Monday, March 7, 2016

Virtual Coffee Date

Hi friends!  Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! The weather has turned spring-like here so I am excited for the week to come! It's been awhile since I did a virtual coffee date so thought I'd start off the week with a virtual coffee catch up session.

- If we were having coffee today I'd tell you that physical therapy is going well but it still feels like I am a ways away from being able to run again. They been working on massaging out the muscles in my hip/glute area that are crazy tight. Let me tell you, it's a painful and unpleasant process, but no pain no gain, right? I'm still able to do yoga and use the elliptical and bike but dang I miss running! And it kills me to not be out there when the weather is so beautiful and ideal for running!

- If we were having coffee today I'd tell you that I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed by my schedule over the next couple of weeks. Between the adult ESL training sessions for the non-profit I'll be volunteering with going forward and some other social plans, I have very few free week nights! I'm reminding myself that it's temporary and that life will slow down in the second half of March.

- If we were having coffee today I'd probably show you a picture of my bulb garden. I am just amazed at how fast it has grown. This was seriously such a cool gift! It brings me such joy to watch it grow and grow each day.

- If we were having coffee today I'd tell you that I decided to take three days off this week to get some things done around the house/fit in some doctor appointments. I feel a little bit guilty taking 3 days off when I'm not going anywhere, but I get 6 weeks of vacation and there's just no way I can travel for all 6 of those weeks (especially since Phil gets waaaay less vacation that I do)! Having some days off will help me feel less overwhelmed by my busy weeknight scheduled and it will allow me to prepare for Nora's visit (she arrives on Friday morning!!!). Also, my 2 colleagues are going on 1 and 2 weeks vacations at the end of March/early April so I will be on my own in the office for quite a bit so I wanted a little break before things get really crazy for me at work!

- If we were having coffee today I'd tell you what I plan to do while Nora is here this weekend! She hasn't met Phil before so I'm excited for them to get to know each other!  Nora has been here before so I wanted to come up with some different things to do so she'd see different areas of the Twin Cities.  I've got a loose agenda planned but some of the things we'll do include visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Art (which I've never been to!!), checking out the winter flower show and the zoo at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory (I've been to the zoo but not the conservatory) which is FREE, going to a yoga sculpt class, taking in some live theater, and going for lots of walks in my favorite areas of Minneapolis! I also want to make sure we have plenty of downtime for girl talk and relaxation!

- If we were having coffee today we'd probably talk about some more serious subjects, like the metamorphosis of friendships, thoughts I've been having lately now that I'm approaching the two year mark of being back in Minneapolis, upcoming changes that I'm anticipating on the horizon, and how I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm probably always going to be a more anxious person and what I'm doing to manage that anxiety.

If we were having coffee today, what would you tell me?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Wish we really could sit down for coffee! I feel like I have so many thoughts running through my head these days- March is great because spring on the horizon but it's also a long month! I've also been thinking about friendship and how important they are to me, and yet how hard it can be to squeeze them in.
Kinda on that same note, I'm curious about your social media break. Does it make you feel like you have more time? Sometimes I think I'd have more time for friendships if I stayed off social media, but then I'm like- that's a way I connect with some of my friends. So I don't know. I'd be curious how your experience has been so far! Obviously we've discussed all the comparison stuff!
I hope you and Nora have a lot of fun this weekend! It sounds like you have a good plan ready!

Charbelle said...

If we were having coffee this morning I would be telling you that I'm seriously concerned about the fact that I am having trouble walking because my left calf is currently SO screwed up! I have a 10K and 10 miler the first 2 weekends in April and as it stands now I'm not sure when I'll be able to run again. I've never dealt with an injury like this before and I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow afternoon.

My schedule was starting to overwhelm me last week but this week cleared some so that I have 2 nights I can fit workouts in, even though it will be upper body strength it will be something. Next week is crazy full again but I've kept the week after fairly open.

As for friendships, I only see some of my favorites once or twice a year, if that. Life gets crazy but the most important is knowing that I can reach out at any time, and that goes both ways.

Nora said...

I would tell you that I'm really excited for my visit this week! I woke up thinking "it's trip week! YAY!" :)

I have a feeling we can relate on the metamorphosis of friendships conversation. I have had similar thoughts lately, too.

Apart from that, I would tell you that I'm kind of glad it's a rainy week here as this way I don't feel like I'm missing out on the 60+ degree temps. Yes it is still warm but I'd rather it be warm + rainy than warm + sunny when I'm in the office.

