Friday, October 30, 2015


Greeting and happy Friday!  Whoa, the last week was hectic.  I still need to do a recap of my Boston trip (short version:  it was really awesome!) but that won't happen until next week.  Here's a recap of my week, TGIF style.

The high of my week was going on a really beautiful run when I was in New Jersey for work on Monday.  I intentionally chose a hotel that was close to a running path and that was such a great decision.  Sometimes work travel is exhausting, but experiences like that run on Monday night reminded me that I also have great moments while on the road.

Mother Nature had painted a beautiful canvas in the area of New Jersey I was in.

The low of my week was feelings of exhaustion from traveling.  Traveling to 3 different states over the course of a week is exhausting!  The work travel all went well and helped me establish more credibility with the sales force but dang I am so tired and totally talked out.  

A book I am reading is "I Feel Bad About My Neck" by Nora Ephron. I just finished a really heavy, sad book so I needed something light and fun to read.  Plus it's a book I own so it counts towards my challenge of reading 12 books I own (after this book I will be one book away from reaching that goal!).

For my workouts, I ran on Monday, did strength training workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday and ran on Thursday. Today is a rest day and then tomorrow I will activate a 30 day unlimited pass to Core Power Yoga and will go to Yoga Sculpt in the morning (which is my favorite class - it's the best workout!). On Sunday I'm planning to go for a 10 mile run with my run club buddy and hopefully I'll fit a yoga class in, too.

The best podcast I listened to was the the first podcast in a series by Happier that reviews the 4 Tendencies, which distinguishes the four ways in which people respond to expectations. The first podcast reviewed the "Upholder" tendencies and oh my word, it describe me to the t.  I actually made Phil listen to part of it and he agreed that it described me in a nutshell.  Phil said that if I was a super hero, my super hero name should be "upholder."  Ha, ha.  One of the hosts, Gretchen Rubin, is also an upholder so it was nice to hear her reflections on what it's like to fall under this category.  This past week they reviewed the "Questioner" tendency which is what Phil falls under.  Interestingly, Gretchen is also married to a questioner so when she talked about the conflict between upholders and questioners, I was nodding my head along.  If you want to see which tendency you fall under, you can take the quiz here.  

The best money I spent was the $35 I spent to sign up for the Holiday Shred that Bobbi of nHerShoes hosts each year. I'm excited to get a new batch of workouts and I'm glad that Amber is also doing it as we are so good at motivating each other!

My plans this weekend include hosting a pumpkin carving party at Phil's tonight. I'm making this apple crisp recipe, which is and we'll have chips and salsa to snack on as well. On Saturday we will hand out candy at Phil's for awhile and then head to Phil's coworker's annual Halloween party. My costume is sort of an inside joke that most won't get. A couple of months ago, the term "cat burglar" came up in conversation.  I am a VERY literal person so I thought it meant someone who steals cats....  Phil had to explain that it's a petty thief that steals at night and often enters via fire escapes and things like that.  Who knew.  So I am going to dress in black, wear a mask, and carry a stuffed cat around in a cat carrier.  We'll cap off the weekend on Sunday by attending my running club's annual end of the season party.  So it's a fun, full weekend!

Do you have any plans for Halloween weekend?  If you have taken the 4 tendencies quiz, which tendency describes you?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Ah, I love the 4 categories! I am a questioner, married to a rebel lol. It seems to work quite well so far, but I'm not sure if we ever make anyone else happy with the things we do, haha j/k. I'm a questioner who tends to look a bit like an upholder at times (for things I find important) and Eric is a rebel who has some upholder in him as well, usually about different things than I do. I find these things SO incredibly fascinating! Learning this about myself has been actually so helpful in just understanding why I tend to have SO much motivation and almost bordering on perfectionism in some areas and in others I just hardly care at all and/or want to care, but just can't motivate myself to (apparently I don't want to quite enough!)

I hope you are home now for at least a few days!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love your costume idea! Ha!

I am also an upholder! Now I have to go and listen to that podcast so I can get more information about my category.

I hope you have a little bit of time to relax this weekend! I am attending a friend's birtday party on Saturday and then running with friends on Sunday. I am hoping to get some time to work around the house a bit both days, but we shall see. DARN COMMITMENTS!! haha!

Caroline said...

I'm doing the Holiday Shred too!! Cross country is winding down and I'm running a half next week so it was perfect timing with "what's next"!

Listening to Happier now! I feel like what I am in the four categories changes depending on the situation..

Marlys said...

