Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking Forward

I haven't done a "Looking Forward" post since June so figured I was due for one!

Here is what I am looking forward to!

Today is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen, so I will be treating myself to a blizzard. Blizzards are so freaking caloric, I only eat them once a year on this day, since some of the proceeds are donated to the Children's Miracle Network. When I used to work downtown, I'd always organize a "Blizzard run" in the afternoon and we'd all go get blizzards together. I don't work with that group anymore, so I will go on my own after work. Can't wait to treat myself to an M&M Blizzard!

This week I will sleep in on Saturday!! After feeling so, so, so exhausted last week, I decided that it was time to make some changes to my marathon training. Since I was doing a longish run on Saturday and my long run on Sunday, I never had the chance to sleep in. That needed to change, so I have tweaked my schedule. This means more 5 am runs during the week, but it will be worth it if it means sleeping on Saturday. Of course, "sleeping in" means something completely different from what is used to me - I am going to guess I will wake up at 8!

This month I will get together with some bloggers for a little reunion in Minneapolis! I can't wait to meet these girls and show them my city!!

This year I will go to Paris to celebrate my 30th birthday! So, so, so excited to return to the city which completely captured my heart in 2008!

What are you looking forward to today, this week, this month, and/or this year?


Charbelle said...

LOL sleeping in for me is about 8 too!! I know what you mean about the blizzards, they are so yummy though!!
The blogger meet up sounds like so much fun!!

Becky said...

Today: I am looking forward to yoga.
This week: I am excited about a ladies night and a Gilmore Girls marathon with friends.
This month: I will be in Minneapolis in SPIRIT - send me lots of pics/texts!
This year: I'm looking forward to moving out of our tiny apartment. Seriously. It's been three years. It's time.

I'maNolaGirl said...

I can't wait to hear more about your upcoming Paris trip. Better not divulge too many details though or I may find a way to sneak over in your luggage!

Molly said...

you have some great things coming up!! I love Paris, and sleeping in...and if we had a Dairy Queen I'd be all over a Blizzard!

abbi said...

I used to love Blizzards but one day I looked the nutritional information on their website. I certainly knew they were bad, but didn't realize quite how bad...of course, fall is coming up soon and Pumpkin Pie Blizzards will be back...yum! Enjoy sleeping in this weekend, I think I'm going to try to a little bit too!

Nora said...

Today I'm looking forward to lunch hour as I'm treating myself to lunch and reading!

This weekend I can't wait to hang with my brother in my old college town and then meet a blogger friend I've known for 2+ years!

This month- coming to see you. Dugh =)

This year: finishing grad school, watching a few of my friends get married and treating myself to a vacation in Florida!

Gracie said...

Last year my sisters in law were on road trip and I passed a DQ (there aren't any near where I live). WE decided we just had to stop for a Blizzard - and you know what? I couldn't finish the sucker! It was so good, but so much heavier than I remembered!

Amber said...

Today: I am now looking forward to maybe treating myself to a blizzard thanks to your little tidbit of information ;)

This week: I am SO looking forward to *only* having to run 11 miles this weekend! Ahhh, it'll be a nice break to only run for 2 hours instead of 2.5+ :)

This month: I am looking forward to soaking up the last of summer by floating down the river/going camping etc. If the stupid wildfire smoke would ever go away! I'm also looking forward to Eric *hopefully* finding a job :)

This year: I am looking forward to the marathon and a possible tropical vacation next spring!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Enjoy the blizzard. I haven't had one in a long time. With all the running you do I don't think you need to think about calories. :) You certainly have a lot a great things coming your way.

Unknown said...

When I was pregnant with Suzanne, my doctor actually told me to stop at Dairy Queen after work each day and order a blizzard because I kept losing instead of gaining weight. Can you believe it??? Who could ever believe that is what the doctor recommended? Times have changed in 25 years. Didn't work. That's when I learned I was severely lactose intolerant. I love blizzards.

Leigh said...

Today I am looking forward to the fact that it's one day closer to Friday!

This week I am finishing up last minute wedding related projects.

This month I will become a married lady! So, so excited!

This year I hope to run another 5k!

Marlys said...

Wish we lived near a DQ but our local ice cream dive does make a replica of it! I haven't had one in years! Maybe I could share one with your Dad!
I'm looking forward to the weekend at the lake, as usual, and then to our trip to Tucson in two weeks! I am also excited about your trip to France!

J said...

I wish there was a DQ around here!! Today I am running a XC 5k race after work!

So exciting your are going back to Paris! That will be so much fun!

Jess said...

I'm a sucker for blizzards - even though I know how terrible they are for you. I try to avoid them at all costs, but a few times a year, I break down and go for it. And, it's always, always worth it!!

I'm so excited for you to go back to Paris!! It goes without saying that you will be having an amazing time! Can't wait to hear more about the details of that!

Joey said...

Blizzards make me happy. I know they are rotten for you and instead of having one to myself, I usually share one with whomever I am with. I'm pretty happy they've come out with the "mini" blizzard size --- the small size is still quite large. I don't remember it being so big as a kid.
I'm looking forward to a trip to Calgary with my husband, seeing friends in my hometown, and finishing my book this afternoon.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I got myself a blizzard treat today as well!!! ;) It's nice to know ice cream helps out! I am jealous of your blogger get together.. I would love to spend time in Minneapolis and with you! have a good weekend sleeping in!

Lisa-Marie said...

People laugh at me regularly when i say ' I slept late today' by which I mean 8.30! I want a blizzard thing!

Today I am looking forward to bed time. This week I am looking forward to my wedding anniversary. This moth I am looking forward to the new baby who should soon arrive into my work family, and this year I am looking forward to going to London!

I am uber-jealous you are going to Paris!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Um if I sleep til 8 it's a legit miracle. I am doing it right now because I am still slightly on Hawaii time but I can't wake up at 5 all week and sleep past 6 or 7 on a Saturday.

Today- hmm I'm about to go to bed lol, so we'll do tomorrow going to the Cape

This Week- Cape and seeing my tutoring kiddos I have not seen in almost a month now. I am in love with my kids this summer.

This month: Hmm...enjoying the last few weeks before school starts. I'm looking forward/scared to meet my new class

This year: Going to Miami in December with Eric and my fam, and then going to Arizona again with Eric, wahooo trips! (yes this is where all my savings goes lol)

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Ah, the blizzards! Manfriend and I got one on Tues and then I heard about the Thurs special. I was too busy yesterday though. Blizzards are the best AND i just found out they're coming out with a mini size (less cals-hoorah!) that's just $1.99.

Mandy said...

I cant wait to come see you!!! I have so many great things to look forward too -- all in this month.