Friday, July 20, 2018

My Return to Work

I've been back to work for a little over a week now, so I thought I'd check in and talk about how it's going! So here is a 'bullet-point style' post with my thoughts!

- I'm so glad that I eased back into it with half days. It really helped to have a 'gentle' return to work. I'd highly recommend this to other moms if it's an option.

- We are so grateful for the family and friend that helped us cover the gap between my return to work and Paul's start day at daycare. This week Paul was watched by my aunt for 2 half days, a friend for a half day and my mom for 2 full days. Everyone who watched him said they really enjoyed their time with him.

- Paul spent a half day with my friend at her house as she was home with her almost-6-month-old son, Gus. Last time Paul and Gus hung out, Paul had no interest in socializing. But this time he was so enamored with Gus! I love the look on Paul's face in the photo below! Paul and Gus are only 5 weeks apart - I can't wait to watch them grow up together!

- Paul has handled being cared for by different people pretty well. However, he did give me the saddest frowny face when he woke up from his nap after I got home last night. :( My mom went to get him (I was pumping) and when he saw me, he gave me the saddest face. It's like he all of a sudden realized he was with someone else all day. He only gave me the sad face for a little bit but it definitely pulled at my heart strings!

Why must you leave me each day??

- Work has been really busy which has been a great distraction. It's been a bit jarring/discombobulating to be back at work, though. The company I work for was bought by another larger company 3+ years ago and they are getting around to merging things at my level of the company. So there have been lots of changes while I was out and I found out this week that I will have a new boss in September. It's just kind of disorientating to come back and feel like things have shifted and changed. I'm sure that when the dust settles, my role won't be all that impacted. It's just a weird feeling to come back after 4 months and deal with getting back into the swing of things at work + adjusting to other changes. It's been making my head spin.

- Pumping at work kind of sucks. Lugging stuff back and forth is such a nuisance. I'm hoping to buy a pump from a friend so I don't have to haul mine back and forth. Luckily I'm the only pumping mom right now so I don't have any competition for the mother's room. I kind of doubt Paul will exclusively drink breast milk for a year. My goal is to get to 6 months when he will start eating food and then I will start to cut back on how often I am pumping. Babies are still supposed to get the majority of their nutrition from milk when they start eating solids at 6 months so we might have to supplement with formula but hopefully I'll continue to produce enough to give him a couple of bottles of breast milk a day.

There you have it! All in all, my return to work has gone pretty smoothly. I'm nervous for his first day of daycare on Monday but I know we'll all get through it!


Carolina John said...

Glad it went pretty smooth going back! That sad face is so perfect. And good luck with the daycare dropoff next week.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I'm glad to hear your return to work went well, but man ohhh man, that adorable pout face is too sweet. He missed you! That's so nice that you had people who could help you out before he started at daycare, and it's great that your work allowed you to come back for 1/2 days to start.

katielookingforward said...

I'm glad you're leaving the pumping as something to see how it goes. And thank goodness for half days! Paul's pout face is good! Maybe you can show him that when he's a teenager and mad at you for enforcing a curfew?

Gracie said...

So nice to have friends and family to care for Paul right now. But the frowning face! So adorable! Hope the transition stays on a smooth course for you. I know you're probably a little relieved to be back at work after such a long break.

Lori Honeycutt said...

I'm glad that you were able to ease back into it! Oh my goodness, all the changes though! That kind of dynamic stresses me out, I'm going through it at work now too in different ways but I can relate! I've been thinking about you and how it's all going! Sending extra prayers and thoughts today since it's the first day of daycare. I think Paul is going to LOVE it! I truly believe when it comes to the decisions that parents choose for their families there are no wrong answers it's all about what is right for each family. I'm always amazed at each of my mom friends, you included, who do such a phenomenal job at handling everything!!! Hugs!!!

Jeanie said...

I'm glad it's going well and especially glad you could slip into it a bit gradually. And that Paul isn't dealing so much with stranger danger while you are gone.

Disconcerting about the new boss, though. I know how much you appreciated your current one and that will be a change. I hope the other is as good as this one as been and as understanding with the medical stuff.

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

I am anxious to hear how his first day of daycare goes! He was happy being in his own terrain and was so easy and fun to care for! He delights in people and smiles every time you look at him! Such a sweet baby he is! I miss him already, so hope it won't be too long before we meet again!
I think your adjusting to the changes at work will be more difficult than Paul's @ dacare!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

He is getting so big! I love how expressive his face still is! I hated pumping at work and if I had to do it exclusively I don't know if I would have done it.

Stephany said...

One of my coworkers came back from maternity leave last Monday, and it made me realize how weird it must feel to come back to work after your entire life changed! She's definitely struggling and it breaks my heart. I hope your transition is going a bit more smoothly. I'm glad you started with half-days!

Fingers crossed everything goes well with the daycare dropoffs. He's going to get SO much love from the staff, though. As a former daycare worker, I can attest to that. I still remember the babies I rocked and snuggled and played with. <3

Amber said...

I am so glad you were able to ease back in with half days! I too am hoping to ease back in part time in November. Even though it's still about 3.5 months away I really do feel like my return to work is looming and I'm both looking forward to and dreading the change of routine. Yay for awesome family and friends that also helped with Paul during your transition!

Sandra Bond said...

It sounds like you had a pretty good transition back to work, although I can only imagine how hard it is to leave Paul ins someone else's care for most of the day.
And then coming back to work and adjusting to a lot of changes must make it feel like you were gone 'forever', which you weren't.
I hope you'll all settle into a good routine though.