Friday, April 16, 2010

Three Things Friday

Hello, friends! Happy Friday! Today caps off my first week back with The Chariot. Ahh, it is good to be back. This first week has kind of felt like an on-going high school reunion... err, in a world were high school reunions are a good thing - they aren't in mine... Anyways, I have seen so many familiar faces. When all these changes started happening in my life, I was really questioning if I had made the right choice when leaving The Psych Experiment; after this week, I feel absolutely confident that I am where I should be!

But today's post isn't about that.

Today, I'd like to get to know you, my readers, a little bit better. I'm fastly approaching my 2 year Blogoversary - which is June 3rd! It's hard to believe I've been at this for nearly 2 years. Over those 2 years, I've really grown as an individual, and as a writer. When I started out, my only faithful commenters were my mom and my aunt Barb!

I've gotten to know most of you pretty well by reading your blogs, but I think it's always fun to learn a little more about each other.

So today, I will share 3 things about you, and then maybe you can share 3 things about yourself in my comments! And yes, I am also talking to the lurkers who don't comment (Wink, wink, Pat, that includes you).

Here are my 3 things:

1. I am a total Francophile. I really became a Francophile when I spent 3 weeks in France during the summer of 2008 (chronicled on my first blog), but I think I was always destined to be a Francophile. When I was in 4th grade, we had to write a report about a composer for our music class. I insisted that the teacher assign me a French composer as I had French Ancestry (Totally not true. I am German/Scottish/Swedish). When it came time to give our reports, I delivered mine in a "French accent" - or at least a 4th grader's interpretation of a French accent. What can I say, I had have a flare for the dramatic. And a healthy imagination.

2. My favorite color is pink. In college, I wore so much pink clothing, I would do an entire load of pink laundry!

3. My first job, besides babysitting, was teaching piano. I taught piano during my Junior and Senior year of high school. I had about 10 students, including my little sister! That was interesting... I always thought that maybe someday my life would mirror my piano teacher's life and that I'd get married, be a stay at home mom, and teach lessons out of my home. That's looking pretty darn unlikely, but we'll see what the future holds!

Alright, your turn! Please make my day by sharing three things about yourself!


Kelly said...

I didn't know your favorite color was pink too! I have done whole loads of pink clothes also. Plus you should've seen my roommate and my closet in college, we both had so much pink stuff the entire closet had a pink glow to it haha.
Also, since you love France so much- why did you decide to study abroad in Australia? Random question :)

3 fun facts about me- I get angry when I'm hungry or tired, my happy place is riding on a speed boat on a lake (ocean makes me a bit sea sick) and I love ice cream haha but you knew that already!

Charbelle said...

How funny about the accent in the 4th grade!
Random facts: 1. I love pink too but my favorite color is purple.
2. However when it comes to clothes the main color in my closet is black. Because my second jobs have been retail and restaurant this is my go to color.
3. Despite the fact that I refuse to watch horror or extremely violent movies I do like to watch true crime and shows that explain how murders were solved. I guess this is because the violence has already happened and through amazing science they are able to punish the one who did it. Even on these shows I usually can't watch if it has to do with violence against a child.

Joey said...

1. I'm partial to novels about England. I'm not quite an anglophile, but I love Austen, Pym, and the Vicar of Dibley.
2. My dream is to live in a small, cozy cottage.
3. I love listening to the cello and I have a slight crush on Yo-Yo Ma.

Kyla Roma said...

This is too cute! I didn't know you were a francophile! And your favourite colour explains your new layout =)

Three things about me:
1. Any healthy eating bandwagon that I was on in March, I've totally fallen off and it's wonderful.
2. I'm really itching to plant my garden, hopefully soon!
3. I'm really happy right now, and it's kind of beautiful =)

Nora said...

I totally laughed out loud about the whole French accent in fourth grade thing! Too funny!

Three things about me...
* I ran track in high school, specifically the 400 and 800 meter and the 4 x800 relay. I did it only my freshman year because I got awful shin splints.

* I started playing flute when I was 9 years old and stopped just shy of my 16th birthday. I didn't like the band geek label anymore. As soon as I quit band, I got a boyfriend. Coincidence?

* I've seen DMB in concert about 10 times. Probably addicted but oh well.

Emily Jane said...

Can I be a total Anglophile if I'm naturally from England anyway? lol I all about music and TV from the UK. ALL the time. :)

I've been in this little city in Canada for ten years this month (!) and it still doesn't feel like home. I'm itching to get out and so much so that lately we've been looking into emigration.

I'm an ENORMOUS nerd. I may fool you with makeup and watching Glee and liking the sunlight lol but sometimes there's nothing better than a Star Trek marathon and cranking up some Scandinavian wizard rock LOL

Becky said...

Almost 2 years - wow! :)

1)I played the tuba from 6th through 11th grade. Here's a visual for you: I was in marching band 9th and 10th grade and going into high school I wasn't even 5 feet tall. (Picture that with a susaphone!)
2)I like the thought of having kids but I really don't ever want to give up coming home from work and laying on the couch doing nothing for hours.
3)I don't know what it is about Fridays but I'm automatically happier when they roll around.

