Monday, August 1, 2011

Music, Books, Miles, and Looks of July


Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce:  This song goes out to all the guys I dated and *thought* were perfect for me...  One benefit of aging is that we see relationship for what they were - not for what we wanted them to be.  I wish the men I dated the best in their lives, but I have to say that they all fall into the "best thing I never had" category.  Well said, Beyonce, well said.  But by the way, Beyonce, I know you are proud of your body, but you didn't need to sing the first half of the song in your lingerie.  And I am pretty sure no one wears lingerie like that under their wedding gowns.  I'm just saying.

Been a Long Day by Rosi Golan:  Thanks to Pandora, I discovered this AH-mazing artist.  Her voice is amazing.  For those who watch Brothers & Sisters, you might recognize this song as one of the episodes ended with this song this season.  I'd love to see this artist live.

Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band:  I am not a big country person, but this song screams summer!  It has such a great perfect toe-tapping beat.  The chorus begs for some hand clapping in my opinion.  I bet this band would be fun to see live, too.

This was a solid month for me.  I ran 76 miles and biked 46 miles.  I have started to bike twice a week in the hopes that the cross training will help my running!  The great thing about those 76 miles is that they were all purposeful work outs, meaning they were either hills, tempo, or long runs.  Before I joined this running club, I did a lot of what I call "junk miles" where I just went out and ran - which is fine, but not as effective as actually focusing on something during your workout.


In the Long Run by Jim Axelrod -  This is a running memoir about a CBS News correspondent who decides to try to beat his father's marathon time (of around 3:30) - even though he hasn't really ever been a runner.  While this is a running memoir, it's also full of life lessons that Axelrod learns.  I'd recommend it, especially to any novice runners who are looking for inspiration.  It was emotional to read about the challenges of training as well as his race recap as it brought back memories of my Portland marathon.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson - Our blogger book club (which is hosted by The Many Thoughts of a Reader and is open to anyone who is interested) read this book for our July book club.  I thought it was so charming and entertaining.  It's about a retired British Major and the trials and tribulations of living in a small town amidst small-minded people.  Definitely a great read!

Wishing for Snow by Minrose Gwin - I reviewed this book last week (post can be found here).  It's a heavy read and not something I would recommend...

The Last Time I Saw Paris by Elizabeth Adler - This was a light, borderline smutty read but was pretty entertaining.  I did get annoyed with the main character, though.  I read books like this and am reminded why I don't read chick lit anymore.  I don't like how they tend to feature the cowardly woman who won't stand up for themselves...  But besides those annoyances, it was fun to read about her travels through the French countryside!


My favorite outfit that I wore this month was this one.  Please ignore my still-wet hair.  I like how the neckline sort of drapes and the pattern is soft and feminine.  And I heart white pants, even though they are not super flattering.

A look I am coveting is this one.

I actually bought the shirt and skirt( (I resisted the jacket since I own 17 already).  Unfortunately the skirt & shirt didn't fit (too big) so I am on a mission to return them.  The top is extremely tent-ish.  Like I fear people will think I am hiding a baby bump or something (yes, I am paranoid about people thinking I am pregnant, but that's a whole other post).


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Haha, I'm so with you- I have a possible paranoid about people thinking I am pregnant. I have had at least one student ask me before (not sure if it was because of the shirt I was wearing or the fact that I can get really bloated) and I don't want rumors spreading haha.

Looks like a good month for you. I can't believe July is already over.

Erin from Hey, Soul Sister! said...

As soon as I woke up I wanted to read your blog (and hear "our" song)--ha! Yes--Beyonce has a way with words. And don't you know I wore the exact same lingerie under MY wedding gown??? HA--kidding. OF COURSE!
I want you to know that due to our little convo before bed last night, I had some really strange dreams involving "Best Thing I Never Had" and my ex. I woke up this morning and looked at the lump in bed beside me and thought "A-men that I dodged that bullet"

And can I just look absolutely adorable in your outfit!!!! Always stylish and fresh faced :) *(See--I'm totally noticing the results of dairy free Friday and your skin!!) :)

I'm anxious for this "other day post" about people thinking you are pregnant........ :)

Raquelita said...

Ah, the junk runs. I try to resist them when I get it into my head that my weekly or monthly mileage seems too low. It's great that you ran so many quality miles this month!

I'm with you on chic lit - very frustrating to read female characters who are dependent and shallow.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Oh. I like that Rosie Golan song! It reminds me of the opener for Grey's Anatomy too...the same type of music, although I can't remember the band name right now.

Most chick lit is a bit annoying, although when you need something mindless, it always fits the bill! The book I just read has the girl and guy not getting together, even though they love each other...blah, blah. It is always the same!

Wow, you ran a lot! I ran 62 miles in July, but they were probably mostly junk miles! I feel that I sometimes need junk miles just to keep in shape.

Nora said...

I LOVE Zac Brown. So much so that it had to be in caps =) I heard that song a ton on my trip back to the office last week and I turned it up really loud each time. If you like that song, check out their other songs, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Way to go on the miles this month! That's great :)

I love white pants too. One of my favorite summer things to wear in fact!

crystal said...

I love the neckline on that shirt too! I know what you mean about not wanting to look pregnant, I love the flowy "tentish" shirt styles, but always put them back on the shelf out of fear that I will be asked how far along I am!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great July! Your outfit is adorable, and I think I'm going to leave this blog post open and listen to some tunes while I work!

Carolina John said...

Biking more will help your running. It's the best cross training we can get - works complimentary muscles.

Sounds like you had a pretty amazing july! Rock on girl.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Love Knee Deep and love the outfits. ;)

Lisa-Marie said...

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand is brilliant!

I so love that cream jacket! It it would do in Autumn too, you should get it, it's ace.

Abby said...

You look so good, Lisa! That is a great outfit - like the pants, too!!

Way to go on your miles!

Thanks for the songs! Okay, Beyonce's "wedding lingerie" -- totaly inappropriate. First of all, why? And Secondly, no one's wedding lingerie is like that. It's more of a tube-shaped-torture-device....

Maris (In Good Taste) said...

That's a great outfit and it looks wonderful on you. White pants and all!

Stephany said...

I have to do the "pregnancy test" with every outfit I own. I've been asked too many times for me to be too careful. It's why most dresses are nixed for the time being. At least until I get rock-hard abs. ;) That shirt is seriously cute in your first photo! Love!

Mandy said...

The Zack Brown Band is such a great act to see live! I've seen them a few times. I love their songs. My brother wore a toboggan and was mistaken for the lead singer in a Columbus bar once.

I love that outfit in the last picture and you should definitely get the pieces in the right sizes. Thats a perfect State Fair outfit!

missris said...

I'm also paranoid about people thinking I'm pregnant--especially because my arms are skinny twigs so if I'm wearing a flowy shirt it can totally look possible!

Sarah said...

I love white trousers - I think they're so summery. My only problem is that I'm terrified of staining them, so I only own one pair, which I've only worn twice!

And I can't believe you own 17 jackets - wow! It's really mind-blowing because of all the heat you've had recently, although I know you get some bitterly cold winters, too.

Amber said...

I'm a big country fan! Love that song by Zac Brown Band - it's definitely a toe-tapping one. I'm also LOVING that Good Life song by One Republic that you posted a few weeks ago!

That outfit is so cute. Love the tops!!

You ran A LOT of miles in July!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

That top is super cute! And I LOVE the Zach Brown Band, but I then again I love country. My fav song of his is "Whatever It Is."

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I love hearing new music - thanks so much for sharing!!!