Friday, February 19, 2016

5 Things Friday

TGIF, everyone!  This was a short week since I had Monday off but I'm still equally glad to see Friday!  Here are 5 things that are on my mind today!

1.  After the super cold stretch we had last week, the weather is warming up and it feels like spring might actually be making it's arrival. March can be a cold and snowy month so I don't want to get my hopes up too much but I did hear birds singing when I woke up yesterday morning which is a good sign! It's going to be 50 degrees today (!!!) and the long range forecast shows temps in the 30-40F range which is great for this time of year.  Fingers crossed that the worst of winter is behind us.

2.  I've been trying to ramp up my running for the last couple of months and it seems like every time I increase my mileage, some random ache or pain surfaces. It happened again this week so I am going to admit defeat and make an appointment at a new sports medicine facility that opened up downtown. They take a collaborative team approach (chiropractors, physical therapists, soft-tissue specialists, sport medicine doctors) to solving issues that patients encounter so I am hoping they can figure out what's going on with me.  The likelihood of me running the marathon in June seems to be declining, though.

3.  This weekend Phil and I are heading up to my parents' lake home for a quick visit. We are heading up tomorrow morning and will come back on Sunday so it will be a short visit. My dad will take us ice fishing (in the cushy very warmed ice house he has), my mom will likely make several delicious meals (there's nothing better than food made by mom!) and we will teach my parents our new favorite 4-person card game called Hand and Foot.  It should be a great little mini getaway for us.

4.  The first 6-7 weeks of the year were pretty quiet for me and I was careful about not over-scheduling myself, but now things really pick up for the next 4 weeks. Between work travel, training for the non-profit I'm going to start volunteering with, and lots of social events, my calendar looks pretty packed!  I've got some really exciting things to look forward to like seeing Ben Folds and The Piano Guys in concert and hosting Nora for a weekend! While she is here we are going to the musical "If/Then" which I'm really excited to see!

5.  I've been off of social media for a little over the week and so far it hasn't been too bad. I do feel a bit disconnected but in general it's been good to take a break from it. And honestly, I'm kind of glad I didn't have to see all the Valentine's Day posts. This may offend some people, and I apologize if it does, but sometimes social media posts feel like a PR campaign. I love Phil very much, but I tell HIM I love him; I'd never post that on his Facebook page. It seems like when you post things like that on Facebook, it's not about telling your partner you love them, it's about telling the world you love your partner...  I understand that people are excited about their relationships and want to shout from the rooftops how happy they are, but sometimes it doesn't seem very genuine when it's shared in such a public way. Granted I am a more private person, especially in regards to my relationship, so I guess I just see things differently and express my love for Phil differently. But to each their own!

What's on your mind today?  Any fun weekend plans ahead for you?


Linda said...

What nonprofit will you be volunteering with? I love that!!

Sounds like a great weekend with Phil you have ahead.

I'm heading to a small town in Texas just two hours away with the dogs and Sugarface. I'm excited about it. I'm so hungry for travel and this working part time and hustling thing means I don't pay down my student loans debt and don't really travel, so this baby "not special" 2 hour trip is going to feel amazing.

Amber said...

I hope that your appointment helps you get to the bottom of the random pain. So annoying this is popping up just as you were about to start training for the marathon!! I kind of hear you on the Valentines Day posts. I mean, I've been guilty of doing this before too, but I was REALLY sick of seeing photos of flowers by the end of the day :) haha

Charbelle said...

Which non profit are you volunteering with? I think that's amazing! It requires juggling but it's so wonderful, I promise! The funny thing is as exhausted as I seem to find myself I never regret the times when I'm working with others. I'm thankful for how I've been able to use my nightmare and encourage others!

I have my last training run before my half tomorrow. I'm thankful that with the exception of my back injury I haven't had any issues. Twinges and pains are SO aggravating! I think it's fantastic that they have this place, I think you're going to have wonderful results!!!

Enjoy your Mom's cooking and fishing with your Dad :) Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Your mini-vacation sounds lovely. We have no plans this weekend, but on Sunday Chris leaves for a work trip so I'll be a wild single lady because you know how crazy and wild I am.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I completely agree with VD posts or any gushy love posts. I distrust them ha. Hope you have a good weekend. I'm sorry to hear about your pain issues.

suki said...

i am so fascinated by this ice fishing you will be doing. :D

Carolina John said...

I hope the new team of docs can figure this out! You still have plenty of time to go before June gets here. Don't hit the panic button yet.