Gracie said...

Reading everyone's comments is fun!
Three things about me:
1. People often try to guess my ethnicity and they're always wrong. I'm half Armenian...and no one knows what that is!
2. This year I bought a winter coat. I haven't owned one since 1999.
3. I carry a permanent marker in my purse and correct public grammar errors. I don't think we should leave these mistakes up for impressionable children to read.

Abby said...

Okay, I love your comment about the Francophile history!!! I never knew you read a report in a French accent! That is impressive. When I took French - the toughest thing for me was to get the accent down!

Our piano lessons.....ahhh memories! If only Mom knew. (well, she'll know now-if she reads this). I remember we were supposed to do them 1/week, instead we did it like once/month for like 10 minutes! We'd argue the whole time! So funnny!

Tough to come up with 3 things you don't know about me! I think I'd spend the next hour scratching my head - so I'm going to pass on this one ;)

Ashley Gerner said...

Hmmm...this is tough, but here you go.

1. I have had three knee surgeries, all on the same knee, and there is a still a screw in my right knee. I wouldn't recommend this as a hobby.

2. I LOVE sushi :)

3. I love to travel and hope to go back to Venice someday. I absolutely loved it!! It was beautiful and calm (especially after being in Rome) and the most beautiful place I've ever been!!

J said...

Hmmm let me think...

1. I don't like to wear jewelry. I didn't get my ears peirced until a month before my senior ball in high school and now I have to make myself put on earrings in the morning otherwise i forget.

2. My favorite color is red. but I wear a lot of black.

3. I hate bugs.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Great list, Lisa!

1) When I was a kid, to blow off steam, I'd either go for a long bike ride or play the piano for at least an hour. I don't have those vices anymore. Maybe that's why I am a raging bitch. ha.

2) I had a pretty serious bout of adult acne as 20-something. So, I took Accutane to cure it. During that time, my skin was REALLY sensitive, so I had to be careful of the sun and always carry around lip balm. I still have scars on my hands from small nicks that otherwise would've healed just fine.

3) As a kid, I took ballet for many years. Until I was introduced to soccer and promptly dropped all forms of dance. I stuck with soccer until college (I was not competitive enough to play for my school's team, which was #1 for 9 out of 11 years at the time). However, I played competitive co-ed soccer as an adult for many years. I loved it, but my ankles did not. Eventually, I had to quit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa--this is Pat--miss having you around work but glad you like your new job.

fun facts that most people do not know about me:

-I have been to Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium but never been to North Dakota (sorry Lisa)

-Most people know I am a huge sports fan but I really love soccer so during the last couple of World Cups played in Europe and Asia. If the USA team was playing in the middle of the night I would set my alarm so I could wake up and watch it live.

--I don't think of myself as old but before Al Gore invented the internet people had to buy tickets on site rather than via the web. So, in 1987 when the Minnesota Twins World Series tickets went on sale I was in line for almost 17 hours sleeping outside to buy tickets.

Amber said...

The french accent thing is SO FUNNY because when I was 2 I used to talk with an english accent - or what I thought was one. I would call my mom "Motha". Hahaha.

Two more fun facts? Hmmmm, I grew up in the country - 45 minutes from town and that "town" only had a population of 20,000. Everyone always says I seem like such a city girl but I really am a country girl at heart and one day I hope to live out of town again so my kids can have a HUGE yard to play in like I did! (Except I would want to be like 10 minutes out of town, not 45 minutes, ha!)

Happy Friday! XO

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Ha, I love the fact that you were able to do an entire load of pink laundry in college!

1. I tried to give blood today and they couldn't take it because my blood draws so sloooow that I reached the time limit. Apparently I have small veins and the blood doesn't pump very fast. This is at least my 12th or so time donating, but first time being too slow. Ugh.

2. I have super wide feet, which makes it hard to find anything that a) fits my foot and b) is cute at the same time.

3. My little brother is 10 yrs younger than me and is just about to turn 17. He sent me a photo yest of his new buzz cut bc he's planning to enlist in the marines. This more than terrifies me.

Abby said...

Okay - after some thought during my run, here are 3 things I am going to guess you don't know about me? (But you probably do...we'll find out):

1) I used to sell my blood. Two times/week. (Giving plasma - such a bad idea, because they turned me down often b/c my blood presure was too low)

2) I used to have my belly button pieced. And many family members disapproved when I did it. I have now let it close over the past few months!

3) My sophomore year I took a Statistics class. I attended the class 4 times (test days!). Skipped every single lecture. Not my proudest moment.

Leigh said...

Such a cute post idea! I like finding out stuff about people that you would never guess.

3 facts about me:

1) I have never broken a bone, had stitches or had a bloody nose. I'm going to knock on a big piece of wood now!