Marlys said...

Your bulb garden grows more beautiful each week! What a fun gift that was! Don't feel guilty about taking time off for a stay-vacation! It is good to have time to organize and get things done we usually don't have time to do during a normal work routine.
I am praying for your hip condition to be completely gone soon! I am sure it is painful to have those tight muscles and tendons worked on - I feel the pain!
I would love to visit with you about your serious subjects, so hope you get to do that when Nora is there! Have a great weekend!

Leigh said...

Don't feel guilty! You deserve the time off and if it helps you to get organized and feel better about being so busy, then it's worth it :) Sounds like you and Nora are going to have a great weekend together. Lots of fun stuff planned!

katielookingforward said...

I bought a similar plant for my grandparents a few weeks ago and it was the best $15 I could have spent! I might be buying one for myself soon because it is so fun to see the different growth.

missris said...

"coming to terms with the fact that I'm probably always going to be a more anxious person" You and me both, friend! Sending hugs and hopes that you find ways to deal with it and be at peace with it.

Raquelita said...

I agree with Leigh! Don't feel guilty about using the benefits that you have from your job! They are there for you to use.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I am feeling overwhelmed with everything I have to accomplish between now and early April. I would tell you that I'm feeling frustrated with how I'll probably have to take work with me to Costa Rica, but that I'm nonetheless so excited to be going on this trip soon!

San said...

6 weeks of vacation - dang girl, that's European standard, and you should be thankful and take full advantage of that! I am currently scraping together vacation days and overtime hours for my trip home. It's unpleasant to always be on the "zero"-end of your vacation balance :(

I am hoping that the physical therapy will help and that you'll be able to go running again soon.

I am also very excited for your weekend with Nora (give each other a hug from me :)). You girls are going to have so much fun!

Linda said...

Awww you and Nora! How lovely. I love IRL time with far flung friends.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Bulb garden is beautiful and I agree very neat gift. So sweet of Phil. I need to drop a hint to Chris. Hang in there with your PT sessions and prayers you will be back to feeling pain free soon and know I'm always here for you.

Carolina John said...

I really really want to hear about some of the more serious subjects. And the bulb garden looks great!

Jeanie said...

Your bulb garden is spectacular! And what's wrong with taking off at-home time? I loved doing that! And have a glorious time with Nora.

I would tell you that we're headed to MA for about a week and that it's melting here and supposed to be close to 70 today and that life is very nice indeed!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Have fun with Nora! It's so nice to have friends over to visit, and it will be especially nice for her to finally meet Phil! I am sure you will have a blast. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my big accomplishment for the week was installing a ceiling fan in my bedroom without electrocuting myself! However, now I am having issues with the tub not draining properly....oh the joys of home ownership! It's been raining here so it's been a great opportunity to get some things done around the house.

Stephany said...

Wow - six weeks of vacation? I am very jealous! I get 5 days total! And we don't get any federal holidays off - just the usual holiday ones. I'd say take those three days and do not feel guilty about it at all! It's your time to use for these exact purposes! My mom also gets around the same time off, and she takes days off all the time to just get stuff done/go to appointments/etc. I wish I could do the same!

If we were having coffee, I would probably talk to you about anxiety, too! I feel like it's a subject so many of us can relate to nowadays.

Caroline said...

Oh the last bullet point got me, I wish we could sit down for coffee because I have had a lot of similar things on my mind! Lately I've been feeling like I just think TOO much. I've always felt like an overthinker, but working from home has definitely exacerbated this. I think running helps me a ton but I'm also thinking I need to go talk to someone about the overthinking/anxiety. Also, six weeks of vacation sounds awesome! Definitely don't feel guilty for taking some time off!

Amber said...

I'm glad you decided to take some time off! That's what I did last September before your visit and I felt a bit guilty about not being at work but it was SO worth it to get stuff done around the house. Especially when you have so much vacation time to use up!

I'm sure we would just talk and talk and talk if we were out for coffee. We'd probably talk lots about my new job and I'd ask you for advice on working in a male dominated environment. We'd talk about running and food. We'd talk about marriage and relationships.

We should have a skype coffee date soon to talk about all those things :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That bulb garden is so cool; I totally want one. If we were having coffee today, we'd be sitting outside, as it's gorgeous! I'd tell you how excited I am for New Orleans, and how happy I am with how things are going at work.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I'd tell you that I'm happier than I've been in awhile but my patience is a zero. ;)