I love hand & foot but haven't played it in years! You can use more than 4 players, just use one more deck than the number of players you have. We used to play up to 9 people at the beach, it would take hours for the game to end. insanely fun. it's like double canasta!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I hope you have fun with your parents this weekend!

I've been really nice of social media lately so I should take a break from it as well... but I haven't yet ha ha.

Caroline said...

Hope the appointment goes well and you figure out what's up! Have a fun weekend at the lake with Phil and your parents!! Oh, and I agree with you on the Vday posts... and just the PR feel of social media in general...

Jeanie said...

That's a good catch up and I hope all with the new docs and team is helpful. I want so much for you to not have another RA flare-up. They may well be able to play.

I suspect you are having a wonderful weekend at home -- the game sounds like tons of fun and it's just beautiful out. Don't fall through the ice! And have fun with Nora's visit -- I'm so glad you two still can stay physically in touch despite the distance! That musical sounds fabulous!

Abby said...

A weekend at the lakes and some of Mom's cooking sounds so fantastic right now!!! After 2 weeks of eating out, I never want to eat at a restaurant again.

I am kind of in agreement about the facebook posts. And to be honest, we are not big Valentine's Day people!

Praying you get some positive answers about the pain in your foot. So frustrating :(

San said...

I am sorry you're having aches and pain when you run and I hope that you'll get some answers when you see the specialists.

Oh, I am so excited for your getaway to your parents' lake house. It sounds like such a nice getaway for a weekend... I wish we had parents + a lakehouse close to get away! Have fun!!

I totally get your thoughs on Valentine's Day. I never really talk much about my relationship or make public declarations of love and definitely understand where you're coming from.

katielookingforward said...

I hear you on running pain! I am having such a tough time prioritizing my schedule, so workouts fell to the wayside, and now that I'm getting back in, it is slow going.

Stephany said...

I understand what you are saying about the Valentine's Day posts... I don't mind them, personally, which is weird as a chronically single person, I know, but it makes my heart happy. Haha. What was MORE annoying, something I saw more this year than in previous years, was all the negativity surrounding the holiday. I get that it's a made-up day, but do we really need to snark on a day created to celebrate the love we have in our life? I don't know... I think Valentine's Day is a beautiful day and it's fun to set aside a day for love. It can be a little much, though, I agree with you on that!

I hope you are still able to run your marathon in June! I will keep fingers and toes crossed you are not given bad news when you seek out some answers.

Jenny said...

Hope all goes well with the sports medicine people and that you're having a great time ice fishing :) I have a few facebook friends that are quite gushy with their declarations of love to their partners, and most of the time it's not to their partner they've just tagged their partner in the post.

Nora said...

Bummer to hear about the new pain that surfaced when you were running. I hope the sports medicine office can help you and will be thinking good & healing thoughts for you.

I'm with you on the v-day posts (and, this will sound so insensitive, but same goes for when there's a big tragedy, someone famous dies, etc.) It's almost as if if you don't share something about it, you don't care or you aren't involved. I'm always sorry and saddened to hear of mass shootings, when a celebrity dies and etc., but I'm very particular and careful about what I chose to mention on my FB/Instagram and etc. Doesn't mean that it doesn't impact me, but sometimes, I just don't see the point. I'm sure this will offend some people. Knight did a very sweet, very unusual thing for him for V-day (and it didn't involve spending money) but I kept to ourselves because that's for us, not the world.

I can't wait to see you. Just a few short weeks!!!

Raquelita said...

I hope you had a great weekend with your folks! I'm really sorry to hear about the pains and aches after increased mileage. Hopefully your visit will give you some answers and a workable strategy! I was sick all of last week so I took it pretty easy this weekend to get some extra rest and try to get well. We did make it out to the theater pub for a date night on Saturday, so that was fun!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

We haven't had a cold snap here; it's crazy! This is the warmest February we've had in 85 years! We have plus temperatures, which is unheard of :-)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said... annoying about the pain!! So annoying! I cannot totally relate, but I do have a pain in my buttock/low back that I have had since TRT (which caused me to DNF). It's sometimes strong but usually is just there, waiting for me to run a long run or sit in a desk chair for a long time before flaring up. I have NOT gone to the doctor, but I probably should. I just hate the whole HMO system and really don't want to spend time sitting in doctor's offices!!! I have not heard of this collaborative approach though; what is the name of the clinic?

This weekend I am heading up to Tahoe with some running friends. We are going to do some snowshoeing on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) near Echo pass / Echo lake. I am excited about it; they just got a bunch of snow last week and are expecting more soon. It should be a lot of fun!!

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