Friday, April 11, 2014

5 Things Friday

Woo hip, it's Friday!  This week flew by and was really intense for me but I'm still really happy to see it come to an end!  Here are 5 things on my mind today.

1.  For those of you who read my review of Confessions of a Paris Party Girl on Wednesday, you should know that the Kindle version of the book is on sale for $0.99!  I'm not being compensated in any way for telling you this.  I just love a good deal so thought I would let you know.  It would be a really fun vacation or summer read.

2.  This was a very intense week for me but I am proud of the fact that I still found a way to work out every day.  I am joining Nilsa and am trying to do 30 workouts in 30 days and so far I am on track as I've done 11 workouts in 10 days and I will do 2 tonight (spin class and a deep stretch yoga class) so will have 13 workouts in 11 days after today.  That will allow me to take 1-2 rest days later this month. It's been great to have this challenge to motivate me to find time to work out no matter how busy I am. 

3.  My brother and his family decided to spend Easter in the Gatlinburg, TN area which is just under 4 hours away from me, so I will get to spend Easter with them!  I am SO EXCITED!  I haven't seen them since August and miss them all so much so I can't wait for a weekend full of quality time in a beautiful area.  Plus I'll get to add another state to the list of state I've visited!

4.  I'm also excited that I am flying home tomorrow for a short weekend trip.  I come back on Monday night so it will be a quick trip but I am excited to see some family and friends.  I'm looking forward to doing my long run tomorrow on one of my favorite running paths in Minneapolis.

5. Even though I don't have a job offer, I can't help but look at apartment listings to get an idea of where I might live.  I hope I am not jinxing myself by doing this!  I haven't emailed anyone about listings, of course, since I don't know when I'll be moving but it's nice to get an idea of what is out there.  It's making me think about what area of the city I want to live so stay tuned for a post next week about what I look for when I'm looking for a new place to live!

What's on your mind today?  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Becky said...

You are ROCKING it with the workouts! So proud of you! Also, so glad you can spend Easter with family - Gatlinburg is a cool place!

I've had a couple ridiculously long days at work this week so I am GRATEFUL it's Friday as well. Have a safe trip home my friend! (Oh, and just so you know, Ben STILL says woo hip!)

Marlys said...

This week has been intense for you! I'm glad you can sneak in a run while you are in Mpls and it is awesome that you have been able to work out like that! It really does help to have a partner to keep you on track! I always did my best when I had to meet up with someone for an early morning walk!
And I'm super happy you can spend the weekend with Chad & family! Lucky you!

Caroline said...

Woo, happy Friday! I've been doing 100 days of working out with one of my roommates and I've found the same thing, it's crazy how you can fit a workout into any day if you don't fall into the excuses trap. This week has been really crazy but I have walked every day for at least 20 minutes, better than nothing!

Have a good weekend at home :)

missris said...

Ooh have fun in Gatlinburg! That part of Tennessee is so beautiful.

Amber said...

I'm going to go see if that book is on sale on Kobo right now! Would love to read it!

I'm SO GLAD you get to see family next weekend! That is just so darn exciting and will probably lift you up so much. Hopefully you will have more clarity about some things by next weekend as well!

You do sound happier in this post despite all the stress so I'm glad to hear (or rather read) that you are being optimistic!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You're KILLING IT this month on the workouts. Nice job!

I know you know the drive from CLT to Asheville, but let me tell you, it gets SO MUCH PRETTIER when you go west of Asheville into Tennessee. I'm excited for your travels that weekend!

On my mind today:
1) My dad is doing well after his Italian surgery!
2) SoMi had some test this week, which all came back normal (good news, for now)!
3) I'm rocking my nude pumps at work!
4) I'm really looking forward to date night tonight (can't tell you the last time we had one of those!).
5) We've got a busy weekend ahead, which is stressing me out a bit in terms of finding time to workout/run, but I'll make it happen one way or another!

Leigh said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip home this weekend! And that's great that you get to spend time with your brother and his family on Easter :)

Carolina John said...

You've never been to Gatlinburg before? It's a blast! Kind of like a redneck version of Asheville. Also, there is an amazing aquarium in Chattanooga called the Tennessee Aquarium. Totally worth it if your brother and his family want to drive over there. I don't think Chatt is too far from Gatlinburg, but I could be wrong about that.

Nora said...

Way to go on the workouts! I have heard great things about that area of TN and even more fun that it's over Easter for you and the family :)

on my mind today: it's officially allergy season. Itchy eyes, itchy nose but at least it's Friday after a very long and strange work week.

Abby said...

Yay, Friday! You survived your crazy week. I have been thinking of you!!

You have many good things to report on your 5 things Friday.

I'm so glad you get to spend Easter with Chad & Emily. I miss them. I haven't seen Chad (or Dad & Kevin) since Easter last year :( And Emily since our girls trip in October.

Do you get to run with your run club this weekend?

Elizabeth said...

Yea, what great things Lisa :) Easter in TN should be amazing and I'm so glad that will work out for you to go and see them. A quick weekend trip home is probably just what you need too. I don't see anything wrong with looking at apartment listings--better to day dream and be prepared than not at all! Enjoy the weekend at home :)

Shoshanah said...

I've never been to Gatlinburg, but I have heard great things about it! Hope you have a fabulous trip there!!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Ohh we stayed in Gatlinburg for a long weekend with friends once. We hiked up to Laurel Falls? I think in the Smoky Mountain National Forest it wasn't very far and it was pretty. We also enjoyed a breakfast at the Pancake House and it was amazing. And we took a driving tour of the mountains and it was gorgeous as well. Lots of touristy stuff but lots of fun. My dad's sister and husband actually live and work in Gatlinburg.

Jeanie said...

I think it's always wise to look at listings in places you want to be, because you never know! And I hope your trip home is filled with good things all around.

So nice to have Easter next week with your brother! Gatlinburg is fun and should be extra fun in the spring.

Three cheers on the workouts!

Stephany said...

Lisa! This post sounds so optimistic and upbeat! I'm so happy that some good things are unfolding for you with spending time in Minneapolis this weekend & be able to see your family for Easter (!!!). YAY! :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I am going to be so excited for you when you move back to Minneapolis!!!

Lisa-Marie said...

I am definitely going to buy the book! I think having an idea of what is available is vital when even thinking about house/flat hunting. Enjoy all the family time, and the positive effects of the workouts!

My 5;
1) I have a 3hour dentist appointment this week. I still find it terrifying, but my teeth are beginning to look quite good!
2)I'm on Easter break from college. This means my Thursday off is a WHOLE Thursday off.
3) For the first and probably last time, I got 100% on an assignment.
4)In the next week, we may have a dog.
5)We are planning a trip to Paris in May/June. I am excited!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I'm so glad you'll get to spend Easter with your brother! TN is a place I'd like to visit at some point (is there anywhere I don't want to visit?). I didn't even get to look at this post on Friday due to the insanity of bringing a 3 month old to a wedding (well, to the hotel) so I'm on 5 things Monday now haha, but basically this is my last week of real maternity leave (if you don't count vacation week) and so numbers 1-5 are all about fun things I'm trying to fit in with Max (visiting my grandmother with my cousin and her baby, going out to lunch) and my attempt to get myself organized for work, which isn't going so well but I'm hoping for some good nap times this week.