Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Review

Happy Monday and happy last full week of March!  I'm mostly ready to usher out the month of March because I just want to get closer to warmer temperatures!  Mid-March was unseasonably warm but now we are back to the typical "high of 35-45, scattered snow showers" type of forecasts.

I had a pretty quiet weekend but it still went by fast!  Here's how my weekend shaped up.

On Friday night I went to a barre class after work which was SO HARD.  The instructor focused on our hamstrings and inner thighs.  Doing this class the night before a long run was probably not my best decision.  After class, I went to Phil's and we made lentil enchiladas and Mexican rice for dinner.  It was so good!

On Saturday morning I ran 10 miles with my club which went pretty well.  It was a little cooler than I was expecting and my legs were definitely tired from the class the night before but all in all it went well.  After the run, I went to the barre studio for a yoga class as I figured the extra stretching would help.  I randomly ran into 2 people I know!  Before class I ran into a girl that was working at the company at work at now when I started and shortly thereafter moved onto a new company.  It was fun/random to see her.  Then after class I ran into Marisa who is another blogger that I got to know through Amber.  Hopefully I'll run into these two girls at other classes over the next couple of weeks (and outside of class).

On Saturday afternoon I grocery shopped, did laundry, did some dinner prep work, and I finished the book I had been reading.  The afternoon flew by.  On Saturday evening, Phil came over and we went to church. After church we came back and had dinner which turned out pretty well.  The salad was promising but it was missing something, but I don't know what...  I tried adding crushed red pepper because that is my solution to most dishes that don't taste quite right, but it still needed something else...  But the chicken was good and very easy to make.

After dinner, we watched Gone Girl which was such a messed up movie.  I had read the book so knew what was going to happen but I guess I forgot just how messed up it was!  I once again struggled to stay awake during this movie...  I'm sleeping a bit better these days but I'm still not getting as many hours as I would like/need so it makes staying alert past 8 pm kind of challenging these days.  :/

When I woke up on Sunday morning I decided that I needed a rest day as my legs were pretty sore from the combination of Friday's barre class and the long run on Saturday.  So Sunday morning was all about relaxing.  On Sunday afternoon I met my friend Courtney at the Minnesota History Center.  We were there to check out the Hmong exhibit which was well done.  It was interesting to learn more about their culture.  It's sad to think that they have no "home" to return to and are instead scattered across the nations that they emigrated to. I had never been to this museum so it was neat to check it out.  The Hmong exhibit was definitely my favorite part of the museum.

The rest of the day was spent catching up with far-away friends as I had a couple of video chats and phone calls.  And I also watched the snow flakes begin to fall.  Le sigh.

How was your weekend?  What's the weather been like where you are?  I hope our unseasonably nice weather comes back soon.  Those 60 degree temperatures were such a tease!


Becky said...

Glad you had such a good weekend, although I think my legs hurt just reading about all that exercise you did - woah!

My weekend was pretty low-key which was so nice after our busy one last weekend. We got the carseat installed, and the hospital bags are packed and are going to be loaded in the car this morning. I still have a long list of stuff I want to get done but the sense of relief I have that those two things are ready is wonderful!

Nora said...

So good to see you yesterday! Our weather is going to be cooler the next few days, with lots of rain moving in (which truthfully I don't mind too much since I am in the office anyway!). No snow in our forecast as of right now, but it usually happens right around Easter, so we'll see if it happens next week!

Marlys said...

All in all, I would say that was a pretty good weekend, except the snowflakes that fell yesterday, and the sore legs from all that exercising and running! But when it burns, you know you have accomplished something!
We, too, had a quiet weekend but it flew by. I am looking forward to warmer weather and more sunshine!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Ooh, I've done that a few times where I go to a strength class a day or two before a hard workout/race and then regret it later. Although, it sounds like you managed it well! And stretching with yoga after the run probably helped to get the lactic acid and tightness out of there. Crazy that you guys are getting snow still... I'm pretty much in baby prep mode thinking of all the things we still need to get and do. I have some things on my list this week to do that I never have time for (cleaning out the freezer and organizing certain things) so that's exciting.

Jeanie said...

Looks like a pretty great weekend! Mine was very laid back, a little work, a little art, a little picking up. Just the way I wanted it!

Carolina John said...

More snow? Le wow! NC is staying in the 60's and I'm ok with that.

Stephany said...

The weather has been beautiful here - we're having record high temps! It's definitely pool weather already down here.

My weekend was nice! Apartment hunting and book club on Friday, a long walk and dinner out on Saturday, and a productive day with lots of writing and cleaning done on Sunday.

I saw Gone Girl when it was in theaters and the friend I went with had never read the book so it was SO fun watching her reaction. Such a messed-up movie, but I thought it was really well done!

Amber said...

Ooh I love edamame, I will have to try that salad! Too bad it seemed to be missing something though.

I really enjoyed our catch-up session yesterday. Can't wait for September!

Charis Faith said...

Such a busy weekend! I know all about sore legs and long runs!!! I actually had to go to the doctor today b/c of foot issues. Fortunately it's not any kind of fracture it's just a frustrating nagging injury that needs time.

Gracie said...

You're brave to do barre before a long run! That must have been murderous the next day!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

We had a great weekend in NYC. I was just trying to recap it in a blog post and realized we did so much more than I though we did. I guess that does happen over the course of five days. ha.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Gone Girl was a messed up movie! I remember reading the book; I could not put it down even though it was so disturbing! I felt more sorry for the husband in the book, I think. They did a good job with the transition from book to movie with that one.

My weekend was good; I finally got a semi low key weekend in... I biked around town on Saturday, did some errands, read, cleaned house and on Sunday went for a run and did some more errands. It was a pretty productive weekend!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I haven't seen Gone Girl, but I've heard good things. My weekend was fantastic! I think this one coming up will be even better :-)

We got a tonne of snow the past two days, but it is supposed to be +16 F on Monday, so I guess the snow will be gone!!

megabrooke said...

Good for you for that long run! The weather here has not been so hot lately- definitely not spring like yet!
I felt the same way about Gone Girl-- loved the book, but the movie was just okay for me. I have to close my eyes at the scene in the bed with her and Neil Patrick Harris! Eek!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

omg.. the week of nice weather and then the return of the cold has killed me. sooooooooo over it!