Monday, August 18, 2014

Where Did the Weekend Go?

It's Monday morning and I am once again asking myself where the weekend went?  If only the week days flew by as fast as the weekends did.  Here's what kept me busy this weekend!

After work on Friday, I hit up Banana Republic before going home as I had a 50% off 5 things coupon.  I just can't pass up savings like that!  I bought some staples for my wardrobe, like a couple new button downs, but I also bought this fall coat.  Yes, I own a lot of coats but I actually have not bought a fall jacket in over 2 years so I figured I was due!

I don't normally take pictures of myself in dressing rooms but I sent this to a friend for her opinion on whether I should get it.  She gave it the thumbs up. 
On Friday evening, Phil and I sat on his patio for awhile since it was such a nice night and then headed to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls.  I'm terrible at golf but this was a fun thing to do on a nice evening.  I'm taking a golf lesson this Saturday so hopefully I start to improve!  After hitting some balls and playing a little putting game, we went to dinner at a small, family-owned Mexican restaurant we've been wanting to try out, which was so good.

On Saturday morning I was up early for my long run.  It was really humid out and there were times during the run when I was wishing it would rain but all in all the run went well and I felt like I could have kept going at the end which is always a good feeling.

After my run I met with up a friend I hadn't seen since I moved back and her husband and 2 kids.  I was too hungry to pause and take a photo of my omelet but it was so good!  It was great to catch up with her.

Saturday afternoon was mostly about being productive.  My biggest chore was going through my closet and getting rid of things that don't fit or don't mesh with my current sense of style.  I have quite a pile of things to donate and I threw away about a half a garbage bag full of clothes too that were not in the right condition to donate.

Purging feels so good.

On Saturday evening we met up with some of Phil's friends for his birthday dinner at an Indian restaurant.  Phil had walked 18 holes and ran after that and I had ran 14+ miles so we had both worked up an appetite that day!  The food was so good and we had a fun night.  After dinner we headed back to his place for a game of cribbage (I won!  Woo hoo!).

Sunday flew by as I got a workout in, finished buying the last part of Phil's gift and wrapped everything, grocery shopped, cut up so much fruit, did laundry and made a big batch of Indian lentil stew. I'm glad this recipe yields a lot because with my busy week ahead I am not going to have much time to make meals.

I capped off the day with a video chat with Alli, Becky, and Kelly on Sunday evening, which is really the best way to end a weekend!

All in all it was a really fun weekend and a good mix of seeing Phil and friends, being active and being productive.  And the fun continues tonight as today is Phil's actual birthday so we'll be celebrating tonight!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


Lisa-Marie said...

The jacket is lovely! You should see if there is a clothes recycling point near you. You put in unwanted clothes and shoes (in any condition) and they sort what is good enough for thrift stores and what needs to go for recycling. They've become really common here which is great.

I had a work night out on Friday, which was super fun. The rest was just me and Oscar chilling - Dave was away all weekend.

Becky said...

Love the jacket! And I applaud you for taking a golf lesson - I am so bad at golf it's not even funny. (And by golf I meant putt-putt because I have never actually played real golf!)

This was a nice relaxing, down weekend for me which was needed after our move and our due date weekend. Looking forward to a few more of those as we usher in fall!

Gracie said...

My weekend also involved food prep! I always have those plastic containers full of salad all Sunday afternoon. And yes, I want the weekend back :(

Caroline said...

Love that jacket! Sounds like a great weekend, this was quite possibly the fastest weekend ever.. I wish it would come back :(

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I need to make a big pot for eat lunches this coming fall. It will be perfect for lunches. As long as I have a lunch hour this year! My highlight was getting our whole house cleaned minus our bedrooms and hosting my bff and her fiance for dinner. It was great hanging out with them!

Linda said...

You had a full weekend!!

Love the outfit photo.

Highlights, hours of Pretty Little Liars with Ashley D while eating queso, pizza, and ice cream.

Marlys said...

Wish Phil a Happy Birthday from us!
I love the new jacket! And golf lessons is a great idea! Summer is going way too fast, and I'm not ready to let it go!

Anonymous said...

You can never have too many jackets.

The highlight of my weekend was our impromptu trip to Brooklyn Heights on Saturday and my video chat with you lovely ladies last night.

Nora said...

The highlight of my weekend was spending time with my brother and godparents as they have all been here since Wed/Thursday!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Wow, I am signing up for BR coupons, because that is a good one!!! I really need to purge my closet too. I am such a hoarder when it comes to clothes.

That lentil soup looks yummy! And healthy! Do you have a link to the recipe?

The highlight of my weekend was getting most of classroom completely set up. I feel so good and am loving the way my room looks this year! Having one year under my belt, I feel really confident about what I want/don't want.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Awww, looks like a great way to spend your weekend! I did a long run on Sunday morning, my first double-digit run since getting pregnant with Gavin. Felt great! A friend also had a 50% off BR coupon and we were meeting up with them after her shopping spree ... only, she didn't buy anything, because the line to checkout wrapped around the store. Boo!

Abby said...

I love that jacket! I wish jackets were a part of my climate....(this is the time of year where I become an avid AZ-hater)

That lentil stew looks awesome!!

Nice work on your miles!! That is great!

My weekend was kind of lame since I worked Saturday and Ryan had to work fri and sat night shift. My favorite part was Sunday - I went on a 41 mile bike ride and the sunrise was breathtaking! Then I went to mass, and hung out with Ryan by the pool after he woke up. It was a good day!

Stephany said...

Such a great Banana Republic deal. And I love that jacket!

The highlight of my weekend was being able to attend the Bucs game this weekend when they played the Dolphins (my favorite team!). It was really, really special and a lot of fun. :)

Amber said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend!! My weekend was a complete whirlwind with lots of travel and visiting with family I haven't seen in ages. It was all completely worth it though! I am already looking forward to a very quiet weekend this coming weekend!

Charis Faith said...

You are the banana deal queen :) love the jacket!!'

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

The driving range is pretty fun, hey!! I've gone a couple times this summer, as I'm learning to golf, and I always enjoy myself. Nice job on the cribbage win!

Jeanie said...

Great coat! Have you seen the 100-Yard Journey? Boy -- I went home and made Indian food after! Sounds like a fun time all around!