Monday, January 23, 2017

Currently: January Edition

Hello from the western part of New Jersey!  I flew in yesterday as there weren't any flights that got me in early enough for my meetings today. This trip is going to be an intense one as I will stay in 4 different hotel (in 4 different areas of NJ), I travel with 3 different sales reps, and have dinners 2 nights (I usually get my evenings to myself).  But hopefully I will get a break from travel after this!

Reading:  I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. This a book I bought from one of Modern Mrs. Darcy's daily kindle deal emails. Her daily list of deals is awesome but also dangerous! This book cost me $1.99, though, so I spent far less than I do on my weekly high maintenance coffee drink! I am taking a break from buying books, though, as I have so many unread ones on my kindle right now! I just started this book but so far it's great! It's a young adult book that is narrated by two twins in their teens.

Loving: the mild winter weather we've had lately. It's been in the 30s which feels so great after a stretch of sub-zero weather. Apparently we are getting more storm this week while I am gone, though.  Can't say I am all that bummed to miss it - I just hope it doesn't impact my flight coming back on Thursday morning.

Feeling: tired and a little worn out.  January has been an intense month of travel and I've also been busy with wedding-related stuff.  I'm hoping that February is a quieter month!

Thinking: about wedding stuff quite a bit! For the most part I'm enjoying bringing our vision (Ok, mostly my vision since Phil's not into the details) to life. I'm not a DIY person by nature, but in order to pull off an event that meets out budget, I'm taking on a number of DIY decor projects. Luckily I'm getting lots of help from family members and friends. My sister-in-law is flying in from Chicago in March to help with some of my projects and my mom and other sister-in-law will be helping out too! That is going to be a really fun and productive weekend.

Anticipating: our trip to San Diego! I can't wait to get away with Phil and soak up some vitamin D and fresh air.

Watching: very little TV. I'm still working my way through Season 2 of Suits but it's taking me awhile to get through it. 

Working: out very consistently now that I have an at-home program that I'm loving.  I'm almost done with my first 30 day beach body program (Core de Force).  I think I will start 21 day fix once I get through this last business trip.

Grateful: that I got the chance to go dress shopping with some of the most special ladies in my life earlier this month. It was such a fun day and I LOVE the dress I selected.  

Listening:  to my iTunes library quite a bit and selecting songs to include on our wedding playlist. Since we aren't having a DJ/dance, we are making a song list to play throughout the evening as the reception site has an AV system that we can hook an iPod up to.

Wishing: for an unplanned week, but doubting that I'm going to have one for quite awhile.

What are you anticipating, loving, and listening to these days?


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Phew! Your work schedule sounds exhausting. I remember when I traveled a lot for work and although it's fun to see new places, sometimes the work gets in the way and we never get to enjoy the places we go to! Plus sticking to a workout schedule is always a challenge, which makes me grumpy! I am sure it will go by quickly though and before you know it, you will be back home, watching the snowflakes fall.

Last weekend and this one coming up are basically my last two "free" weekends (I still have running and in town lunch and dinner plans) for a while. Soon I will start to be away most weekends, as run training ramps up, races start and spring and summer trips start to fill up the calendar. As always, I am looking forward to it, but am also glad for these quiet rainy weekends at home!

Charbelle said...

So busy! I know you're planning in down time, which is important! It's helpful to have the workouts you can fit in anywhere! That's what I did at the lake, I had weights I picked up at Marshalls/TJ Maxx and even though I didn't go to the gym I got workouts completed. When Brian and Jenny got married they created the play list and it was such a fun night of dancing!

Marlys said...

Busy but fun times planning your wedding, so time will go very fast and soon it will be May 19th! Hope your business trip goes smoothly, but sounds intense! Love you!

Abby said...

Life is so busy for you right now!!! It's making that May 19 come super fast - but you've got the big parts behind you....and have crafty family to help. I'm not so crafty, so it' probably a good thing I live in AZ :D

I'm excited to see all the visions you've put together for your wedding. I know you've had plenty of time to think about it -- so am just thrilled for you!

The little pause from the crazy will be so nice in February! It's coming fast!

Our NY trip got cut 1 day short, I found out this morning, because of a training Ryan has to do that Friday. But -- We will still have Friday afternoon-Monday. I'm sure that's enough time to squeeze in some NYC, right?!

San said...

You sure have a lot going on right now, but it seems like you're making the best of it :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

It's so exciting that you found your dress!! I can't wait to see the pics!! You're going to make a lovely bride :-)

Gracie said...

Oh, yay for a dress! I bet that makes it feel real/soon.

Jeanie said...

A terrific, happy post (apart from the tired part). I'm anticipating a weekend with Rick with a little road trip to visit his godparents, loving our mild weather (though snowing today and listening to -- not much!

Maris said...

Hi Lisa! I was fixing some broken links on my blog (In Good Taste) today and came across the link to your site. I hopped over and am so happy to see that you're still blogging. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding -- hope to see you back around my site! and I'll definitely be keeping up with yours!

Amber said...

It is so brutal you have had the intense work schedule to deal with on top of wedding planning and everything else in your life. Hope it slows down for you quickly! I also bought that book and have it sitting on my kindle. I really need to get going on some of the books sitting on my kindle as well!

So excited for your wedding!!! :)