Friday, May 20, 2016

Currently: May Edition

Happy Friday!  My first week back at work went pretty well.  It was really great to be out of the house and doing something productive after a week of laying around and watching a whole lot of Gilmore Girls while recovering from surgery! Here's what's currently going on in my life these days.

Reading:  Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunee. This is a book that I have owned for quite awhile and am finally getting around to reading. I just started it on Wednesday so haven't gotten very far but it's been interesting so far!

Loving: all the kitty snuggles from Oscar! I still can't believe how affectionate she is towards me. Before I moved in, she would usually sit on the dining room table and stare at us when I was over!  I think Phil is getting a little bit jealous, though!

Thinking: about how weird it is that this week marked 2 years since I moved back from Charlotte. It's kind of weird to think that I ever lived there as it seems like a distant memory! Time has certainly flown since I moved back and I'm oh so grateful to be living in Minneapolis!

Feeling:  kind of gross due to my inability to workout. My PT limited me to 20 minutes of biking per day until I'm further along in my recovery and the only other thing I can do at the gym is use the arm bike. It's better than nothing but FAR less activity than I was used to. I know I have to be patient while my body is healing but I miss sweating! Plus I have to be way more careful about what I am eating since I'm not burning many calories these days.

Anticipating: lots of fun things including grilling with friends on Saturday night, celebrating Phil's mom's birthday next week, spending Memorial Day Weekend at the lake with my family, and being done with crutches in late May/early June!

Watching: CNN's series, The Sixties and The Seventies on Netflix. I was familiar with some of the big news stories from the 60s and 70s but since this isn't an era that was covered in history class, my depth of knowledge was pretty shallow. Each episode is about 40 minutes long and they are so well done and interesting. Man a lot of crazy/bad stuff happened in the 60s and 70s! It makes me think that maybe things aren't so bad right now.  Well, besides the fact that Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. Last night after finishing an episode of The Seventies, I told Phil that someday our grandchildren are going to watch a documentary on the 2010s and be like - 'that guy was nominated to run for president? What were people thinking???'

Working: on a short article at work about European preferred securities. It's an area of the fixed income market that I don't know much about so it's been a good project for me to work on. I fully recognize that most likely no one that reads my blog has any idea what preferred securities are, though.  ;)  

Grateful: that I am living with Phil. I seriously don't know what I would have done without his help over the last 2 weeks. He's been an excellent caretaker. 

Listening: to podcasts less than I used to now that I don't have a walking commute and can't go for long walks. I've fallen way behind and have quite the queue but hopefully I'll get caught up when I am off crutches and back to spending more time doing meal prep. 

Wishing: we had another vacation planned but we are holding off on planning something until I am further along in my recovery. We don't take vacations in the summer since it's the best time of year in Minnesota so there's no rush to plan something...  but I like to have a trip to look forward to so hopefully we'll come up with a plan soon.

What are you watching, anticipating, and wishing for these days?


Erin said...

Jason has been watching those on Netflix as well!!!! You two should talk! He's always wanting to strike up a conversation about something he has watched and half the time I can't contribute to the convo because I know very little about the topic at hand!

I know, like me, you rarely get political on your posts--so reading your comment about Trump caught me off guard. Oh friend---I am surrounded by Trump supporters in my neck of the woods and it is VERY hard to deal with at times. I just don't understand the support for him. I think it really has to do with people being so unhappy with how things are that they somehow think he can fix it. Because of that, they seem to overlook his abrasive ways and inappropriate comments. It's very hard for me to comprehend because I feel like many of my friends/family/co-workers who support him would have never even have said he was a decent human being a few years ago. I think that is what frustrates me the most.

We are headed to our favorite lake over Memorial Day as well. I can't wait! The only part I'm not looking forward to is avoiding political conversations. My niece just told me last night she can't wait to wear her Trump shirt. I fear I will have a hard time keeping my mouth shut over differing opinions but I'm going to try my best :)

Jeanie said...

Oh, Oscar is so beautiful! I love that photo of the two of you. And I couldn't agree more about Trump but I'm really getting worried that he could make it. Seems very weird out there. I don't understand people who say "I don't like him and he's awful but I won't vote for a Democrat." I worry about how that affects turnout. I just don't get it...

So, I'm watching a Brit series on DVD called "Scott and Bailey" and my PBS Sunday Brit night; Wishing this political season would get over and anticipating two things -- our make-and-take tea tomorrow and hitting the lake for the first time on Memorial Day!

Linda said...

I adore that photo of you and kitty. I saw it yesterday on Instagram!

High five to Phil for being an excellent caretaker.

I'm excited to go to Houston this weekend despite all the packing and final editing I need to do for ceremony script!

Leigh said...

Glad to hear your return to work has gone well :) Your weekend sounds like fun and it's always nice to have things to look forward to. We don't have many plans this weekend- it's supposed to rain all weekend, boo. But very typical of the long weekend here. Hope you have a great weekend!

Raquelita said...

I just can't even with Trump. I am so incredibly concerned and the amount of support that he has bewilders me because he says so many racist and sexist things. It seriously depresses me.

I'm glad to hear that you are at least able to bike 20 minutes a day. Hopefully patience now will mean you will be going for long walks and listening to podcasts again before too long! In the meantime, kudos to Phil for being a good caretaker.

I'm anticipating a bunch in the next few weeks: the Seattle Marathon, a fundraising gala that I'm co-hosting, planning my research trip to Spain.

Nora said...

Watching: Grace & Frankie on Netflix. I love Jane Fonda (I used to her workout videos with my mom when I was little) and Lily Tomlin. The show is a bit progressive and tackles all kinds of things (adoption, LGBTQ relationships, living your life after divorce in your 70s, dating, family, drug addiction) but they manage to keep it lighthearted most of the time, funny, and so relatable. I only have 2 episodes left before I'm done with season two and I really hope there is a season three.

Anticipating: This weekend. Really anxious about it, actually.

Wishing: That it was Memorial Day weekend already. Work has been NUTS for about the last six weeks and I just need a true, honest to goodness break where the rest of the US is off and not emailing me, too.

Gracie said...

That's so sweet that Oscar is taking care of you! It's like pets know when we need them.

Amber said...

Watching: Gilmore Girls and anticipating our trip to Toronto in just over a week! That's about it for me. Also just still working on adjusting to a new life and schedule!

Stephany said...

Even worse: what if our grandchildren are saying "how did Trump ever become President of the United States?" Oof. That's frightening to think about!

I'm currently watching Gilmore Girls, anticipating finishing up my No Buy month, and wishing for some clarity.

katielookingforward said...

I'm rewatching the first season of Revenge, it takes place in the summer after all! Other than that I'm trying very hard to get back into a workout routine, but I'm on week 7 of overtime (45+ hour weeks) and it is not going well.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love preferreds! I'm not sure if you are talking thousand or 25 dollar par, but whatever, they are both fun! We like to sometimes call them "a bond in drag" or in San Francisco, "a trannie", not to be confused with the transportation sector.

I am currently reading The Terror, which is about a billion pages long and is taking me forever, but it will satisfy my Horror category for the RHC. If I would have known I was going to read this one, I may have also used it for my Over 500 category, which I have already satisfied. It's got a lot of information, but I think maybe it's a bit TOO much info, as I am not really reading it as fast as I would like.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Watching - The last couple episodes of Mad Men.

Anticipating - A very busy (but fun) weekend ahead.

Wishing for - I'm wishing that little things that need to be done around the house (planting of flowers, paint touch-ups etc.) would take care of themselves - ha!