Friday, October 20, 2017

5 Things Friday

Oh man, this week was quite the week. I'm so happy it's Friday!  Here are 5 things that are on my mind today.

1. I started off my week with another flare that got progressively worse as the week progressed. I went in for 2 steroids injections on Tuesday afternoon. Before the doctor gave me the injections, he traced my hands and marked off all the places I've had injections and included a date so I can easily tell when I can get another injection into a joint (I have to wait 3 months between injections). With the 2 injections I got on Tuesday, I've now had 7 steroid injections. It's a good thing I don't have problems with needles! The pain in my hands was so bad on Wednesday that I needed some help from Phil to get into my pajamas.  I stayed home from work on Wednesday since I wasn't able to type. Luckily my company is very understanding and has told me to take care of myself and to not feel bad when I need to stay home. I always monitor email so I'm still able to help out when I'm not in the office.

2. With all the flares (I've gotten a flare every 1-2 weeks since late July), I've had to take it extra easy. But as a result, I'm doing lots of reading! I've already finished 4 books this month and will finish another one this weekend. Right now I'm reading "Still Life" by Louise Penny. I've been wanting to check out this series for a long time and am finally getting around to it. I've heard others say that it moved too slowly for them, but I am really enjoying the book. The author writes cozy mysteries so it's the perfect series to dig into as we approach winter!

3. We had our 20 week ultrasound on Thursday and the baby looked great! It was cool to see so much detail - like the organs! Seeing the chambers of the heart was probably the most interesting part for me. The baby was moving around so much so it was tough to see his or her profile. Plus when the ultrasound tech tried to get a profile of the upper body, the baby kept covering its face with a hand. Our child must take after its dad and HATE getting its picture taken.  ;) It was a relief to find out that the baby looks great and its development is on track. They were able to rule out a cleft lip (one of the rare risks of steroid use) and confirm that its weight is on track (low birth weight is another risk of steroid use).

Baby Segner with a hand over his or her face
4. We have a mostly unplanned weekend and I am SO EXCITED about this. We are going to make chili in the instantpot tonight (even though it will be 78 degrees today so pretty warm!) and watch a movie. Tomorrow we'll swing by a friend's birthday gathering at a brewery in the afternoon but have nothing else planned. On Sunday I'll go the Farmer's Market and clean out my garden as the season has come to an end. That's about it for plans!

5. I'm counting down the days until our Asheville getaway next week! We fly out on Wednesday morning. This vacation is going to look different than I envisioned as I won't be able to do as much hiking as I would like as I need to be careful about my activity until I get a longer break from flares. But we'll still have a great time! I'm excited for all the good food we will eat!!

What's on your mind these days?


Nora said...

Chili sounds yummy! It's warmer here again, today, too, but I'm in the mood for all the fall things and if I feel well enough Sunday I'm going to dive into some baking, I think. I need to focus on doing more at home as I did too much out of the house the last three weeks; my doc told me I need to take it easier (lame and so hard for me. I know you get this).

Unplanned weekend here, too, mostly!

I need to read Still Life by Louise Penny. I have a few too many books checked out from the library right now. Oops!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Boo to the flares! I have read a few of the Louise Penny books and have enjoyed the ones I have read but I can't remember which ones they were offhand. Like you said though, they are a cozy mystery and I remember having no trouble getting through them easily and quickly while still being entertained at the same time.

It's a bit chillier here than it is there! It has been in the 40s a couple of mornings which makes the bike ride a bit brisk, but I'll take it! We also got rain yesterday, which was much needed and hopefully will help tame some of the fires.

katielookingforward said...

I hope you're enjoying leftover chili with this rain!! And I hope you have safe travels!

Amber said...

Sounds like such a great weekend! My weekend is also pretty cozy and low key, I've really just wanted to be home lots lately. Can't believe your Asheville getaway is here already! It will be so much fun even if you can't do as much hiking as originally planned. It will just be nice to get away together and show Phil one of your favourite cities!

On my mind lately is my impending end at work! Only 7 working days left, I have a feeling they are going to fly by.

Jeanie said...

Except for the flares and pain -- which are a pretty big deal -- the rest sounds great. So glad you have an unplanned weekend. And that you can rule out a couple of steroid-related baby problems which must be a huge relief.

Glad you liked Still Life. If you continue reading the Pennys, read them in order. Especially the first four, which form a thematic arc and with great character development and plot development too. The same later -- the arc seems to be two or three, maybe four. The mystery itself is self-contained but what happens -- well, things carry forward.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

So glad you have an unplanned weekend followed by a short work week and then trip :) So needed! We had a wedding on Friday which was a lot of fun but now I just feel like I have so much laundry and cleaning and catch up to do today! (which is why I'm here reading blogs, ha ha)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That unplanned weekend sounds great :-) And the trip to look forward to - yay!

Glad to hear that the cleft lip has been ruled out and that your baby's weight is on track.

Hmmm, on my mind today is how wonderful our evening was last night. We had two other couples over for some snacks, drinks, and visiting.

Gracie said...

Aw, look at your little baby! How cute and exciting! And good to hear that he or she is healthy!

Marlys said...

I really got excited to meet this baby after seeing the ultrasound picture! We need a new baby in the family as they youngest is 3 1/2 now! He/she looks perfect! I so hope & pray the flares stop completely and am praying diligently for that. I know your Grandma is, too. Have a fun trip and enjoy seeing friends and places!

Stephany said...

Oh, Lisa. I'm sorry you're still having so much pain with your RA flares. That has to be so hard because I know how much you love being active and independent. <3

I loved Still Life, too! I also found it to be such a cozy, wonderfully written mystery. I had the second novel in the series on my shelf - hoping to read it next!

I'm so relieved to hear that Baby Segner is developing just as he or she should be!

Abby said...

I AM so sorry the flares keep coming. I guess you have probably succumbed to the fact that this is just going to be your pregnancy. That sucks 😨so bad!! My heart really goes out to you.

Glad you were able to get a restful weekend in. You need it wirh everything’s and all the flares you’re dealing with. Love seeing that US picture. Make sure it feel extra real