Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Music, Books, Miles, and Looks of November

Oh hey December!  Can I just say how happy I am that it's the last month of the year?  I CAN NOT WAIT to say good bye to 2013.   Anyways, I am back from Paris and am diving right back into reality, so here is a recap of my month of November.  Oh and if you are curious about what I was up to in Paris, I posted daily recaps over on my France blog - long story short, it was an AMAZING trip!


Say Anything by Tristan Prettyman - I was introduced to this song by a compilation CD that a local radio station releases each fall.  It's a sad song, but is relatable for anyone who has gone through a tough break-up.


It was another really strong reading month for me.  I took some long flights this month and was on vacation the last 4 days, so that really amped up my reading for the month.  I finished 10 books, listed below.  The best book I read this month was definitely "Paris Was the Place." My least favorite was probably The Burgess Boys.

Paris Was the Place by Susan Conley - 5 stars
Why Can't I Be You by Allie Larkin - 3 stars
Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah - 3 stars
Shelter Me by Juliette Fay - 4 stars
The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout - 3 stars
Chocolat by Joanne Harris - 3 stars
Tapestry of Fortunes by Elizabeth Berg - 3 stars
Just One Day by Gayle Forman - 3 stars
The Lost Wife by Alison Richman - 4 stars
Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish  - 3 stars


Still no running, still no outlook on when I can run again.  When I saw my rheumatologist last, she wouldn't give me a time frame on my return.  So yah.  But I am still biking and using the elliptical.  It's not replacement for running, but is better than nothing!


This was a better month for liking what I wore than last month.

Outfit #1 is something I have worn because but is one of my favorite looks.  I love that mustard color!

Outfit #2 is a new dress that I bought when I was shopping with my mom in October.  I love that it has sleeves as I tend to freeze in the office!!

Outfit #3 is a new dress I bought with a 50% off coupon at Banana Republic.  I wore it to my friend Julianne's holiday party but dressed it down by pairing it with boots.  I like the jewel neckline as I don't have to think about accessorizing, which is something I am terrible at (jewelry is just not my thing!).



Gracie said...

Welcome back! Loving the blue-mustard combo. Not a lot of people wear yellows, but you look great in the color.

Nora said...

Mustard is an awesome color! I'm wearing it today with a polka-dot top. It makes things a little brighter, especially in dreary old winter :)

Anonymous said...

I love all 3 looks, but #2 is my absolute fave. Very classical and, dare I say, Parisian.

missris said...

Love the mustard skirt. So cute!

Caroline said...

Love all your looks and happy to hear you had a blast in Paris!

Unknown said...

That's a TON of books!!! Glad you had a great trip. You're missing snow and very cold weather here this week. And fog. Hope the weather is nice in Charlotte.

Marlys said...

I agree with Barb - that is a ton of books to read! I love the clothes, too, and that dress you bought when I was with you is so flattering! If you were in the midwest, you wouldn't be running now even if you could as we have snow & ice on the roads & sidewalks! Winter has arrived!

Carolina John said...

All cute cute cute! Glad you made it home ok and had a fun trip. Can't wait to see the recap and more pics.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I'm the same way- if I even have jewelry I just forget to put it on. Whoops.

I can't believe you read 10 books. What is your record of books read in one month lol. Don't worry I won't try to beat it because that will never happen haha

Lisa-Marie said...

Welcome back! Also, you are totally on it! I spent about a week wondering what day it was after coming back, and you're all 'here's a recap of an entire month'.

You got some good reading done! Can you recommend any 'winter' themed books? I'm on the hunt.

I love all of those looks (you know I love me some mustard), but that last dress is GORGEOUS!

Jeanie said...

Love all your looks and glad you had a great time! I may not be able to see the France blog till I get home from the trade show and MS, because I want to savor every second, but I'll try to sneak a look! Counting down to 2014 -- I won't be sorry to see it go, either!

Shoshanah said...

I'm so glad I was able to lead you too Paris was the Place.

And I'm the same where about accessorizing. I pretty much never wear jewelry (except for a necklace of my mom's I wear everyday). And as for scarfs or belts or other things like that, well I never think to buy any, so I never have any to wear.

Amber said...

I love that mustard skirt but I think my favourite look is the second dress because it is such a great and flattering cut on you and the necklace you paired it with is perfect!

Maybe you can start tracking elliptical/bike miles or minutes until your return to running? You have certainly been getting a lot of those in!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

I love the mustard skirt on you. I feel like I can't pull off that color, but others can. And I also really like the cool necklace you're wearing with the second dress. I'm not great with jewelry and I don't really like buying it if I have to choose between clothes and jewelry, but I know it helps pump up my outfits here and there. :) I just bought some new work pants from loft and it's amazing how much better I feel in a new pair of well fitting pants.

Leigh said...

Welcome back! Love all of your looks this month. Is that your work bathroom? If so, it looks really nice!

Stephany said...

I love all your outfits but goodness gracious, that second one looks fabulous on you! Especially paired with the necklace. I am TERRIBLE at jewelry and don't really have an interest in it, so I don't have any jewelry at home! Sad. I wish I was more into accessorizing!

I know from reading your France blog that Paris was amazing and I am so glad you had a wonderful time. YAY! You deserved that trip.

And I want to second Amber's comment - start tracking miles/minutes when biking or on the elliptical. That counts! :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I'm loving that song - thanks for sharing it!

One of the local Chicago running clubs is hosting a December challenge - and it's all about staying active. Running, walking, swimming, dancing, elliptical, you name it and it counts. I know running is your true love, but even runners need to take breaks, sometimes significant breaks, to let their bodies rejuvenate. xoxo

Linda said...

Loving all the outfits! Can't tell you which is my favorite!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

The long sleeved dress is awesome!

Becky said...

Dude. TEN books?! You are a rockstar! And I gasped when I saw that mustard skirt - love love love!

Abby said...

Love the outfits!! That mustard skirt is adorable!!!! And you look great!!

Hope returning to running will be in sight soon...I know how much you miss it!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I can't believe you read 10 books! I think I read 2. I really love your outfits (as always), especially that dress with the jeweled accent. I like how you dressed it down with boots; it's so versatile. I am sure it looks great with a pair of black flats or pumps too!

Elizabeth said...

Um, that mustard skirt! ADORABLE! I love that look with the mix of navy and mustard. New long sleeve dress looks great :) Glad you're gearing up for the holidays and your trips home!!