Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Things Friday

Oh Friday - I'm so happy to see you!  Here's what on my mind this week!

1.  Tonight Phil and I are hanging out with 3 of his friends and their significant others.  We're going to dinner and playing some games after so that is my kind of night!  I really like Phil's friends and feel lucky that I get along with the girls so well as it's not always the case that you mesh well with other couples.  Us girls have talked about going paddle boarding together this summer so hopefully we can find a time to do that!

2.  Tomorrow morning I am doing my first long run on trails.  My race this fall is a trail half so it's time to start incorporating some trail runs.  To be honest, I am a little nervous about this as I am more of a road runner but it will be interesting and hopefully fun to check out some of the local trails (although I am not looking forward to all the driving I'll have to do to get to the trails.  I hate driving).  I am running with some others from my running club so am glad I'll have company out there.  It seems like most runners I know prefer trail running but for some reason I don't see myself falling in that camp.  Maybe I'm just not "zen" enough?  But maybe I'll feel differently by the time the race rolls around!

3.  I've throw in the towel on sleeping well on week nights.  Most mornings I wake up around 4 am and don't fall back asleep.  I know it has to be stress related and I don't really know how to eliminate the stress, so I am just accepting that I won't sleep as many hours during the week as I'd like.  It does make getting up at 5 am to workout a lot easier, though, so there's the silver lining.

4.  Speaking of workouts, I've continued to incorporate 3-4 shred workouts each week.  It really helps to have Amber as an accountability partner to keep me motivated.  I'm on track to continue my streak of a workout every day of the month which feels good!  

5.  Even though Julia Child Night #6 is 4-5 months away, my aunt and I are already starting to experiment with recipes!  I am hoping to test the main course dish, Chicken Provencal, this weekend!

What's 5 (or fewer) things are on your mind today?


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I am not much of a trail person. I think it stems from the stress and anxiety of thinking about running into a critter! I do NOT enjoy animals.

Nora said...

Love that Julia Child night planning is already underway! So fun.

On my mind today... nothing fun! Forgot to find a sitter so I can go to a surprise party tomorrow night; need to pack for my trip; how will I fit in workouts the next two days. Basically all stress and no fun right now. But it's Friday!

Have fun tonight; a group date and games sounds so fun. xo

Caroline said...

Have fun with Phil and friends! It's always good when the group gets along well :)

I'm excited for this weekend! I'm going up the lake in NH for the first time this summer and I'm helping out with a wedding tomorrow!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I am glad you are getting into a little more trail running. I know that you have mentioned that you don't love it, but I think that maybe you have just not had the opportunity to make it a habit....or not. I know that you love to go out hiking, and to me trail running is just quick hiking! Fingers crossed that you find your "zen".

Game night sounds right up your alley! I love people who like to get together for things like that. That is also my idea of a perfect night. Good thing you get along with the other couples; as you said, that doesn't always happen, especially with the other girls.

One of my five things would be that I am looking forward to getting some things done in the garden this weekend. Nothing big, just tying up the beans and maybe trimming the lemon tree. Other than that, I plan on taking a couple of short runs (I am in taper right now) and doing a lot of studying.

Leigh said...

It's a great feeling when a group of couples all gets along...makes things so much easier to hang out! I don't have much going on...pretty quiet weekend for me and that's okay :)

Abby said...

If I remember correctly - there are some really neat trails close to where you used to live? I also remember finding this park in Minneapolis (maybe close to St Louis Park?) -- and I went for like a 12 mile trail run. It was beautiful!

That date night is my kind of Friday night! Have fun!!

Hoe you can get some rest this weekend!

My headliner this Friday is that I officially joined a Masters Swim team this morning! I'm so excited to have a coach. The workouts are awesome, too!!

Tomorrow Ryan and I are kayaking the Salt River - so that should be a blast!

Carolina John said...

I bet you are really enjoying being this close to your family again. Just being able to hang with your aunt instead of flying up just for Julia Childs night must be such a relief!

Have fun with Phil and the crew tonight!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I don't know if this is even true but I've convinced myself that trail running is easier on my body (especially my knee) and that is what made me start loving it. I also like to look at the beautiful scenery :)

Have fun with Phil and his friends tonight! It's definitely good that you get along with his friends.

Marlys said...

I hope you find trail running enjoyable as the scenery would be such a treat! Hope it works out for you.
Have a fun night! Sounds like a perfect one!
I went to a funeral this morning, and am going to a wedding this afternoon, and then to the lake!
I'm going to be all alone so plan to get some reading in!

Emilie said...

Have fun at game night tonight! I have one planned with my family + godparents later this month. I love games! Good luck on your trail run. It's not my favorite either, but it's kind of nice to break up routine a bit.

1. Pete is moving in with me this weekend/next week and we are remodeling his bathroom and repainting his two bedrooms on Sunday so the condo can be rented.
2. I have a ten mile run planned this weekend that I'm stressing about only because I have so much to do!
3. I got back into lifting weights at the gym this week and that makes me so happy.

Have a great weekend!

Amber said...

I hope you guys had a fun night with the other couples! Eric and I don't make time to hang out with other couples enough, it's something I'd like to do more.

I don't know if I have five things for you. It's super super hot here and our non air conditioned house is like an oven. It's affected my ability to think clearly the last couple of weeks. haha

Stephany said...

Game nights are my favorite kinds of nights. And getting along with Phil's friends' girlfriends? That's so awesome! Makes for some fun nights, I'm sure. :)

I did a trail race once a looooong time ago and I promised myself I would never, ever, ever run on the trails again. Haha. I hated it! I hope your run went well yesterday!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I never used to have issues with sleep. And now, most Sunday nights are really hard for me to settle down my brain, which jumps into all the things I have to do during the upcoming week. And, on at least 1-2 additional nights, I'm also struggling with sleep (I wake up a lot and find it hard to get comfortable again). For me, it's no wonder couples used to sleep in separate beds - if one is having a bad night of sleep, at least they don't bother the other. Ha.

Jeanie said...

See -- I knew how all this would turn out because I am reading backwards! As for stress, think about what you've had over the past couple of months (OK, year, but I'm thinking move and new job). You'll get a handle on it I'm sure.

And I meant to say in my other comment, Phil is very cute and you two look very nice together!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That's great that you get along with Phil's friends so well :-) I totally want to do a Julia Child night - it always looks so fun when you do it.