Monday, March 16, 2020

COVID-19 Check In

Happy Monday. Or is it? Our world has been thrown into a weird place with the advance of COVID-19. Minnesota was a bit behind the coastal states in terms of cases but it has really ramped up the last several days and we had our first confirmed cases of community transition (COVID cases with no travel or known contact with other COVID-19 cases) yesterday. I've been a bit on the edge about COVID for awhile now as I am in the high risk group since I am on immune suppressant drugs for my RA so am more susceptible to lung issues. But I'm trying to stay calm.

So here's a little COVID-19 update!

- I started to work from home (WFH) on Friday as my company asked all high risk employees to work from home starting Friday. But then on Friday they announced that all employees except those that really need to be in the office (call centers and traders) will WFH through at least Easter. When I told my boss I fell into the high risk camp and would be WFH starting Friday, he said he was planning to call me to check in on how I was feeling/encourage me to WFH as he knows about my RA/RA drugs. I feel lucky to a) have an understanding boss, b) work for an understanding company, and c) have the ability to WFH. Not everyone is in the position I am in!

My co-worker
- Paul's daycare is still open, despite schools closing for at least the next 8 days. I sent a note to my Rheumatologist last night asking if we should send him to daycare. She responded within 30 minutes (impressive!) and urged me to keep him home to reduce my risk of contracting COVID-19. This is not ideal as it's very hard to get work done with a 2-year old around. Phil's office is still open but he will WFH when he can, especially on days when I have conference calls. That way we can tag team caring for Paul. I've accepted that he will watch more tv than usual so I can get work done. It's not optimal, but the shows he watch have an educational element to them so that makes me feel a little less guilty.

- To offset the cabin fever we are experiencing, we are getting outside as much as we possibly can. We went for 2 walks yesterday, and stopped at the park on one of those walks. We are glad that the virus is hitting later in our winter season. If it hit in December or January, it would be much harder to get outside frequently. My goal is to get outside for walks at least once a day on week days and for sure twice a day on weekends.

Overall, I am trying to stay calm and optimistic. It is scary to look at what is happening in Italy. But hopefully the social distancing, school closures, etc, will flatten the curve here in the US.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!!


missris said...

Sending you all hugs from Boston! Stay well <3

Carolina John said...

We're in the same boat - office didn't close officially, but said that if we could work from home then we should not come in. I feel like I've been preparing for social distancing for several years now, kinda glad my time has come!

Stephany said...

I'm glad your work was super flexible with you about working from home with COVID-19. It's such a weird, scary time. I'm just hoping we can start to flatten the curve, I'm really worried that we took too long to respond in time. But time will tell. At least it's being taken VERY seriously now and things will start to turn around soon.

I hope you're able to get some stuff done with working from home with a toddler! That has to be so tough!

Jeanie said...

I'm sure it's hard working from home with Paul but I think you're smart not to have him in care, especially with your situation. glad you can still get outside.

Shoshanah said...

Our company spend a lot of today handing out equipment to employees to be able to work from home. Louisiana has really high numbers especially considering the population. At this point basically everything is closed down schools, movies, bar, gyms, restaurants. Although they are allowing restaurants to do pick-up, delivery, and drive-through though.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Been thinking of you this week! <3

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Life sure feels different these days. We are currently having a one week educational pause, so I am at home. After next week, I believe I'll be working from home for a while. Not sure what that will look like though, so I'm just waiting to find out.

katielookingforward said...

Love to you! I thought of Paul when I saw ducks on my walk yesterday!

San said...

This is such a crazy, scary time for all of us. I must admit, I don't envy parents who have to entertain/homeschool their kids AND try to get some work done.
I am glad though that both your workplaces are so flexible with the work arrangement! I am sure everyone is very understanding in these trying times.