn't get accepted. That is a bummer.