Friday, April 1, 2016

Podcasts, Books, Workouts, and Looks of March

Happy Friday! Once again, I'm making a slight shift to my monthly recap. Normally I'd share miles, for the time being I'll share workouts because no miles are being ran. Womp womp.


Milk Wanted by Reply All - This podcast is all about breast milk. Namely, it's about how hard and expensive it is to acquire if you are unable to produce any/enough for your child. Even though I don't have kids, I still found this episode really interesting!

Brilliant vs. Boring by Planet Money - Ok, this is financy, but I work in finance so had to share something that I found interesting. This episode is about Warren Buffett's bet that a passively managed strategy (i.e. an index fund that tracks the performance of the S&P 500) would outperform a group of hedge funds over a 10 year period. The bet started in 2006 so is in it's final year. The premise of the episode is whether it's better to use passively managed strategies or actively managed.  Or in other words, can a portfolio manager consistently outperform an index like the S&P 500? The implications of where you stand on this should impact how you invest money in your 401(k) and other investment accounts. I recognize this is a super nerdy/financy conversation but I think improving financial knowledge is so important, especially for those in my age bucket as social security will likely be a thing of the past by the time we retire!

The No-Tipping Point by Freakonomics - This podcast talks about a restaurant owner in NYC that is experimenting with eliminating tipping by adjusting the prices of the menu so that hospitality is included (i.e. no tipping). As a result, they will be able to pay their chefs more and reduce the disparity between what the front of the house (servers) and the kitchen staff makes. This was a very fascinating podcast to listen to. I was shocked to hear how little chefs are paid and how low the profit margins of restaurants are (around 7%!!!). 


This wasn't my best month of reading as my general thought about the books I read this month was "meh" with the exception of the last book I read which was really great.  Also I read 30% of 2 books and then abandoned them because I couldn't get into either book. I guess there are months where you just aren't connecting with what you are reading. Here's hoping April is better. As usual, the starred books counted toward the Read Harder Challenge.

It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig - 3 stars
Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson* - 3 stars
A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman - 3 stars
The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend - 2 stars
Speaking of Faith by Krista Tippett - 3 stars
Moonlight Over Paris by Jennifer Robson - 4 stars


Despite the hip issues I've been having, I managed to workout 27 times, and 15 of those workouts were yoga with the remainder being mostly long walks and some elliptical or stationary bike workouts. I have a hard time considering "long walks" a workout but such is the state of my life these days. At least I'm getting some high intensity workouts in when I go to yoga sculpt!


The weather was so weird in March. I went from winter clothes to spring clothes and then back to winter clothes again. Towards the end of the month I decided to wear springy clothing, even if it was wintery out. I just needed a pop of color to brighten my mood! My apologies for the crappy bathroom photos!

In outfit #1, I'm wearing a border-line obnoxiously bright pink silk top from Banana Republic that I purchased last summer with my favorite navy pants that I got at a Cabi party last summer. I wish they made these pants in more colors because they are soooo comfortable.

Outfit #2 is another pink Banana Republic top that I purchased recently with a 50% off coupon. I'm really trying to limit my clothes purchases but decided to buy a couple of light-weight sweaters for the spring/summer season as I need long sleeves tops for work (my office is freezing!). And once again I am wearing my favorite navy Cabi pants.


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I love your office bathroom photos and really hope one day someone walks in while you are taking one hahaha.
Great job getting to yoga so much this month! I've been trying to go once a week and even that is a challenge for me, ha ha.

Charbelle4 said...

Ok that one about Warren Buffet, I want to know if it made a difference? I have been super curious about that anyways. I work in Captive insurance, which is fascinating, and while finance is SO FAR from my abilities (I do good to keep my check book balanced we've discussed) I do try to keep up as best I can because it does affect what I do. I have been saving for retirement since Summit, so since 2007. Not a lot but I know that SS probably won't be around. The good part is I work in an industry where I probably won't have to retire for a long long time, so I can work and save for at least 30 more years.

OK long walks might not be the same as long runs, by a long shot, but they are getting out and getting air and I do find that I feel better mentally. I'm trying to be way more conscious of my calories because I know I'm not burning the same way as running.

Jeanie said...

I loved Moonlight Over Paris, too. It hit all my sweet spots!

Long walks count. Maybe not the same but they definitely count!

And I love that pink silk top! So colorful! I'm back in a sweater today after 61 yesterday. Oh well, when it's 95 we'll be wishing for a day off from heat!

Megan Schmidt said...

All three of those podcasts are in my feed and I loved all three of those episodes! Planet Money and Freakanomics are classic favorites but Reply All is moving its way up to the top of my list with its interesting and quirky stories. I never quite know what to expect but I love the candidness the share with the listeners!

Nora said...

I LOVE that pink top that you are wearing. I haven't pulled out the spring/summer clothes yet so I feel very monochromatic and boring, but I guess eventually it will get warm enough that I can start to wear brighter colors with less sleeves :)

Marlys said...

I haven't pulled out my spring/summer clothes yet, either, but do love both of those tops! It is great that they have long sleeves in this cooler climate, and if your office is chilly.
I am anxious to try out my new elliptical this weekend! We got it set up, but last weekend was too busy to try it out, so that is on my list for tomorrow. It sounds like it will be cold and rainy so a good opportunity to use it!

katielookingforward said...

This time of the year is so hard for clothes!! I did a bunch of online purchases but only managed to add two new tops, and one pair of capris to my stash.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I also loved that Freakonomics episode! They have gone to no tipping in several restaurants in the Bay Area and I haven't been to any of them yet, but I feel that it's a good idea, as long as the profit isn't just going to the restaurant! I have not caught up on my Planet Money recently, but that Buffet one sounds right up my alley! My boss and I analyze that kind of stuff all the time: which strategy is better? I would have to say passive just off the top of my head, but I guess I will have to listen to the podcast first!

Stephany said...

My office is downright frigid so it's like, "Oh, a high of 85 today? Cardigan weather!" I have to dress for my frozen tundra office, even when it is hot and sunny outside! I have a jacket, a blanket, and slippers at my desk because sometimes it is soooo cold and I can't handle it.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

You worked out 27 times!!?? That's amazing girl! That's one area that I really need to get better at. I hate working out ... until I start, then I'm okay.

Jenny said...

I love that even though you have hip issues right now you still find a way to move and workout. If you could bottle your motivation I'd be your first customer! :D I haven't listened to that freakonomics podcast but Kane mentioned it the other day as we have a no tipping culture in New Zealand and it seems to be more beneficial for all involved.

Linda said...

I'm going to have to listen to the money podcast tomorrow!

San said...

Red looks really great on you!