I will have to take that quiz to see what I am!
It sounds like you will be all partied out by Sunday night but I am sure you will have lots of fun! I look forward to seeing the pumpkin carvings!
We don't have much planned for the weekend except I am going to clean the leaves in the yard in Wyndmere, which is a real mess, so it will be a big job.
Have a fun time!

Vanessa Meads said...

I love your costume idea! So good. I love it when costumes have a bit of an inside joke/story behind them.

Have a super fun weekend!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Oh my goodness. That is hysterical about the cat burglar term! I'm surprised you hadn't heard that before but I am dying at the thought of you thinking about someone stealing cats!

suki said...

Finding a hotel near the things you want to do is such a great idea. :) I took the quiz, but based on whether I was answering questions about my own habits rather than what I do at work, it gave me different results. ;)

missris said...

I am an upholder 100% and I totally identify with Gretchen Rubin on this. I think she and I (and you and I) are very much alike! And my husband is totally a questioner so that makes it even more interesting to me. I really like her podcast!

Jeanie said...

I love you idea of the cat burglar! And I really adored "I Feel Bad About My Neck." Keep the book when you are done and read it again in another 10-15 years! You'll find how it really becomes more relevant with every passing year!

Abby said...

Omg I love your Halloween costume! LOL! You know what it reminds me of? That lady that lived in your old condo that pushed her cat in a stroller. I had never heard of a cat thief either!

I am a little surprised that I was "the Rebel" for my super power. Intersting...but it's kind of true. I like to push the limits and almost get anxiety over having to follow rules and regulations.

My weekend should be pretty low key. Low key evening tonight, as Ryan flies this weekend so has early mornings. Saturday I'm doing a 10 mile trail run with some girlfriends, getting my hair done, and doing some serious cleaning. Sunday I have my final big training ride - 65 miles! (my butt already hurts thinking about it)

Have fun this weekend! You'll have to send a picture!

Charis Faith said...

I still can't get over that running view it's amazing!!! I still believe that pizza from the party last year was the best pizza I've ever had! It was crazy good and I've not had anything that compares in a year!

Sounds like a very fun weekend!!! I'm getting ready to start getting ready for the fall festival. I'm handing out candy from 11-1. Then I come home and rest for a bit then I have nursery at Forest Hills. Then tomorrow 8 prayer service, 9 service and nursery at 11 and I've got plans with my friend Chelsea. Last night I got to go to dinner with my friend Tia. So typically a full weekend!

I love your costume! Than is awesome!!! I saw the pumpkin pictures and y'all did a great job!!!

Stephany said...

I love a good "punny" Halloween costume so I LOVE your costume idea! So cute!

I am an Obliger, through and through, so I can't wait to listen to those podcasts to learn more about the tendencies. (I'm so behind on my podcast feed that it may take a while, haha.)

Amber said...

I'm SOOOO glad you dressed up as a "Cat Burglar" hahaha. That still cracks me up so much! The colours on your New Jersey run are absolutely stunning!! Love fall colours. I'm also so glad we're doing the shred together, I need it!

I also am an upholder and Eric is a rebel I think but I should really make him take the quiz to confirm it for sure! I have been enjoying their podcast episodes diving deeper into each tendency.

This weekend has been sooooo low key. Which I admit this Sunday morning I am feeling a tad stir crazy after basically doing nothing all day yesterday (for me doing nothing means going for a run and to yoga but other than that I just hung out on the couch ALL DAY! I know that doesn't sound like "nothing" to lots of people but it is to me and I know you'll agree :) ) so today I think after we're done with our normal Sunday morning gym trip we are going to try and do some productive house stuff like hanging some shelving downstairs.

San said...

Oh, I am intrigued to take that quiz... and listen to the podcast. I am have a hunch what my tendency will be...

I love your costume idea. And I love that you had some fun things planned for Halloween. We stayed home. So lame ;)

Leigh said...

What a gorgeous shot you got while on your run! Glad your meetings/presentations went well too :) haha that's hilarious. Now I get why you went as that!

Marisa A. said...

Wow that quiz was spot on! I am an obliger and it described me to a T. I can't wait to make Drew take it, I'm really curious to see what he gets! Also do you go to the CorePower downtown on Washington? If so we should definitely meet up for a class sometime!

Jenny said...

Hope you had a great Hallowe'en, your costume sounds great! I took the quiz twice and I'm not sure if I agree with the results so I think I need to listen to the podcast for more information - actually reading that sentence, maybe I am somewhere between rebel and questioner like it said... :/

Linda said...

Oh hello fellow Upholder!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Oooh, I'm going to do that quiz :-) That photo from New Jersey is gorgeous!