Friday, June 11, 2010

Guest Post & Potlucks

Good Morning and Happy Friday. Coming off last week's 4 day week, this week felt really long to me.

Today we have a potluck at work for a co-worker that is moving to California. It's a "California-themed" potluck so I had to come up with something that a) has to do with California, b) is gluten free (obviously so I can eat is). So I made this Chinese Chicken salad. The main ingredient is Napa Cabbage so I figured that tied in well with the CA theme.

I've had a busy week so hadn't bought any of the ingredients, so had to go get them after my book club meeting last night. At this point of the day, the stomach problems I have been having were at their worst (turns out I have acid reflux. It's super fun), so I was having a moment where I wished I was the kind of person who signed up for tortilla chips or bought a fruit tray from a grocery store. I had already seen the list of what people were bringing, though, so I knew we'd need some sort of entree-esq dish. So changing my plans was not an option.

So I made the salad. Actually, I made it twice because something happened while I was adding the last chopped ingredient that required me to throw everything away and start over. At 9:30 at night. When I was in a horrid mood and felt like someone had taken a knife to my esophagus and stomach. I was in a stellar mood.

So anyways, the salad has been made and dear God, I hope people like it because I had to go to the grocery store this morning (in the pouring rain) and pick up the ingredients that I didn't have extras of (red bell pepper and cilantro) and then chop them up in our break room. It's super convenient to bring a chef knife and a cutting board to work.

Ok, I am done whining. Deep breath.

I clearly need to turn my focus to something fun and positive. Like books. If you are looking for a great summer read, head over to my friend's blog where I am posting about my summer read suggestions!

Do you have potlucks where you work? If so, are you the person who brings something home made or do you buy something from the store?


Nora said...

psh, i work with mostly guys so if we do have a potluck they either have their wives send them with something OR go to the store and it's canned. Not that there's really anything wrong with that.

At least it's Friday! Hope they enjoy your salad; it sounds really delicious!

Mandy said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you had to start over, that is very frustrating. We don't really to potlucks here at work (we're all pretty anti-social) but on the off chance that we do I usually bring dessert, and if I bring something else people are disappointed.

I agree -- its FRIDAY!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Leigh said...

We occasionally have potlucks at work...mostly in the summer where we will BBQ burgers on our deck. I usually make something...most likely dessert!

Hope your stomach issues go away soon!

Becky said...

You are a champ! I would have said screw and brought a fruit platter - I bet that's the best salad ever!!!

Gracie said...

I try to bring fruit or veggies to a potluck because it's easy and there is usually a dearth of freshness at these things.

J said...

We don't really do potlucks at work - Usually I bring something in and all the guys eat it!! Hope you are feeling better today and that every loves your salad!

Great guest post! I am really in need of a good book!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I'd much rather be the only person who goes out of her way to make something special ... than to be the only person who throws down a bag of chips and store-bought dip. Just saying, I think your salad will be a hit!

Charbelle said...

OH NO I hope you are feeling better!! I think I know what salad you made and it's one of my favorites!!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Yeah, I'm often the one bringing something homemade to work potlucks, but I'm okay with it because i enjoy the whole baking/assembling of it. I hope your stomach feels better soon. That sounds awful! Happy FRI!

Abby said...

You poor thing!! Ahh! How frustrating! :( I am so sorry that happened! I am sure it is going to taste FANTASTIC!! :)

Potlucks kind of directly correlates with how busy of a unit you work on. (from what I've seen) For example:

ICU/Emergency Department - the nurses I see live off Kashi bars and cranberry juice from the hospital fridges - b/c they don't have time to eat.

Labor & Deliver - the nurses like like 5 lunch/snack breaks.

So I guess it will just depend on what unit I work on!! ;)

I sure hope your day goes better today! Sending love and hugs your way!

Emily Jane said...

Awwwwwwww you poor girl! I hope you feel better soon and way to go for ploughing through despite feeling awful!

We had a potluck last year at work when we had "multicultural day" and I made a Shepherd's Pie (because I'm so worldly LOL)!

Amber said...

I'm so sad your stomach is still bothering you so much :(

We've never really had a potluck at work. But I've had potlucks with friends before and I've done a mix of buy and make something. You're really dedicated for making that salad though! Sounds yummy, too!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

If it is for work I totally sign up for store bought I am always exahusted. Unless I need to bring it on a MOnday. ;) I have spent a few nights out super late making something for the next day and no more!

Anonymous said...


At work, the State used to give out "years of service" awards, but with the budget crunch, there hasn't been money to do that. So in order to celebrate years of service at one of our staff meetings, our manager thought potlucks would be fun. So at one of my houses, we had a potluck where everybody brought something in. Since I live an hour away from work, I didn't have a good feeling about bringing something that had to be refridgerated for that long in a vehicle, so I ordered a deli plate from Subway. The staff loved it! At one meeting, I brought in chocolate chip cookies...and at the last meeting we had, we had a training session and I ordered pizza to be delivered to the staff. Quite the surprise.

At another one of my houses, I brought in a couple breakfast danishes (like, coffee cakes, kinda), some fruit, and orange juice to celebrate their years of service at a staff meeting. At the last staff meeting, one of the staff brought in bars. Those staff have been working for the state since before I was born, "donnncha knooow", and are quite the stereotypical "good ol'" crew- so potlucks there are run of the mill.

And at my high-behavior home, the girls brought in homemade rhubarb coffee cake and whipped cream to a staff meeting- quite the surprise since I hadn't been planning anything (we're all younger). At that house, I tuck chocolate away in the cupboards for them to find to give them a little "pick me up" when they least expect it.

It's always hard to make something to take in when you're feeling icky; hope you feel better!!

Kelly said...

Oh I definitely have to check out your guest post!

I'm sorry your stomach is bothering you, for obvious reasons I can relate. I am definitely the kind of person who WISHES to be an entree maker but really brings the wine or at the absolute BEST some brownies I make from the gharadelli mix haha.

Kyla Roma said...

Did they like it?? :)