Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Don't

So often in life, we define ourselves in terms of things we do.  I do run.  I do read.  I do love the Microsoft Office application Excel more than the average person.  But things we don't do, believe or like also define us.  Here are some that define me.

I don't...

- paint my fingernails or toe nails.
- read books that involve zombies or vampires.
- willingly watch sports, unless the person I am with really wants to watch a game.  I make an exception for the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics.

- handle people who thrive on drama very well.
- check luggage when traveling, unless it's an international flight.
- talk to people in the line at the grocery store - or people on flights.

- like pizza.  Never have, not even as a kid!
- like to think about the amount of student loan debt I have.
- have any credit card debt, so at least I've got that going for me to offset the student loans.  Ha.

- have a Pinterest account.  I feel like it's for crafty, DIY-types, or people planning weddings or kids' birthday parties.  I know there are recipes on there, too, and I would enjoy that aspect, but not enough to join the site.
- see my family nearly as much as I would like.
- have any true vacations planned until next July.  (sob)  I do have a couple of work trips that I am turning into weekend getaways, but that isn't the same as a vacation (in my opinion).

- enjoy going to malls, unless I am with my local best friend, Brooke, as she embraces my "power shopping, let's get this over as quick as possible" approach to shopping.  Exception:  I love Banana Republic.  That store totally embodies my personal style.  And many of their clothes are tailored for curve-less women, like me!
- own a scale, and likely never will again.  I will occasionally weigh myself at the gym, but rarely do.
- aspire to ever be described as skinny.  I aspire to be described as toned or fit.

What are some things you don't do, believe or like that define you?


Caroline said...

Cool post! It's almost like describing the things you don't do say just as much about you as the things you do do. I don't like shopping with other people, but love going by myself so I can be in and out really quick or take my time without making people wait for me. I don't check luggage either, can't remember the last time I did. Even when I went to Italy last year for a week I only brought a carry on.

Marlys said...

Fun post, and I identify with lots of your comments! But we do check our luggage as neither your dad nor I like to have that extra baggage in the airport! And we don't really have the appropriate luggage for carry ons, so that may be a big factor, too! Luckily, we have never lost our luggage! :)

Nora said...

I definitely think you are toned and fit!

I don't...

Like to be left out of family gatherings, like weddings and etc. (as in, I'm invited but I can't make it for one reason or another)

get up early. I mean, I do if I have to, but on the weekends I'm more of an 8am/9am riser.

really care for Thanksgiving. so much prep for such a small amount of time at the table. I do enjoy the family part, just not the food part.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I don't understand how my brother could skip shopping for / stocking up on food and water when the storm of the century is headed directly towards his state and he lives a 1/2 mile from the shore. I could wring his neck right now...

Oh wait, this was supposed to be about me? I guess I'm distracted. =)

Erin said...


I don't have a lot of drive to get back into a workout routine these days.....and that must change! I want to be a healthy mama--and I've got to push back this wall of exhaustion.

I don't post on my blog as often as I'd like. I "write" posts in my head all the time, but sitting down at the computer and actually typing them isn't working out so well.

I don't wear cute shoes with heels anymore. My feet really took a beating when working and being pregnant. Now I'm content with only wearing flip flops or TOMS. Sometimes I miss the height---but I don't miss the discomfort ONE BIT!

Carolina John said...

suddenly I can't think of a "don't". how odd. Great post!

Stephany said...

This is a fun idea for a post! We are very similar in some ways, and very different in others.

I only go on Pinterest to look for hairstyle ideas, ha. But I don't have an account. It's just too much!

And I agree with Nora - you are definitely toned & fit! Way better than skinny. :)

missris said...

I love this! I also don't read books about vampires or zombies, and I don't watch sports other than the olympics. I love the olympics :)

Elizabeth said...

I love this and again I nodded my head in agreement on many of your "don'ts"...Although I love pizza, totally talk to strangers, watch SOME sports, and caved to the Pinterest bandwagon this summer.. :) But scales and painted fingernails--who needs them?! :)

I don't like ironing and only do it about 1-2x a year, if that. I don't like mopping floors--in fact, I'd rather wipe it by hand. I don't always put the garbage out because sometimes there's not much in there. I'm not good at making fires so I completely resort to Duraflames. I don't eat a lot when I live solo but I LOVE good food. I never was a big partier and I don't like when situations get out of control. I don't enjoy scary movies or entertainment about demons, etc. I don't like going to baby showers because it's hard for me to see all the chemical-laden products gifted to new mamas.

Stevie said...

I'm not big on Pinterest, either. I started an account over a year ago but lost interest pretty quickly.

I don't like Nutella. Or mayonnaise. :-)

J and A said...

Cute idea!!! I LOVE pinterest! :) And always have my toes painted. :) You are very fit lady!

Melissa said...

Oooh I love this post idea! I wonder if I could come up with this many don'ts that define me. I like yours a lot and agree on many. I really don't like people who thrive on drama, although unfortunately working in retail, it seems like 90% of my work people just love it. Ah well.

I've also had some trouble understanding Pinterest. I mean, I really like it when I need it, but it's like you said- it's for people that are much craftier than me so most of it just doesn't apply to my life right now!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

We have a lot of the same don'ts. Basically your first six and many of the others (but how can you not like pizza!?) Actually, except for the pizza, pinterest and the student loans, the rest are the same!

I don't like New Years. It's such a bit hype, and then you go out, spend too much money, freeze your butt off and sit in an overly crowded room somewhere after having to walk because you couldn't get a cab. And then it's over just like that.

In fact, I don't really like any big event like that, where everyone else is doing it so it jacks up the price and makes it harder to just relax and have fun.

I don't fly through Atlanta if I can help it. The flights are late All The Time!

I don't eat pomegranates or passion fruits because of those little seeds, although I like the flavor.

I don't know what I am doing for Thanksgiving. It's that same situation I described above. I really loathe paying too much for a flight on the same day as everyone else when I can see my family a different day with much less hassle!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I like this post! I might have to do one of these style on my blog too :-)

I don't have any credit card debt either - never have before.

Amber said...

This is a great post idea! I think I will have to do it on my blog. Let's see, here are some "I dont's" for me:

- I don't drink (or like) beer
- I don't like to complain or be negative too much
- I don't like to stay up late and I'm usually yawning by 10 pm!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I am impressed by your lack of checking luggage. Eric and I have been sharing a bag a lot because of the cost but I should work on not checking at all! I also do not frequently chat with people in lines etc.

I find drama amusing, but I like to be NOT involved in it at all and I prefer friends who are not dramatic at all and most of my friends are not. I just am amused by other people's ridiculous drama :)

San said...

This was a great post... I always enjoy posts like this! :) Although I must agree on the sports-watching, because this is something that I like to do (as we already discussed).

I also think that you're toned and fit and "skinny" has such a negative ring to it. Skinny are the girls that are walking the catwalks these days.