2) I am defininitely not a morning person! I get up at 7:20 and that's a struggle for me

3) I am in the middle of two brothers and like it. Sometimes I wish I had a sister, but it's nice knowing your brothers would beat up any guy who did you wrong!

Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

First of all, I'm so glad that things are working out at your job. That must be a huge relief.

Oh and I would have entire loads of red laundry. Not because itw as my favorite, but because I had so many school t-shirts.

Now for three random facts about me:
1. I used to think there was a gorilla in my closet when I was a child. In reality, I had so many toys stacked up that they would fall down. But I was convinced it was a gorilla. Not a monster, a gorilla.
2. I love the beach, but I'm terrified to get into the water because the ocean creatures might get me. There are also sharks in the deep end of the pool.
3. I hated wearing dresses and skirts as a child, but now I love it.

Have an amazing weekend!

Lisa-Marie said...

1. Today, I bought a mounted and framed print of Pont Neuf (the bridge on the island Notre Dame is on) by Madgwick for £5. I thought the Francophile in you would be proud of me.

2. My favourite colour is red.

3. My first job was working in a factory, unpicking the stitching in garments that had been sent back. It wasn't fun, but I liked the people, and at 16. making the amount i did made me feel very rich!

I'maNolaGirl said...

A load of pink laundry - I love it!

1. I have a ridiculous fear of ants. I could be in a room full of roaches and not blink an eye, but the feeling of one little ant crawling up my foot makes me scream!!

2. I got contacts over a year ago, but I still wear my glasses everyday. I kind of feel like they are a part of me now.

3. I am a Delta Gamma - just like you!

Marlys said...

1. My favorite hobby or obsession is reading recipes, copying them,or downloading them and hope someday to make them but probably won't live long enough to even try half of them!
2. Some of my favorite times are Saturday mornings at the lake cabin!
3. My favorite place to be is home - my sanctuary!

Shoshanah said...

Let's see 3 random things. (Whenever I do those I can't help but be inspired by what other people have said. So you'll see these are a little inspired by yours!"
1. My parents met in their high school french class. SO when I went to high school I made sure to take french as my foreign language even though it wasn't one my magnet programmed emphasized. Of course I didn't meet my future husband in my high school french class.
2. But I did meet my boyfriend (and possible future husband?) in my grad school combinatorics class
3. I love reading historical fiction (particularly England in Tutor or Medieval times). I thought about being a history major in college, but didn't like writing papers. So instead I wound up doubling majoring in mat & chemistry. Except turns out (as I'm sure you know) they STILL make math majors write papers!

Sarah said...

Hmmm, 3 random things? That's kinda hard, but here goes:
1) I always wanted to study German in secondary school as my foreign language, but my parents made me do French (my dad's French-speaking). I hated it. But then wound up spending an entire year at a French-speaking university, which I really enjoyed, and am now semi-conversant in the language. I really want to improve my French, but I haven't prioritised it yet.

2) I have a pet tortoise called Jack.

3) I prefer digestive biscuits to chocolate. In fact, when I'm pms I don't crave chocolate, but biscuits!

qwerkyqook said...

<hi!! <i´m glad you are settling into your job. <i am glad your blog is up and im excite for more recipes!! lets see three things...

i went to ecuador a month ago and didn´t know a lick of spanish. i´m starting to talk to people now, they usually laugh at me, but its incredibly fun

i adopted a whale. his name was sirius and i used to get postcards telling me where he was spotted. haven´t heard from him in about 15 years, i hope hes ok.

i used to paint my fingernails a couple of times a week. i´m afraid to in medical school because i think people will take me less seriously if i have pink pearly nails!

Anais said...

Love that you are a francophile ;) I can never think of things to share off the top of my head but I'll try...

1. I collect mugs. I love all shapes and sizes (although big = good because I can fit more tea or coffee) and have way too many. I still use a different one every day!

2. I hate public speaking... and get super nervous about it. Just thinking about it now is making my heart race!

3. And speaking of heart racing - I have an interview on Wednesday! Even if I don't get the internship it's still a good start :)

i'm no miss said...

Nice to hear you like your new job!

Random things:

1. I have a dead toenail right now, so I am never wearing an open-toe shoes, yet.

2. I am 28 but I'm married twice! To the same man. One is church wedding, the other is civil.^^

3. When I wash my baby's bottom, my face is inexplicably disgusted. But I don't want anyone else doing it instead.

Mandy said...

I am late to the game on this but I have loved reading everyones answers.

1. I sometimes do incredibly cliche small town things like stop my car in the middle of the road to talk to people I know and go to Walmart on Friday/Saturday nights for fun.

2. I love bright colors and bold jewelry.

3. I tell people I'm 25 when they ask how old I am. I'm not and haven't been for a few years now.

Ally said...

I'm a little behind, but here goes:

1. I played the piano and clarinet through my school years. In reality though, I would much rather have been singing. It's my true music passion.

2. I have a younger brother who will turn 25 on Sunday.

3. I have a great memory, especially for numbers. When I read/hear a date or year or some other number, I tend to remember it indefinitely.